AT&T HTC TITAN now available for $199

By Tom Warren, on 20th Nov 11 12:24 pm with 29 Comments


AT&T’s HTC TITAN went on sale across the United States on Sunday.

HTC’s giant Windows Phone hits U.S. shores just in time for the crucial holiday system. Microsoft unveiled AT&T’s latest Windows Phone devices, the Samsung Focus S and Flash at a special event in New York city earlier this month. The HTC TITAN was missing from the event but is now available on AT&T.

The TITAN is available on a two-year contract priced at $199. The HTC TITAN features a 4.7-inch SLCD display and unibody design. HTC has also packed in a 1.5GHz processor, 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP forward facing camera. For more information on the HTC TITAN, see our review here or order one direct from AT&T here.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Worth it.

  • Andrew Seymour

    So, it’s a 2 year contract + they pay $199 – seems like the US networks aren’t giving much back, got my Titan free on a 2 year contract at a reasonable price with Orange. It is an incredible phone though.

    • Anonymous

      it’s like US healthcare, you get ripped off, you die sick and bankrupt anyways.

  • Ef Jay

    So where are the ads, promotions, hype for the release of the so called “flagship” WP7 device? Same thing with the Focus S & Flash, no one apart from us fans will even know about this device, so no one is going to be buying it.

    Anyone one else finding all this a bit strange, after all the comments MS has made regarding advertising? If not for Nokia’s efforts is anything different from the past year? 

    • Anonymous

      It’s Samsung’s and HTC’s responsibility for advertising the devices that they manufacture.  Samsung has ads for the SGSII, why not the Focus S and Flash?  HTC has ads for the HTC Radar, why not the Titan?  Only HTC and Samsung has the answer to that.

      No one will ever have that question about Nokia.

    • Jairo Luciano Alves

      The Microsoft + Nokia deal was the best decision MS have made this year!

    • Ef Jay

      So if htc and Samsung decide to do no advertising Microsoft shoud stand idly by while WP7 continues to struggle? Its Microsoft’s product, not htc or samsung, and these two OEM’s are making their money from android so obviously they are less concerned about WP7′s success. Microsoft owns WP7, stands to gain if it succeeds so they should take responsibility for it. Its a simple thing to create an advert that shows off the OS and say ‘availble at your local wireless store”.

      WP7 is not in a position for Microsoft to be taking the laid back approach, they should be out there promoting it heavily if they want it to succeed. There really cant be any excuse, if they want OEM’s, carriers, develoers and consumers to choose WP7 they have to do their part

      Just goes to further confirm Nokia’s point about other OEM’s not fully supporting WP7, and judging by the success of the Lumia ad campaign Nokia is the best thing to happen to WP7.

    • Anonymous

      Very objective statement. My few points:

      + HTC/Samsung can’t be faulted if they don’t advertise much about their WP phones. Their aim is not to popularize WP platform, their aim is to sell more devices. They know that the masses are interested in Android (sales figures can easily verify that). They are just worried about what sells most, period.

      + Most WP fans won’t agree with me, but I feel that it works as a disadvantage if there is very little differentiation in the products. My point is in Android sphere, HTC uses it’s own skin which is different from Samsung’s or that from other manufacturers. They all customize it as per their choice. It is bad for receiving latest updates, but users can identify a product from another. In WP, all of them look same. Apart from design, what is there to separate one interface from another? They can’t even put their own preferred SoC (case in point – can Samsung put Exynos??) In the end, it’s turning out to be generic products like notebook – you can hardly identify a HP from a Dell or Lenovo without the logo in the body.

      + MS needs to be more pro-active. Google gives away the Android for “free”. I am not going into the MS patent deal for Android. Point is OEMs are getting the software free from Google. Here MS is licensing the OS to OEMs. MS should not expect it’s partners also to take the burden of popularizing the platform. It’s NOT their job.

    • Anonymous

      @Ef Jay…No, Microsoft should promote the OS through various means – ads, product placement (which we’ve seen on a few TV shows); however, there are three stakeholders here:  Microsoft, the oems, and the carriers – each are responsible for promoting their product.

      This is the HTC Titan release – a device.  HTC has zero adverts for it here in the U.S. (however, they do have adverts for the Radar); AT&T has made no effort to promote their 4G network featuring this device; instead AT&T is promoting their network using the HTC Vivid (and similarly, T-Mobile is promoting their network featuring other devices as well).

      Even if there were a Microsoft commercial or ad featuring the WP OS, the OS is Microsofts only responsibility; HTC is responsible for promoting their devices, AT&T responsible for promoting their network.

      Again, Nokia is doing an outstanding job promoting their devices, it just so happens that the device features WP.  Why isn’t HTC and Samsung doing the same with their WP devices?  (rhetorical)

    • trashoner

      You talk like you know what’s going on internally at MS but you obviously don’t. in a phone OEM’s are the ones that spend about 100% of the cost when manufacturing a device. They pay MS not much but a fraction (no more than 10 bucks) for Windows Phone 7 OS to be in those phones. I don’t know you but if OEM’s don’t advertise their phones they are the ones at most risk of loosing profits.

      Microsoft, on the other hand, do advertise WP7 enough. They have spent millions upon millions on advertisement. If you haven’t seen them then you don’t read much.  This website has posted about 5 different advertisment videos of TV commercials within this past month. Gigantic windows phone in NY, does it ring a bell?

      Even if what you say was true I don’t see Google advertising Android much more than Microsoft does. Either way, Microsoft makes about $5 for most Android phones being sold out there so I don’t see Microsoft struggling much on the income arena when it comes to phone OSes. On to of that, you should visit any att store and see how Windows phone are placed all the way to the back of the store and how sales rep never actually promote the devices aside from iPhone or Android.  Until this changes you will not see many WP7 phones around and that has nothing to do with MS not advertising.

  • Kitab

    Want it, @ Denmark pleaseeee….

    • Rocapadilla

      Also wanted in spain…

    • Daniel Paulino

      don’t forget Canada :’(

  • f t edwards

    AT&T is also selling it $549 “no committment pricing” which sounds like a better deal than signing a 2 year contract.

    • Sam Ferguson

      That still a lot of money for a phone. Sign the stupid contract and save the money. Especially this coming Saturday when all Windows Phones are going to be a penny.

    • f t edwards

      Canadian contracts are 3 years.  I wish it was 2 years.

    • Anonymous

      the only way it’s a better deal is if you don’t get data service and use the device on WiFi. Unless ATT gives you lower prices on the cellular and data when the device is off contract, I think it’s better to get the device on a 2 year contract.

  • Linenfelser

    AT&T is apparently having a sale on the Saturday after Thanksgiving where all WP7 phones will be a penny with a two year contract (online only).  The Titan is supposed to be part of this sale as well.  Definately worth waiting a week to save $200. 

  • Ironnmetal

    So I went into an at&t store today to try and compare the Titan to the Focus S, and the store hadn’t even received their shipment of it. Next I call a different store and they not only haven’t even heard of the Titan, they inform me they don’t receive shipments on Sunday. This is infuriating for a wp7 fan like me, so I can’t even imagine how people who don’t know about the OS feel.

  • TekDragon

    Does anyone know if the dock for the TITAN is available? If so where and how much? I live in the States if that helps. I know it might seem a little silly, but the dock will be the decision maker for me between the TITAN and the Focus S.

  • wp7lover

    Wait for black friday this will be avaialblefor 0.99 with a 2 year contract.

  • Matt Baldwin

    I played with this at a Microsoft store today (Scottsdale).  It was really impressive.  First time messing around on Samsung phones too.  The Samsungs where brighter for sure, but how come they don’t scroll as smoothly as HTC’s?  Anyone else ever notice this?

  • TenorGuy

    Went to 3 stores today: only 1 store had a non-working HTC Titan….. at least I got to see the beast! The biggest store had a sign up for the phone, but no phone. I asked if one was available, and she of course said she didn’t know when it would be coming in. The WP7 section is literally in the very back corner – it’s almost in the hallway to the bathroom. The fricken iOS has invaded/enveloped people’s minds to the point they cannot see anything else out there. People can be sheep…

  • T_coop10

    I was lucky and was actually able to find one and only one at an AT&T store nearby and it was only $99 instead of the full $199. All I can say is that I’m a very happy person today. Switched from an iPhone 4. :))

    • Ironnmetal

      You should have waited for the 26th. All Windows Phones will be sold for 1 penny (with a two year contract) on their website. I say go back to AT&T and ask for them to spot you the difference.

    • Ken1ceo

      None available anywhere near me and they don’t know when they will come in. The penny sales does NOT list the Titan as part of the on sale models. Where oh where can I buy one now?

  • Anonymous

    Why have they thrown it away on the grass?