Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri feature also searches Bing

By Tom Warren, on 20th Oct 11 9:26 am with 11 Comments

Siri Bing search

Apple’s recently released iPhone 4S will also search Bing via its Siri voice assistant.

Siri uses Google’s search engine by default but Search Engine Land discovered that Apple also supports Bing and Yahoo. Microsoft’s Bing search can be activated by a voice command in Siri. If a user says “Search Bing for Microsoft” then Siri will initiate a search using Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The move follows a move by Apple to add Bing as a search engine option to its iOS devices. Apple announced the support during a keynote in June, 2010.

Apple also added Hotmail as an email option in iOS 5. The new option allows Hotmail users to easily setup push email support on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

Find out what Siri thinks of Microsoft here.

  • GP007

    I still expect the day that MS and Apple sign a search deal and make Bing the default on all the iDevices and kick Google off.   With the way Android is on the phone market right now this just seems like one of those things that is very possible.

    • Noe Brito

      Not going to happen. iOS users would be way too upset. The only thing that MAY happen is Apple sets Bing as the default search, but even that is unlikely.

    • Avatar Roku

      Actually it came very close to reality, but Google outbid Microsoft to be the default search on the iPhone.

      Bing is going to be the default search and maps on BlackBerry.

    • Anonymous

      I want Samsung to license bing for their bada phones and call it bada bing :p

    • Usman Masood

      Hell yeah!

    • Lewis McCrary

      Ok, that made me lol IRL. haha! Nice one!

    • Prashant

      I wouldn’t prefer that, as of now Bing sucks if you use it outside US/UK!

    • Guest

      You think Apple is going to risk alienating 65% of their customers? Unlikely.

  • Mina

    I like Bing … bingoooo!

  • rickroberts

    Siri simply uses whichever search engine is selected as default in Safari.

  • Wourelia

    “Search Bing for Microsoft” Why not just “Bing Microsoft”?