Ballmer to keynote with flying Elvis impersonators and tigers?

By Tom Warren, on 5th Jan 11 1:10 am with Comments Off

Microsoft’s fake “creative content coach” has been busy this week and the latest video from the company suggests that CEO Steve Ballmer may take to the stage with flying Elvis impersonators and tigers.

Of course we don’t believe this will actually happen. Microsoft has been ramping up the PR for its big keynote tomorrow evening. Chet Logothestian, a self confessed content coach, has been “hired” by the software giant to help Steve Ballmer make the most of his CES keynote tomorrow. Chet doesn’t actually exist though, the hiring is the latest PR stunt from Redmond designed to drum up interest in the company’s CES plans. Microsoft typically uses CES to launch consumer products like Xbox and Windows Vista. CES 2010 saw a number of power issues for Microsoft’s Ballmer keynote and with lacklustre content it’s clear the company will avoid a similar situation in 2011.

If Microsoft did decide to have Elvis impersonators and tigers then it would certainly make the keynote exciting. Microsoft has a reputation for dull and dry keynotes but we have a feeling tomorrow night’s will be an exception. Stay tuned to WinRumors tomorrow for full coverage.