AT&T still testing Windows Phone 7 “NoDo” update despite early April promises

By Tom Warren, on 13th Apr 11 1:35 pm with 15 Comments

Windows Phone updates

Microsoft revealed on Wednesday that there’s no changes to its “NoDo” update status this week.

Microsoft had previously promised that AT&T would complete its carrier testing in early April. “I know many of you are waiting eagerly for news about the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround. As we’ve noted on Where’s my phone update?, these phones are expected to finish update testing in early April,” wrote Windows Phone Customer Experience Engineering manager Eric Hautala. “We’re eager to share progress. But these tests are important, and they’re just not quite done. I expect to have more to say soon—so please stay tuned.”

Hautala’s definition of “early April” must be different to that of the general populous, as we reach mid-April later this week. “There were no changes to Where’s my phone update? this week,” says Hautala. AT&T isn’t the only carrier taking its sweet time on Windows Phone testing. Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom are on the testing stages for both the February and March (NoDo) updates. Microsoft is refusing to say when each carrier will complete their testing. Australian carriers Telstra and Optus are still testing the March NoDo update.

Despite AT&T’s testing delays, some Windows Phone 7 owners (WinRumors included) have been able to force the NoDo update onto their devices. The method involves a registry key change and some tinkering to make the phone appear as if it’s located in Europe. The method has been confirmed to work on a variety of devices, including AT&T’s popular Samsung Focus device. If you’re interested in seeing how NoDo runs on the Samsung Focus then check out our video overview here.

Microsoft recently warned against the use of workaround methods to receive NoDo. The words of warning followed a recently distributed ChevronWP7 Updater. ChevronWP7 developer Chris Walsh released an update application that bypassed the carrier check for Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone update, codenamed “NoDo”. Walsh began distributing the updater last week but has since removed the download, at the request of Microsoft. The software giant warned that “You might not be getting the important device-specific software we would typically deliver in the official update. Or your phone might get misconfigured and not receive future updates.”

  • Dong-heon Phil Shin

    Ah, AT&T.

  • Qdowg1

    Wow! Windows Phone has so many things going for it but these delays due to Carriers are becoming a problem. The best thing for them to do is address this in Mix 11 today and provide us with something that shows how they will overcome this type of problem for future updates. Also, give us a load more information on Mango to try and “excite” us for something to come.

    • Anonymous

      The best thing for Windows phone is more carrier unlocked devices. Problem solved!

    • Ef Jay

      That will be my next one, Nokia Pentaband all the way!

  • w1ngnut

    Steve may have called AT&T’s CEO and said: “don’t let this update out before iPhone 5!” LOL.

    • Mike Dennis

      ..or the white iPhone 4

  • Anonymous

    Is AT&T the most incompetent carrier in the world?

    • Jesse


    • Jesse


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  • Veritas06

    The “where’s my phone update “page is still dated for last week. The 6th of April.

  • Neomagic9

    I got NoDo on branded ATT Focus yesterday. No timing hacks or use of Walsh’s tool.

  • frankwick

    Now I’m glad I applied the Chris Walhs update to my Focus. Zero problems.

  • am
    • Anonymous

      @am…Why? The carriers should be contacted and comments should be on the carriers site/facebook page. There is no need to post on the link that you listed unless you are one who buys into ‘misery loves company’. Post on the carrier site, leave the site, and continue use your phone until you get the update!