Acer predicts that Microsoft will “re-rise” against iPad with Windows 8

By Tom Warren, on 1st Nov 11 7:25 am with 66 Comments

Acer chairman JT Wang has predicted that Microsoft will “re-rise” with its Windows 8 operating system.

Wang made his comments in an interview with DigiTimes this week. He also welcomed HP’s move to keep its struggling PC business, stating that it will help compete against Apple. HP announced last week that it plans to keep hold of its PC division. HP originally announced that it was on the brink of spinning off its Personal Systems Group (PSG). The group is responsible for consumer and business PCs and accessories along with digital entertainment devices. HP CEO Meg Whitman announced on Thursday that the company has no plans to scrap its PC division. Wang estimates that Microsoft will “re-rise” over the next two years and answer consumers demands. “Microsoft has already started seeing its problems and will implement changes into Windows 8,” said Wang. The praise of Windows 8 follows similar feedback from rival PC makers.

Michael Dell, founder and CEO of the Dell computer firm recently dismissed claims that the technology industry is entering a post-PC era. Dell believes that tablets and smartphones aren’t replacing the PC. “We are very distinct from some of our competitors,” said Dell in an interview last month. “We believe the devices and the hardware still matter as part of the complete, end-to-end solution.” Dell also reveals that his company is working “very much in line” with Microsoft’s Windows 8 plans. “The line that separates a tablet and a laptop today will get very blurry and ultimately disappear as you see many new products,” he claims. In a separate interview in August, Dell revealed that he was encouraged by the companies early work on Windows 8 tablets. He also revealed that he feels the tablet market is a two horse race between Android and Windows 8.

The big OEMs, including HP, Dell and ASUS are all reportedly preparing Windows 8 tablets for Q3 2012. Microsoft is expected to unveil the final version of Windows 8 during the Summer months of 2012 in preparation for a holiday push of new tablets and form factors.

  • Anonymous

    Michael Dell is a fool. Apple own 75% of the tablet market right now and he writes them off? Fool.

    • Manish

      Apple has huge market share because there is no considerable competitor.  Android is rubbish.  Let Win8 to come and then see the condition of apple.

    • Anonymous

      the iPad has a huge “market share” because there is no market.

      Very few people are out to buy a tablet, most want to buy an iPad.

    • Tuxplorer

      Because there are no good tablet OSes out there. Windows 8 is 10 years ahead of any other tablet OSes such as iOS or Android.

    • Guest

      And most people started out wanting to buy an iPhone. How’s that worked out for Android?

    • Tuxplorer

      iPad is fugly, crappy, shitty, buggy, unproductive, feature-less and completely useless toy. On the other hand, Windows 8 with its GORGEOUS Metro UI is beautiful, elegant, productive, feature-rich and a joy to use. Windows 8 tablets will DESTROY the crappy iPad from crApple.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s see. One platform has 500K apps and 70 million sold(happy customers). The other is basically vaporware at this point.

    • Tuxplorer

      70 millions? LOL!!! iPad has sold only 20 million copies. On the other hand, 500 million Windows 7 copies have sold in that time. Windows 8 will kick even more iPad ass.

    • Anonymous

      No, it is not: I am using W8 on my old Toshiba M400 and works great; we are not talking about some visionary video clip here: the OS is real and working……….
      You can like it or dislike it but calling vaporware is just untrue.
      This is W8 not the Courier…………

    • Anonymous

      I stand corrected, 39.5 million iPads sold to date. But 21 million of those in the  last 2 quarters so iPad sales are accelerating exponentially. I wouldn’t be suprised if they reach 70 million by the end of Q1 2012. Also why are you comparing a tablet OS to desktop?

    • Joshua Godwin

      in case you didn’t know there is a developer preview out already.

    • Guest

      What helps you having 500K applications – if there are really that much of them – when 40K of them are fart applications? Do you have all these applications installed on your iPad?

    • Nick Webster

      Does it really matter how many apps a OS have? It’s how many of the big names are there, and also how many are actually useful, and trust me, the big names will be on Windows 8.

    • Lewis McCrary

      And also, yes, one is a phone OS and the other is a standard OS.  Really not fair to compare them.  They target different markets.  Win8 does aim to get into tablet marketshare but also desktop marketshare too.  It’s two for one. ;)

    • Matt Baldwin

      The quantity of apps argument is so lame.  You’re only revealing how bloated a market is with crap.

    • Anonymous

      what’s your definition of vaporware? They gave tablets to all attendees at the build conference. That alone means that w8 is not vaporware.

    • Guest

      Vaporware, dork? It’s been released to developers. And it’s Windows, and therefore runs millions of apps and has 100m’s of happy customers.

    • Anonymous

      typical apple fan….using terminology like “vaporware” in order to make it seem like they know something about technology and are not a iSheep….but of course, being an iSheep, you used the word out of context.

    • Matthew Weihl

      If you think the iPad is a complete “useless toy”, you are very mistaken. This is coming from a guy who be likely called a Microsoft Fanboy.

    • Tuxplorer

      Can you run Microsoft Office, Photoshop, 3d Studio Max, AutoCAD on the iPad? No. Why? Because iPad is nothing but a glorified iPhone. crApple thinks a tablet is a smartphone with a large screen. Which makes their tablet nothing more than a toy.

      On the other hand, Windows 8 is a full-featured powerful OS. It has all the powers of a desktop OS, so you can plug in a keyboard just in case you want to get some technical work done. And if you don’t need that you can still use it as a touch-only device through the GORGEOUS Metro UI.

      That’s why Windows 8 blows the crappy iPad out of the water.

    • Anonymous

      In reply to Tuxplorer. 
      I am a Microsoft fanboy, but I don’t think Microsoft destroy Apple. I do hope that windows 8 will shape up to be a strong competitor. 
      In regard to your concerns of productivity, Apple runs iWork and Garageband, which is productive enough for most people. And you can even connect a keyboard. See, most people don’t need or want AutoCAD on a tablet – it is a tablet, after all. A smartphone with a larger screen. 
      I think that Windows 8 will rule the enterprise sector of the market. 
      Its gorgeous metro ui coupled with attractive hardware and some killer features (xbox and hopefully kinect integration in the future) will make it a strong competitor – but not necessarily the winner – in the consumer market. 

    • Martyn Metalous

      iPad’s biggest mistake was putting a phone OS on it. Mean’t they could come to market quicker than anyone else but ultimately a real OS, delivered in the right way, will give it a run for its money.

    • Lewis McCrary

      It isn’t useless by far but Win8 is poised to be ‘more’ useful.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Jlott069

      Wrong, it is a useless toy. Let me explain. Tablets are NOT glorified smart phones. They are in a position to blur the line between laptops and PCs. But thats all the iPad is. Just a big iPhone. Yes, the iPad runs iWork, ect… Problem is how many businesses use it? How many people are actually familiar with it? In that regard how many people are familiar with MS office and use it on a daily basis? Someone said something about the fact that iPad has 50,000 apps. So what? It can run phone apps. Windows 8 tablets with run actual programs. That’s going to be the difference. Its going to turn into “anything you can do I can do better” with MS on top.

    • Guest


      A useless toy that 50M people have bought and helped bury the netbook and is having a profoundly negative impact on PC sales, at least in the consumer space? Hardly.

      Writing off the iPad is a mistake. There are many attractive things about it that PC tablet makers need to emulate (the appearance of near instant on, the reliability, the lack of a need for AV, the infrequent patches, the curate marketplace, the excellent battery life). All combine to make a very good, albeit it limited, experience. PC tablets will extend the functionality, but they need to offer a similar experience. Otherwise it will be seen a complex and just another PC form factor. And most people buying these are trying to get away from maintaining another PC.

    • Binx

      Tuxplorer, so you dont like the ipad then? Lol

    • Matt Baldwin

      You’re not considering all uses of a device like an iPad.  For example last week I purchased coffee at a place where an iPad was the cash register.  It was connected to a swivel stand and had a card reader attached.  Swipe, swivel to face me, I tapped on Accept, charge made.  I’ve also seen one being used as a teleprompter.  I also know an event planner who replaced their laptop with an iPad.

      It’s not for me.  I’m a software developer and need a real OS, but still, there are those who find exactly what they need in an iPad.

    • Tom

      None of these applications are somehow unique to an iPad.  In fact, many are suboptimal when targeted to the iPad platform.

      That Square credit card reader is the hack of the decade.  It sends the card data to the iPad over the audio-in jack.  There are literally dozens of Windows-based Point-of-Sale systems that already do the same thing.  On Windows 8, it will be possible to run the same backend code — with a new touch-friendly UI.

      The teleprompter could’ve been done using any laptop on a stand — or even a monitor hooked up with an HDMI connection.  The New Yorker recently ran a piece on voice acting for videogames, where they talked about how they displayed the dialog on an “iPad-like” tablet.  See, reporters don’t know any kind of tablet but the iPad.  You know what it probably was?  A Windows Tablet, running “legacy” software that they’d been refining for a decade.

    • Guest

      Not at all. It can be extremely useful. It’s a great instant on mobile browser. It’s a pretty good epub reader. It works well as a travel computer or a short business trip where you just need to carry along some Office docs. Children love the games on it. Some adults do too. Personally, I never watch movies on it. But again, some do. It’s not perfect. But it’s certainly not crappy or particularly buggy. Quite the opposite in fact.

    • Jlott069

      That’s because right now there is no real market. Androids are shit and not standardized. Productivity is going to be the killer for the iPad. This is not just a consumer market. Businesses interested in using this tech will use Windows 8 tablets. Plain and simple. Any business worth its salt always uses a windows is on its computers. Never mac. People are looking for the same thing. I have to agree, a windows 8 tablet with sink the ship for the iPad. It looks better, works better, more efficient, compatible with more pc’s, and will have the productivity people are looking for.

    • Jonathan Fingas

      Really? Never Mac?  Guess my friends at Shopify here in Ottawa, who are dominating the pre-built web store market, better close up shop.  They run virtually everything off of Macs and they’re basically company issue.

      Also, don’t believe the Microsoft Midas Touch myth; that died years ago.  Remember, Windows Phone is failing badly in the market, to where Microsoft had to essentially buy market share through a deal with Nokia.  Windows Phone’s tile interface is what will guide Windows 8 on a basic level.  Given that Windows 8 tablets won’t even show until mid-to-late 2012 and will still likely cost more on average than an iPad, I wouldn’t yet believe the notion that Windows tablets are escaping that insurance claim adjuster niche.

    • Tom

      There are several well-known Mac niches: education, graphic arts, news media, web developers.

      Your friends fall into the fourth category.

    • Heycanuckhypocritetroll

      Not succeeding yet != failing badly. It’s funny how Apple dorks like to argue that low share doesn’t mean anything when defending the Mac (5% worldwide share after decades of effort), but is failing badly when it comes to MS.

    • Devon Garner

      Isn’t it funny that a company with such a huge marketshare can be wrote off? When MS is on 1 million tablets it will have grown by 1000% kinda like how they are making it seem that Macs are killing pcs right now. We will see if other tablet makers can make it to double digits. If Win 8 tablets get a 10% share by Q1 2013 it will be growing at a rate that should scare Apple. The next 9-12 months are gonna be good for consumers!

    • Guest

      Or maybe unlike you he’s just logical and can sees good reason to believe that a universal OS/OEM model will eventually win out in volume over a walled garden, as it has in PCs and as it has in allowing Android to overtake iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    Fritzly – why so defensive about Windows 8? If it’s such a super OS, people will buy it in droves. You sound scared that it’s gonna be a huge DUD.

  • mark

    I hate iTunes it suck

    • Impartial

      I agree, but what does it have to do with the article above?

    • James

      lol sheep go use ur crAPPLE.

    • Impartial

      God I hate losers like you, look at my fricking comment history on disqus and you will learn that actually I am an MS fan. What I am also is responsible with my comments (or try to) and don’t pollute with shit comments like yours. Now fuck off troll.

    • Henrik

      You didn’t finish grade school, right? You only learned how to write, not to read? Oh, sorry, now that I look closer on your comment – I guess you didn’t learn either/or. You can’t write and you can’t read. The guy obviously dislikes iTunes, so what’s your problem? Stay in school, son.

      (Seriously, dude…)

    • Test1ngi23

      They allow kids to use the internet in day care?

    • Guest


      Where there are trolls (you), there are usually children.

    • Dffd

      IDI SOSI 

    • Shiro

      I agree because I hate proprietary formats like iTunes. MP3 files is the way to go.

    • Jonathan Fingas

      Never mind that the iTunes Store is using industry-standard, unprotected AAC songs, and that the app itself plays MP3?  Heck, the iTunes app plays more formats than the Zune app does. 

    • Guest

      stick with your crappy interface then, shill.

    • WixosTrix

      Except for AVI files.  The Zune desktop software supports that and will convert and sync them to your Zune or Windows Phone.

    • Anonymous

      it all started with QuickTime

    • deathmore34

      It was better than anything Microsoft and intel made

    • deathmore34

      I hated iTunes and Zune, I hated music organisers in general. Until you get forced to use one, they all pretty much function the same. You’re clearly the troll here.

    • Anonymous

      I understand the frustration with iTunes, but Zune is way better. It has a beautiful UI, fast, well organized and pretty feature rich as far as things like managing playlists.

  • Wemberg Carlo Estil

    Sorry to sound profane and not profound but “Win8 Is the Shit’!!!! :)

  • Wil Santiago

    Windows 8 is a dream OS for any tablet. This thing is gorgeous and can be used for productivity unlike the iPad. I will be the first inline to buy a Windows 8 tablet!

    • Anonymous

      How is it not good for productivity? do you know any thing about it? i bet you where one of the fucking retard’s who though windows mobile was a great OS. Also It has a full sweet of productivity apps from apple as well as many more from 3rd parties.

  • Anonymous

    no doubt they will. android is a mess and has failed to come up with a single reason why people shouldn’t just get an ipad. windows 8 is that reason: ditch your pc. neither the ipad nor a single android tablet to be ever made can boast the ability to replace your pc completely. It’s ironic how the one thing that will mark the real start of the post-pc era, is the pc-plus era.

  • JimmyFal

    Pen input, MS OFFICE, USB PORTS, PRINTING, COMPATABILIT with legacy (if they pull it off with ARM, not sure about this one), ability to flip to desktop apps (not sure about that one on ARM either). All this will be killer.

    IPAD, IPOD, IPHONE. Apple has and should enjoy the lead they have taken here, because there WAS NO WORTHY COMPETITOR. Zune was a worthy competitor, I dare say better, but there lies MS biggest problem, crappy marketing. XBOX has a real chance at taking the bite out of SIRI TV, but MS has to do this right, and they have to start it this fall. I still have not received my XBOX beta update, VERY anxious to see Bing search on TV. Look at everything Android has accomplished in such a short time, should tell you a little about the vapor field surrounding Apples mistique.

    I’ve been using Win8 as my primary OS, since early Sept. it is stable and runs all my apps except, Avid Studio. It will be an amazing tablet OS. I am still nervous about the two interfaces, I have to believe there will be a period of a couple 3 years where people will have to deal with it. This is the risky they were talking about. But honestly it is only about as jarring as switching from a PC interface to a Mac interface.

    There is NO question in my mind however that the Win8 Slate interface or whatever they will call it, will be a winner on portable devices of many many sizes.

  • Simplycani

    I used a ipad2 for a week .. all i felt was it is just a cool piece of hardware nothing else .. theres nothing in it at all just a huge display gaming was cool .. but am more happy using my HD7 then an ipad2 :)

    • Guest

      Most people I know who have bought an iPad go through a similar progression. The first few weeks they load a bunch of applications, most of which are craptastic games and utilities. After a month or two, they’re barely use any of those and the iPad has become a mobile browser platform, which it does very well. A few are using it to its maximum capabilities, but they’re the minority of people I know.

  • Jonathan Fingas

    An important note here:

    Acer’s chairman is the same one who has predicted that the iPad and tablets as a whole were fads and people would go back to netbooks and notebooks ‘any moment now’ for a year and a half.  Shortly after each time he’s made that prediction, Acer’s PC market share has dropped sharply.  It’s now not even in the top five in the US (Apple is number three) and it might fall off the top five worldwide this quarter.

    Really, then, I’m more inclined to think Acer is just facing the consequences of relying too much on netbooks, Intel, and Microsoft, and that chairman Wang just wishes he could turn the clock back to December 2009 and pretend this whole iPad thing never happened, not that he’ll get his Windows 8 tablet fantasy.

    • Guest

      Source, shill?

  • Anonymous

    There is no need to predict. only reason call that predict is everyone is too stupid to see it.

  • Anonymous

    I will def be buying one.

  • luke516

    “He also revealed that he feels the tablet market is a two horse race between Android and Windows 8.”

    Umm what? Hasn’t he heard of the iPad?

  • J A

    Acer is right but this is not news.

  • Guest

    Since when has acer been able to do anything then build crappy products. I wouldn’t ever listen to anything Acer says ever. It is like a out house might look good on the outside but still smells like _ _ _ _ inside.