AT&T HTC TITAN available on November 20 for $199

By Tom Warren, on 9th Nov 11 8:14 pm with 32 Comments


AT&T announced on Wednesday that it plans to make the HTC TITAN available on November 20.

HTC’s giant Windows Phone will hit U.S. shores just in time for the crucial holiday system. Microsoft unveiled AT&T’s latest Windows Phone devices, the Samsung Focus S and Flash at a special event in New York city earlier this week. The HTC TITAN was missing from the event but AT&T confirmed the November 20 date on its website on Wednesday. The TITAN will be made available on a two-year contract priced at $199.

The HTC TITAN features a 4.7-inch SLCD display and unibody design. HTC has also packed in a 1.5GHz processor, 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP forward facing camera. For more information on the HTC TITAN, see our review here.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Jeff for the news tip

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what the unsubsidized price will be.  Still on contract through late ’12, but want a WP7 Mango device with FFC and better regular camera. Hmmmm

    • travelsko

      Microsoft has faild with wp7. start suing.

      wp7 has failed, With no apps and no games its hard to compete. I stay with Iphone and Dual Core

    • Guest

      FO spambot.

    • Anonymous

      You are clearly an idiot and a troll. GTFO, loser.

  • Anonymous

    i still have a year before my next upgrade.. anyone know if ATT allows an interim price to upgrade within phones? they have done such deals for iPhones before

    • Anonymous

      Everything ATT does is for the iPhone. Good luck.

    • Guest

      Because it has been shown that iPhone owners are the most valuable for a network so they work hard to keep them.  It is why Sprint bet the company with its commitment to iOS product.  Until WP7 owners are quality enough contributors to profits these products are going to be treated like red headed step children.   I hate it but that is capitalism for you.    

    • FatSon

      I’m eligible for the upgrade after one year. It depends on how much you pay a month from my uderstanding. And I will be getting the Titan… and upgrading again next year. :)

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what the unsubsidized price will be…

  • Anonymous

    Still underwhelmed by these devices. I’d prefer to wait for Windows Phone 8 with beastly hardware.

    • Anonymous

      True, but by then they would have announced the WP8.5 with even better stuff… so why not get that instead

      I’m like you, I’m holding off getting a tablet now to get one with Windows 8, but really, one whole year without it just for the OS and a couple minor features…

    • Guest

      I heard Window 9.0 will be great, well worth the wait!

    • Sxc019

      I partly agree because windows phone 12 willbe the best.

  • Louis Sandiford

    I actually feel sorry for you guys in the US…
    A very good condition second-hand HTC Titan in the UK costs £425. Unlocked. Without contract.

    Why is everything so expensive in the ‘land of the free’ nowadays?

    • Anonymous

      That’s equivenlent to around $670 US for a second hand phone. You think that is inexpensive? The Asus transformer prime will have a price of around $500 new.   

    • Hammeredpizza

      HTC Titan free on contract aswell.

  • blackletter

    I live in the United States. I just purchased my HTC HD7S from AT&T in May of this year, however I will be upgrading to the HTC Titan on November 20th. AT&T will allow you to purchase the HTC Titan at the $199.00 price BUT sales tax is calculated according to the unsubsidized price (probably $499.00). Also AT&T will require a 2-year contract renewal. Since I upgrade my phone once a year (in this case in less than a year), I am familiar with the pricing options.

    My only fear is that Nokia will release a flagship device on AT&T next year in which case I may have to upgrade my HTC Titan.

  • James Matthews

    Keeping hope alive for a T-Mobile version of this phone.

  • warex3D

    I really like this phone but, damn the lumia 800 is so cool, sorry htc :(

    • HeatherL

      The Titan is simply too big to be practical, it is a good phone if you want to get people attention but for day to day use it is a bit of a joke.  

      I agree that the Nokia 800 is a cooler phone but that last year hardware and not FF camera it DOA for me.  I guess I will have to hold off until next year if I going to do a WP7 upgrade.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Windows phone mango is Great. New hardwares are Great. Yet we have people who are just not satisfied.

    I feel like, people flock to buy everything but a windows phone unless it contains xyz blah blah blah. Get over the front facing camera, get over storage and use the phones for what is it worth. If not, just keep talking, nobody cares anyway.

    • MSFan

      If I did not know better I would think your Steve Ballmer trolling and just mad because you can not deliver anything innovative and having constantly play catch up to the market leaders.  HAHAHHAH

    • Guest

      FO troll.

    • MSFan

      I am sorry to call you out Stevie B I know you were hoping to troll in secret, but instead of name calling maybe just get to work on something original.  LOL

    • Guest

      Dude, where did you learn English? Or not learn it?

    • Acftootsie12

      I essentially agree however here is my problem. I love the Zune software and I love the purchase model of the Zune Pass, however if they want to take on iTunes they have to start taking them on like that. They need to dump this Microsoft Points thing and just let people purchase content. They also have to have the hardware out there like speaker docks so I can use a Windows Phone for music like I can use an iPhone. Until then, I’ll never pick a Windows Phone over an iPhone because it just doesn’t have the music peripherals out like Apple does. I need more than just a pair of headphones for what I use it for.

    • magicmofo

      Buy a jawbone jambox.. Best speakers available. Bluetooth. Dump the stupid proprietary crap. Plus a lot of products have 3.5 jacks now.

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  • Anonymous

    Damn I just got the Focus S…wish they came out together so I could test them side by side.  Although size-wise the Titan wins for me, I am in love with the super amoled plus display on my Focus S.

    • Matteonorteno

      You really love it? I have the Focus and wish that they had just added a forward facing camera and an upgraded processor to it. It’s basically the perfect size screen and everything. I’m bummed that they did away with the gorilla glass on the ‘S’. How would you compare the two?

  • Vinícius

    For the first time, some smartphone come to Brazil first than USA *-*, HTC titan in Brazil with the Ultimate name… HTC Ultimate… is Amazing, awesome…. Is faster, thiner, beautiful….