ASUS also preparing Windows 8 tablet for Q3 2012

By Tom Warren, on 31st Oct 11 7:44 pm with 20 Comments

ASUS also appears to be planning its own Windows 8 tablet for Q3 2012.

A leaked slide that emerged on Monday appears to indicate that Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system may arrive in time for between July and September next year. The timings of ASUS’s Windows 8 tablet line up with a recent report that suggested HP and Dell were both planning Windows 8 tablet offerings in Q3, 2012 too. The timing of ASUS’s tablet was revealed by Engadget on Monday and could see two ASUS Windows 8 devices in time for the holiday 2012 season.

ASUS recently introduced Windows-powered ultrabooks. The ASUS Zenbook UX21 and UX31 both feature a slim line design, SSD storage and super fast USB 3.0. The laptops are designed to go head-to-head with Apple’s MacBook Air device and provide slim line computing until Windows 8 tablets are available. ASUS is offering the UX21 as a Core i5-powered 11.6-inch machine with 128GB SSD. The UX21 will cost $999. The slightly larger UX31 features a 13.3-inch display with a choice of Core i5 or i7 processors and 128GB or 256GB SSD. The UX31 battery life is expected to be around 7 hours, whilst the smaller UX21 will rack up 5 hours.

ASUS also has a Windows 7-powered slate on the market. Microsoft used the ASUS  Eee Slate in its promotional material earlier this year. Microsoft has also created several commercials for the new ASUS Slate device. The adverts are aimed to show how versatile Windows 7 Slates can be by swapping from using them as a desktop PC to a Tablet in seconds.

ASUS Windows 8 tablets for Q3, 2012

  • J A

    All OEMS that know their worth WILL be jumping on the Win8 tablet bandwagon because its just the most complete tablet implementation for both consumers and the enterprise.

  • Anonymous

    and so the win8 flood begins.

  • Seth_p

    What Microsoft partner wouldn’t take advantage of Win8? I can see tablets flying off the shelves, but vendors manufacturing desktops probably will keep Win7 for a while longer like XP; this is quite a big change since ’95. I’m excited! :D

  • Anonymous

    Metro looks good on a tablet, but a failure for desktop computing.

    • Seth_p

      Okay…? It’s not even in beta and you’re making that sort of statement…

    • Anonymous

      I would agree, but not to the extent of failure. That is why classic Windows option is available ;)

    • Anonymous

      Reasons why Windows 8 “Developer Preview” is a failure with  desktop:

      * if you do search quite a bit, you end up switching your full screen over to Metro search, losing context
      * there is no ability to auto-login to Desktop mode

    • Drea

      I could probably fix those issues myself rofl, it’s clearly gonna “fail” because of that haha.

    • Anonymous

      agreed they need to make sure you can disable the metro on the desktop permanently and in fact delete it permanently

  • Pedro Roque

    Is this newsworthy? Every single computer manufacturer will be launching Win8 PCs and tablets!

    • Anonymous

      PCs yes.. tablets no.. not everyone will be allowed to put windows on their tablets.. in fact it will heavily restricted.

    • Nottarts

      Uh, source? This doesn’t even make sense…

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    amazing! i cant wait for win8
    it would be nice to have the OS in my desktop and tablet.

    win8 is an amazing OS and i cant wait for beta. i want to have beta installed in my desktop. i have dev preview but for some software i use for work, i have to use win7. stupid software that even with win7 sp1 wasn’t compatible until they released a fix.

    but win8 is and will be my OS, because its amazing for desktops. and i bet for tablets as well for what i have seen in videos.

  • AbidDin

    Then stick to the osx you troll.

  • Wemberg Carlo Estil

    i have recently been to 10 of the major OEM partner, and i have heard  “if you ain’t going Win8 for tablets you ain’t Shit”.

  • Guest

    Tool slow, there will be android v20.0 and iPad VII at Q3 2012, and the Windows tablets at next year are highly likely have same hardware spec as this June’s Androids and iPads………

    • Guest

      dude.. are you stupid or something..

  • Eka.p

    with windows 8 and windows phone mango, I bet they will sell desktop/laptop, tablet  and smartphone in one bundling in the future…

  • Anonymous

    We know that already, an Asus director said an Eepad transformer running windows 8 would be released next year so that would be trasnformer prime running windows 8

  • Anonymous

    I already have it. It is called ep121 and it has had Windows 8 since it was released. I’ve seen the future, baby.