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Microsoft news at The Verge

23rd Jun 13 3:31 pm with 5 Comments

I realise I’ve left this blog dead for well over a year, but as Microsoft’s Build 2013 conference is about to begin it’s probably an appropriate time to leave an update here. If you’re not … read more


An update on WinRumors

5th Jan 12 10:15 am with 98 Comments

It has been less than a month since I announced my move to The Verge. At the time I warned that posts here would be less frequent, and that has certainly been true over the … read more

Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 50,000 apps

27th Dec 11 5:11 pm with 81 Comments

Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace has now reached 50,000 applications. The Marketplace has grown by 10,000 applications in just over a month. Microsoft previously reached 40,000 apps in mid-November and jumped up to 45,000 apps earlier … read more