AT&T Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update due September 27

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Sep 11 6:59 am with 24 Comments

Windows Phone Mango

AT&T are planning to target a number of their Windows Phone devices with the “Mango” update on September 27, according to reports.

AT&T Windows Phone users should expect to see update notifications from September 27 for the HTC Surround, LG Quantum and Samsung Focus 1.3 devices. WPCentral reports that AT&T will be rolling out Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” to the HTC HD7S in early to mid-October and the revision 1.4 version of the Samsung Focus should receive the update by the end of October. WPCentral received information straight from an AT&T source and it appears that the Dell Venue Pro may see updates directly from Dell.

Microsoft revealed earlier this week that Windows Phone 7 users should expect to see the Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update within the next two weeks. Microsoft warned users not to install leaked copies of Windows Phone 7.5. “Every Windows Phone will also receive software from the handset manufacturer,” explained Microsoft’s Eric Hautala. “Since your phone requires the proper firmware to function as designed, my advice is simple: steer clear of bootleg updates and homebrew tools.” Copies of Windows Phone 7.5 RTM builds have been made available for various devices over the past several weeks.

  • Noe Brito

    Can’t wait for the Focus S to drop!

    • Syrious

      no kidding, I’ve not heard an update from AT&T on a release date, have you?

    • Noe Brito


  • Mario

    Tuesday is the day most people will be looking forward to this week :D

  • Jeffrey S. Moermond

    I can’t wait! :)

  • Seth_p

    About time! I can finally get rid of 7712 :)

  • Aa

    i want mango in my omnia 7

  • San Ien Jao

    Must have NOW! Time to downgrade from my Omnia Engineering leak to Nodo.

  • Matt Gajownik

    Any news on Mango for phones that aren’t carrier-locked?

    • Typhos

      wondering that myself

    • teusje

      they need to give more info!

    • Lord Jem

      wondering the same thing… :(

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap.  For AT&T that is pretty darn fast!  I think we can see that MS has learned their lesson and are encouraging the carriers to roll updates out quicker and more transparently.  Good job MS and good job AT&T!

  • Lewis McCrary

    Now if someone could just put me in stasis until the 27th.

  • Keithfranklin

    Arent HTC-HD7s just T-Mobile. That is my device and carrier and I eagerly await the deployment.

    • Ion

      You do not have an HTC HD7S…when they say HD7S they do not mean in plural, but that the name is actually HD7S which is not the same as HD7…the HTC HD7S is only available on at&t and has the super LCD screen.

      The HTC HD7 is a T-Mobile device, and does not have a super LCD screen, but other than that, it is essentially exactly the same.

      This has nothing to do with your HTC HD7 on T-Mobile.

  • Viki Maverick

    Finally, they announce a date. Otherwise they would have taken the fall this fall. :P

  • Morgan

    How can you tell which hardware version of Focus one happens to be using?

    • Morgan

      Ah figured it out. Its on the label under the battery.

  • Translatethis27

    The funny thing is that Samsung BADA outsells wp7.  I love my Iphone.

    • Guest

      No. The funny thing is that you’re such a wingnut that you have an alias just to trash WP7 over and over and over again. Now *that’s* funny – and pathetic.

  • Morgan

    Any reports of anyone getting this yet? I have looked at Where is my Update and they have yet to post anything about Mango. Also no other site but this one mentions that today is the day. Even Paul’s Win Supersite makes no mention of this update rolling out today. Were we teased yet again?

  • FuzzyLogician

    Okay… it’s the 27th.  Ahem… where is my update?!

  • Giarae

    So if I have the focus rev 1.3 I won’t get this upgrade!!  That sucks :(