Ballmer promises Kinect for PC support in the future

By Tom Warren, on 7th Jan 11 6:52 pm with 8 Comments

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, has promised that the company will support Kinect for PC in the future.

Speaking to the BBC’s Click online program Ballmer revealed that Microsoft is planning to support Kinect on PC in the future. “We’re trying to move beyond gaming to include the world of socialization, movies, TV, music, and we’re trying to make the whole experience accessible to everybody in the family not just the traditional gamer,” said Ballmer.

The BBC asked Ballmer “Will you plug-in the Kinect to the PC, will you go for that in the near future?” Ballmer confirmed Microsoft’s plans to bring Kinect support to the PC. “We’ll support that in a formal way in the right time and when we’ve got an announcement to make we’ll make it,” said Ballmer.

Microsoft is expected to integrate Kinect support into its next version of Windows. Microsoft recently purchased 3D gesture experts Canesta. Microsoft’s investment in this technology is likely to see them focus heavily on bringing gesture based control to Windows 8. In early 2010, a number of Windows 8 product slides leaked from a HP employee that pointed towards some new product features. Kinect integration, a Windows App Store and fast boot were all promised. Microsoft previously purchased 3DV systems, who also make gesture recognition technology. With the push for this technology in gaming, it’s only natural that Microsoft would also want to port this to Windows.

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  • Oime

    I guess we will see Kinect support in the next version of Windows !

    • GP007

      I think this fits with the rumor of a second UI for Win8.

  • Anonymous

    Is that a Mac volume control I hear at 0:25?

    • Grannyville7989

      Sounds like someone has bootcamped their Windows :P

    • Anonymous

      HA! And that someone is running a Microsoft website!

  • Chun Yin

    Having Kinect available for Windows would be a brilliant idea, especially with them contemplating the possibility of having a unified OS. Imagine a future with Kinect-embedded technology in the tablet!

    • Anonymous

      Kinect in a tablet… Are you crazy? You need to be 8 feet away from Kinect to play, And tablets hardly go over 7-11″ screen size… You could say you could plug the tablet into a TV, but how would you make your tablet stand?…

    • Ottenson

      I don’t quite understand the tablet idea either. Just so you’re aware you need 8feet for any kind of full body capture gaming. for simple gesture navigation the kinect will pick you up as close as 3 feet.