Bill Gates responds to Steve Jobs criticisms

By Tom Warren, on 31st Oct 11 10:15 am with 115 Comments

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5: All Things Digital

Microsoft chairman and co-founder Bill Gates has responded to Steve Jobs’ criticisms from his recently released biography.

Steve Jobs’ official biography, authored by Walter Isaacson, details some of his feelings on Microsoft and Bill Gates. Jobs mocked Microsoft’s lack of humanity and claimed that Microsoft “just didn’t get” the original Mac enough to copy it properly. Jobs also spoke about Gates in one of his interviews, describing him as wealthy but questioning whether that was his aim. “Bill ended up the wealthiest guy around, and if that was his goal then he achieved it,” explained Jobs. “Its never been my goal and I even wonder in the end if it was really his goal, I dunno.” Jobs also thought Bill Gates was “unimaginative and has never invented anything.” Jobs also claimed that Gates “just shamelessly ripped off other people’s ideas.”

Gates responded to Jobs’ criticisms during an interview with ABC News on Sunday. Asked about Jobs’ comments, Gates praised Jobs. “Steve Jobs did a fantastic job,” Gates told ABC News during a video taped interview. During the interview, see below, Gates described his relationship with Jobs over their 30 year history:

“When you think about why is the world better today, the Internet, the personal computer, the phone, the way you can deal with information is just so phenomenal. Over the course of the 30 years we worked together, you know, he said a lot of very nice things about me and he said a lot of tough things. I, you know, respect Steve, we got to work together. We spurred each other on, even as competitors. None of that bothers me at all.”

Gates also detailed his feelings on why Jobs may have described him as unimaginative. “He faced, several times at Apple, the fact that their products were so premium priced that they literally might not stay in the marketplace,” Gates said. “So the fact that we were succeeding with high volume products, you know, including a range of prices, because of the way we worked with multiple companies, it’s tough.” Gates added that Jobs’ feelings were reasonable. “And so the fact that … at various times, he felt beleaguered, he felt like he was the good guy and we were the bad guys, you know, very understandable.”

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  • Gamer

    Cool guy

  • Kazi

    Hat off, Mr Gates, YOU are the gentleman.

    • Mobile user

      Man that is a class act.

    • MSFTforever

      I agree, everything from his intreat in creating beautiful designs to his quite philanthropy done outside of a spotlight to his ability to inspire all of us to live a life in pursuit of passion over profits, Jobs was a class act.    

    • J A

      Hats and more off…Lol. Yes, he is the richest guy and the guy that single-handely helps the world in humanitarian and philanthropic ways with his money in billions every year; Steve never gave a penny to anyone, not even for humanitarian R&D that could have perhaps saved his life. This is not to talk of so many non-profit programs that you will always find Microsoft listed as sponsors. I am holding back myself so I don’t say worse about Steve here. I will rather put my money where it is useful.

    • Anonymous

      You’d think that with all the time Jobs spent in India, that he would have noticed the extreme poverty and that with his fortune he could have made a difference.


    • David Chen

      And plus, Jobs spent a good amount of his time in India doing drugs like LSD, which he refers to as “one of the two or three most important things he has done in his life.”

    • Mitch Rf

      Have you ever done LSD? If you have, then you might be able to understand why he was so good at presentation. And it more than likely fueled his drive to make every project “beautiful” and “magical.”

      Don’t diss him for doing acid

    • Anonymous

      Two things… yes, hats off to Gates.  He handled his responses with class.  Second, honestly, you have no idea what Steve Jobs has or has not contributed to charity.  The one thing we do know is that Steve was a very private person and doesn’t do things like give to charity in order to get attention.  Many large donations are done in private for a reason.

    • trashoner

      It’s easy to judge when you aren’t the one donating millions
      of dollars to help the world better. 
      Even if it was for attention sake he still has helped those people
      anyway?  I guess its one of those things
      “dammed if you dammed you don’t” Philanthropist’s job is to get
      attention by showing other rich people and getting them interested in donating
      and aiding the less fortunate.

       I don’t see here how
      donations done privately are any better than those done in public. It’s call PR
      my friend and people who see others helping tend to see a good example and
      perhaps follow instead of batch the person leading the way.  Either way people get the aid and those
      people unlike you are grateful enough to thank instead of troll around. I don’t
      see how Bill Gates needs attention; he left the business world to focus on
      something greater than all this just to get socially resented people like jobs
      make low childish remarks only because he couldn’t outsold MS while Gates was a

    • Anonymous

      I’m not judging anyone. I’m simply saying that because someone doesn’t give publicly, we shouldn’t assume they aren’t giving privately (as the previous poster has done). However, if people do give publicly, it’s still a very good thing, but their motives for public perception and publicity will always be in question. Fair or unfair, that’s just the way it is.

    • Anonymous

      “Steve never gave a penny to anyone, not even for humanitarian R&D that could have perhaps saved his life.”

      Steve was doing charity nearly 20 years before Bill Gates retired and got into it. Watch this 1995 interview with Steve as he explains his philanthropic effort in the early 80′s.

      Also, its also known he wanted to set up a foundation to promote vegetarianism but the guy responsible to run it dropped the ball.

    • Anonymous

      “Also, its also known he wanted to set up a foundation to promote vegetarianism but the guy responsible to run it dropped the ball.”

      Like that a single person dropping the ball would have stopped Jobs if he was actually serious about it.

      “Watch this 1995 interview with Steve as he explains his philanthropic effort in the early 80′s.”

      Do you have a recent example, say post return to Apple to offer as an example? Many people simply point out that Gates is far more active when it comes to philanthropy than Jobs. Showing something he did almost 30 years ago isn’t quite as relevent to those who need help today.

    • Yacko

      Maybe if Jobs had not lost ten years in the wilderness away from Apple, he might have similarly retired, like Gates, and become a philanthropist? Instead, making up for lost time, he spent the last 8 years of his life sick while pushing Apple. Comparing the two men, delineating  the shortcomings of the two men at various stages, is a pointless exercise. They had two different life paths that intersected at many times. Supposedly, Gates is one of the last non-family members to visit Jobs a bit before he stepped down. Supposedly, they had a long multi-hour discussion of the “old” days, a warm reminiscing of the events of their lives. Maybe this is the Jobs that Gates chooses to remember.

    • Yacko

      And I should have added, Jobs did not reach Gates-level wealth until recently. He was a quarter billionaire after the first stint at Apple and spent a lot of that subsidizng NeXT and Pixar. By 2000 he was a bit over 1 billion dollars. He only reached the multi-billion level and a high spot on that Forbes list of richest people when he sold Pixar to Disney in 2007?, and at that point he was worth between 6 and 7 billion.

    • Anonymous

      @Yacko:disqus I don’t think anyone on here would ever compare the 2. One made the world a better place by spreading technology in every way possible, for-profit, non-profit, handheld, enterprise, etc. The other contributed gadgetry. Steve Jobs will go down in the history of technology as a blip on the radar in the overall scheme of things. Someone who only saw the world from his own perspective and refused to see it from the laymen’s perspective. If it wasn’t for companies like Foxconn, Intel and ARM making hardware costs nominal the developed world would have never gotten to play with these gadgets.

      The reality is that the majority of the world knows what a PC is, knows what Windows is, What IE is, and know why they need it. From Australia to Africa, to Asia, to the Americas. Rich, poor, academic, and hobbyist. On the other hand, a relatively small percentage of the world has gotten to experience the “premium experience” apple brands and sells and most probably could care less I would imagine. Do they care that Mr. Jobs thought these products were lacking in imagination? I highly doubt it. Do they care that they’re just black or beige in color and not brushed steel? I seriously doubt they care.

      One man is relevant in his own world while the other man is relevant in the real world…

    • Larry

      He blew it if you ask me.  

      I just read the book and in the beginning of the interview where she asks him about education and points out that he, jobs, and other successful people did not finish college.  His answer/example of what not to do or what is not probably a good example is basically what Jobs did (go to Reed, do LSD, go to India).

      Also I would have never said “it does not bother me at all”.  He should been more honest/open about his feelings.  I bet Gates liked him for the most part, liked his products etc but at times could not stand Jobs arrogance and “shiiite all over people attitude”.  He should have stated that, and admitted at times Jobs got to him, like he did with everyone else.

    • Candide Yams

      I take it you’ve never done an interview on a national television show. It’s Bill Gates, he’s not going to say on national television that Steve Jobs was an asshole. No celebrity is. 

    • oolong2

      It would be hilarious if after all the endless questions about Steve Jobs,  Bill Gates just lost it and said:

      “You know what?  Fuck that guy!  He was dick to me and anyone else that tried to help him.  The difference between Jobs and me?  He charged twice as much for his stolen ideas and wore a turtle neck. Good riddance!!”

    • smokemonkey

      Larry, that’s why you are NOT Bill Gates. How can you even try to correct Bill Gates? I know we all have talent and views, but seriously man. He is the one why is doing sh..t and we are commenting about him. So I think you have no authority there.

      Anywho, Bill is full of grace, I could’nt have handled it better. Bill seemed genuine 

  • Mina

    We love you Bill here in Africa. There is not a single Apple device here, but we have the latest Windows 7 computers and we are also testing Windows 8. Cant wait untill true Windows and tablets phones arrive. Had it not been you we could never afford Apple expensive and retarded iNonsense. Dont mind him Jobs, he was a bitter man and died bitter!  

    • Sdsada

      dumb Mina, Microsoft will consume you soon.

    • Yoda

      Hateful Sdsada, blind hate will consume you soon. It will lead to suffering and the dark side!

  • McAkins Online

    You have to have lots of respect for Bill Gates still maintaining his cool even after this ridiculous accusations and personal assassination from Jobs. He shows maturity in his comments and I like him for that.

    But generally I think it is time Microsoft takes off the glove and start hitting back hard at all the stupid criticism of the fanboys. They’ve been taking too much shit starting with Apple switchers Ads. Apple cannot/will not take 1% of the shit they are throwing out if the role is reserved. I respect Steve Jobs, but I still find him to be an arrogant prick and psychologically disturbed. You’ve got a serious psychological issues if you have the need to put others down to achieve your goal. Superiority Complex is a form of Inferiority Complex.

    • Sebastian Swann

      That don’t need to. Look at last two years at Apple. 

      They got three very buggy main products released – iPhone Antennagate, OSX lion problems and recent iOS 5 problems.

      Now name one as big failure from Microsoft after Vista ?!

      There is none.

      Around Vista time it was Vista and Xbox buggy construction problems. But from Windows 7 up they didn’t released anything that is so f****d up as Apple products.

      Apple is number one company that delivers buggy shit. And they control both hardware and software.

      Microsoft was and is superior to Apple. They just need to work on their image a little more. And fire they adversing team cos they suck.

      And Kermit (Gates) was always a better man than mr. iWow (Jobs).

    • Larry

      Ummm yeah so I work on Microsoft products all day long.  Many are great, but plenty of them have bugs.

      No more or less than the Apple products we use at work as well.  Lion for the 25 or so Mac’s we have is running great and there are some great new features in it.  It is no better or worse than Windows 7 IMHO.

      Vista and the 360 RROD were or should be classified as disasters, of which I don’t think Apple has had.  Antennagate is/was way over blown, anything wireless has issues period, its the nature of the medium.  Copper is king, always will be.

    • Anonymous

      Kin Phone?

    • Sebastian Swann

      Was it a buggy product or its sales where flat ? I’m not talking about sales failure.

    • Anonymous

      to his point there was nothing wrong with the software. The product was just a marketing flop.

    • Anonymous

      How surprising… an uninformed Apple hater in a “winrumors” site.

      “Antennagate” was proven to be BS and “fixed” by a software update which corrected the algorithm used to display signal bars.  Considering the iPhone 4 has gone on to become the best selling smartphone ever, your claims seem rather empty.  Lion problems?  iOS problems?  What are you talking about?  Both products have been well received.  Every major OS release introduces some minor incompatibilities, even Windows 7.  Seriously, have you ever even used any of the products you are bashing here?  Obviously not.

      “Around Vista time it was Vista and Xbox buggy construction problems. But from Windows 7 up they didn’t released anything that is so f****d up as Apple products.”

      They haven’t exactly released anything earth shattering either.  Yes, Windows 7 is what Vista should have been in the first place.  It’s selling well because customers don’t have a choice.  XP is no longer for sale and customers skipped Vista.  MS did a good job with Kinnect, but honestly, they’re playing catchup pretty much everywhere else.  

      “Microsoft was and is superior to Apple. They just need to work on their image a little more. And fire they adversing team cos they suck.”

      Yes, keep telling yourself that the success and failure of companies all comes down to advertising.  You’re right, MS does have an image problem.  They’re not cool.  They try to hard to be cool and the harder they try, the more ridiculous they look.  As for superior, in what way?  Technology / innovation?  No.  Value / Market Cap?  No.  Profit?  No.  Perception?  No.   What exactly do you mean?

    • Guest

      And how about Yellowgate and the widely reported 4S battery issues? Again, just BS, shill?

    • Anonymous

      @c77f2c7afffaddb9ce6d9ab33495969b:disqus :
      What exactly does “widely reported” mean in this day and age?  ”Antennagate” was “widely reported” as well, until everyone realized it was BS.  The internet is like an echo chamber, one idiot says something and it gets repeated a million times, all from the same original source.  Is Apple having a problem with one of their LCD display OEMs?  Possibly.  I can’t deny that someone, somewhere hasn’t seen an issue.  Is it widespread?  Not from what I’ve seen.  I actually have a 4s and have no such issue.  Do you have one, or are you just part of the echo chamber?  FWIW, my battery life is very good actually.

    • Guest
    • Anonymous

      They dumped a phone a month after releasing it to big fanfare. It was such a failure I fail to remember its name. It costed them $50 million and only sold 37 in the first week. Ouch! Then there was the Zune, which suffered a long drawn out death. Windows Server 2008 suffered 2.5 hours downtime per year according to a IBM sponsored study. That same study found Mac OS X server had only 37 minites downtime by comparison.

    • Yacko

       You’re thinking of Microsoft’s acquisition of Danger Inc and the Kin phone which MS ditched as quick as HP did the Touchpad. Both debacles.

    • Sebastian Swann

      Yeah, but I’m not talking about sales failure. i’m taling about buggy products. Go home troll or learn reading.

    • Anonymous

      @veggiedude stfu.

    • HeatherL

      @facebook-100001887920756:disqus  WP7 first update? Microsoft’s new verification system for Windows 8 is causing headaches for notebook ODMs and OEMs? Zune failure? Bit I will agree that MS’s iPad response did not have any bugs for they still do not offer a competitive product.  
      It is one thing to favor MS products, like I do, but being any idiotic in you thinking does not make you very convincing.  

    • Sebastian Swann

      1. I’m not talking about sales failures. Buggy != sales failure.
      2. WP7 update. Is WP7 buggy product after this update ? Did they had to patch this update ? iOS 5 is going to need patching because this will not be solved by once again talking that other phone makers have similar problems. There is no more Steve Jobs to hipnotise its fans into believing that “there is no problem – its magic”.
      3. Windows 8 is not even out yet.

    • Slim

      You people are ridiculous they were competitors so Jobs said a few things big effin deal stop talking about a dead man rip jobs

    • Guest

      Yeah, of course they were competitors. But, it is easier to see who the bigger and classier man is.

    • Anonymous

      @fc51e7cbbb985c20532088570bd36b52:disqus actually everyone is trying to let him RIP except he can’t stop making waves even after he’s gone! You almost wonder if he intentionally timed the release of the book in the way it was released in. Say a bunch of shit and not have to face the aftermath.

    • Anonymous

      “You’ve got a serious psychological issues if you have the need to put others down to achieve your goal.”

      Telling his autobiographer his opinion about people was achieving what goal exactly?

    • Guest

      Feeding his immense ego, obviously.

  • Anonymous

    Gates held back a lot. He is a much bigger man than Jobs.

    • xledger

      He *IS* bigger. He’s taller AND he’s chubbier. Billy G is bigger than Stevie J, physically and metaphorically (and philanthropically). 

    • Billy Genes

      On the other hand, Stevie J probably has a bigger group of worshipers (read: cult followers), and definitely a much bigger ego.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, Bill retired years ago with $71 billion. Steve ‘only’ made $2.1 billion from Apple. That shows who the real money grubber was.

    • Guest

      Your reply has nothing to do with his comment, dork.

  • Johnboy

    Gates is a class act.  I know people sometimes love to hate him as they sometimes do with microsoft, but I always admired him.  He comes across as reasonably humble, especially for a guy that  has accomplished so much in business and is the wealthiest guy on the planet.  He is very smart and very logical.  Jobs was incredible, too.  Two giants in life.

  • Ankit Upadhyay

    Well this shows the humility !!! Bill Gates definitely is the THE Tech guy in industry !!!

  • Monkey D Black

    wow, just  wow…such a humble guy. i would’ve probably responded with something mean, but this guy…he’s so cool. i had respected him before, but now that respect just went 8 notches higher.

  • Hamid Sirhan

    Has to be said the reporter did both Gates and Jobs a massive disservice. If she had read the biography properly, these were statements made by Jobs at points in the past (which you can find on YouTube etc) and the biographer highlights Jobs’ reasoning at the time and the state of mind he was in etc. One of the key highlights of the books was Jobs’ reflection of his famous encounter with Gates on 2007 and the respect he clearly had for him as a result.

    They had a relationship with ups and downs and Gates handled this question with class. I think it’s hugely unfair for the reporter to paint it as though Jobs had made these accusations *for* the biography, rather than the biography covering what were already publickly-known claims made in the past.

    • Larry

      Hamid you nailed it.  Picking out little chunks here and there is a disservice to both of them.  Read the book to get the full picture.

    • Guest

      The fact that we’ve seen the reaction to these comments that we have, clearly indicates that many people weren’t aware of the real Steve Jobs and his previous comments and actions. The Steve Jobs of Apple PR and the real thing were two totally different entities.

    • Anonymous

      True. Bill and Steve were pretty good mates.

  • Anonymous

    Gates was the one  that set software free. Who said software must be/should be tied to hardware ? Jobs did. Software is a slave to redundant hardware in Apple’s product portfolio when actually it should be the other way around. That may be ok for mobile devices but it is a damn right abhorrence for fully-fledged PC. It is unacceptable that in order to access a piece of software(let’s say Keynote) one must purchase an entirely new machine. This sort of stuff should’ve stayed back in the 80s when you had as many different architectures as there were PC brands.

    It is blasphemy for some rabid people that you can install a brilliant piece of software(say WP), on a cheaper SKU like Focus Flash(and cheap does not undermine quality), and obtain a smartphone that is able to do what ever you’d wish from a smartphone all packaged in an universally acclaimed(by all tech blogs) “user experience”. The same can be said about the nifty, AMD APU based, Thinkpad.

    • Ramanan

      awesome! :) 

    • The Danish Texture

      Go buy Keynote in the App Store?

    • Anonymous

      @DanishTexture:disqus you clearly missed the point. While you can use PowerPoint on either a Mac or a PC, Keynote is only available on Apple devices (iPad, Mac OS).

      @leafcarver:disqus Not sure why you would want Keynote on a Windows PC when you have PowerPoint available to you, and now that PowerPoint Web Editionis available, price is no longer an issue.

      I have been arguing for the longest time that Apple has destroyed the software business. The idea of seeing value in Software as a product has been completely destroyed by Apple for the consumers. Google is doing the same thing or trying to do the same thing on the enterprise side.

      Other than a few marquee apps like Keynote for example, the going price for any mediocre app now a days is less than $2.99. For a shitty app, the going price is less than a $1. All decent apps are otherwise subsadized by either ads or are presented on a SaaS basis.

      While some might argue that it’s just an evolutionary thing, the reality is that products like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are not services and should not be allowed to be subsadized by other services or more premium products such as Google’s search and the Mac slew of shiny devices.

    • Anonymous

      I just used Keynote as a means to make my point. I could’ve said that I shouldn’t have to buy another “redundant”(as I already own a high end x86 rig for instance) if I wished to try FinalCut or LogicXpress or OSX for god sakes. 
      This MO of making software a slave to hardware sales should’ve stayed in the 80s when you had 10 PC brands with 10 different OSes and 10 different hardware architectures. This is even more abhorrent when we are talking about the SAME FREAKIN’ x86 HARDWARE. 

    • Anonymous

      That’s a load of rubbish you said.

      Steve Jobs was so confident with his product, he supported Windows to be run on the Intel based Macs. That is true freedom.

      Windows is not created with open source and comes with NO open source.

      Mac OS X is created with many open source components, and it comes loaded, off-the-shelf with tons of open source, such as apache, sql, dTrace, perl, python, ruby, java, php, etc

      Windows is locked down. Mac is freedom.

    • Guest

      What a load of crap. Every one of the products you mentioned can be downloaded and run on Windows.

    • Anonymous

      No, Jobs switched to Intel because IBM had a rubbish solution, inferior to the CoreDuo chips from Intel. Even if he didn’t wish, Windows could still have run on macbooks as they all became PCs. Plus, Apple only gives a damn if you buy Macbooks and not OSX from them. As long as you buy a piece of high priced HARDWARE from them they’ll provide you with 10 “bootcamps” to install which OS you want.

      I was not making a point on open source. All I said is this; it is counter intuitive to have to buy ANOTHER EXTRA piece of hardware(a mac mini let’s say) in order to run Apple software, if I ALREADY HAVE let’s say a year old high end PC rig for instance. It wouldn’t be the case if Apple sold PowerPCs because, hey, Apple software would be coded for a different architecture.

      Lol true freedom, are you serious, from Apple ? Apple does not let you install OSX on an Intel PC even if it is made to run on an Intel PC(like a macbook); how is that freedom ?. Microsoft is the one that “allows” for Windows to be installed on a Mac because Microsoft sells software and as long as you buy Windows you can put it on your toaster. 

    • Lookforandrew

      Microsoft Access.  Never, ever ported to Mac.  If you want to use it you MUST purchase a Windows license (notice I said license, not PC, as you can run it in a VM).  Point is your comment is very short sighted and lame.

      Oh – and Halo was announced on Mac, then Microsoft bought it and made it exclusive to Xbox.  Again, your argument is absurd.  Think before you speak.  I am sure others can come up with 1,000 more examples from all companies.  Nintendo = Mario, etc, etc, etc.

    • Anonymous

      You can run windows software on every machine you wish as they all run windows, you cannot run Apple software on any machine you wish as it is locked to Apple hardware. Even if I have a decent expensive desktop at home, I must purchase a mac mini par example, if I want to run Keynote, par example :).

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Surprisingly modest. Humble. What happened to those kind of people?

  • Josè Daniel

    And this is when you realize Steve Jobs was an arrogant, yet genius bitching all the time.

  • Bing-gle

    After Obama hailed only Steve Jobs to the heavens during his Nobel Peace Prize speech, I think it’s payback time; Bill Gates for Nobel Peace Prize. He surely deserves it!

    • Anonymous

      At least way more so than Obama. But yeah, for all i care he and Buffett can share it. 

  • Hurmoth

    Very humble comment. I’m Steve Jobs / Apple fan, but I couldn’t have asked for a better response to Jobs comments.

  • Oclvtrek

    Kudos to Mr. Gates for being a class act in this situation.

  • Lewis McCrary

    Sounds like a guy you’d want to have a beer with.

  • Joel Job

    What an absolute gentleman and respected world leader ! 
    And that shows in the products that his company developed over the years.

  • NarcoSleepy

    It’s kind of hard to rebut a dead man and not come off as an ass.

  • Achilles

    Empty cans rattle the most…. Bill G proves it by saying minimum and letting the other guys stupidity shine :)

  • TvG

    So you people think it’s funny to talk about the dead? iDon’t.

    • Anonymous

      @TvG the problem is that the dead won’t shut up in this case!

  • Anonymous

    He is the richest guy in the world, why would he care what some arrogant tech guy had to say about him? Gates was and always will be the man in the tech world. All others bitch and moan.

    • Harvey

      “He is the richest guy in the world, why would he care what some arrogant tech guy had to say about him? ”
      Yeah, but at some point, the money starts to take a back seat to a lot of things.
      Even the pro sports players that make extreme riches, get to the point ( after they have enjoyed the new money) to where they just want to win.  Its not about the money no more, they want to win.
      Bill is rich and may not, to a point, care about the comments from Job’s, but dang, to try to put me down from the grave???  Hold up now!  Wait a minute….. ( Bill says in private )

    • Avatar Roku

      Nothing that Steve Jobs did in his life ever affected as many people as Windows or Office or IE. Microsoft has directly impacted way more people’s lives and businesses than Apple ever did. 

      If Gates doesn’t feel like he won then that’s insane. Windows crushed Mac and Linux and OS/2. Office killed WordPerfect and Lotus 123. IE killed Netscape. beat AOL. Even Xbox is beating Playstation. I just don’t think Gates is the greedy egotistical obsessive compulsive type that Steve Jobs was. I bet he gets a much greater sense of accomplishment and sense of self worth from his philantrophy than from anything in the tech world. 

  • Anonymous

    he is the man.

  • Tim Acheson

    This whole topic comes into proper focus when you appreciate that Steve Jobs’ biography is a vehicle for Apple’s corporate propaganda.

    Apple has always been better at this game than Microsoft. On the whole, people see through it. That’s Apple only sold 4 million Macs last year, when Windows PCs sell on average 90 million per year. Ironically, if Microsoft did all the marketing for PCs, they probably wouldn’t sell any — Microsoft is terrible and PR, marketing, and propaganda, so it’s lucky that other companies are selling their products to the consumer.

    It’s untrendy and unpopular to say this, but true: Microsoft products and services are good; they do the job, are reasonably priced, unpretentious, not smug, and innovation and invention by Bill Gates and more broadly Microsoft have literally changed the world forever.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, Apple sells 4-5 million Macs per quarter and growing 25% year on year.

    • raikkonen

      >and growing 25% year on year

      500 millions Windows 7 PCs today. Macs growth is a joke in comparison

    • Tim Acheson

      Yes, the figure I cited for Mac sales was a recent quarterly report. Mac sales are a tiny fraction of PC sales, and Mac usage is a tiny fraction of PC usage.

      After many years of Apple trying, the Mac has consistently failed to compete with the PC. The vast majority of consumers seem to appreciate that big price tags, designer brands and prolific and sophisticated marketing do not make the product better.

    • Avatar Roku

      Microsoft’s marketing for Xbox has always been outstanding. The ad campaigns for Windows 95 and Windows 7 were really well done too.

    • Tim Acheson


    • raikkonen

      >Apple only sold 4 million Macs last year, when Windows PCs sell on average 90 million per year

      Your numbers is per quarter. Per year is 12 millions vs. 350 millions

    • Anonymous

      Soon it’s gonna be 20 million per year.

    • Tim Acheson

      Thanks, yes I was citing the recent quarterly sales figures for Macs.

    • Anonymous

      Yes Tim, Steve Jobs had a biography written and even died for the sake of propaganda.  That’s really taking one for the team, huh?  (rolls eyes)… 

      “On the whole, people see through it. That’s Apple only sold 4 million Macs last year, when Windows PCs sell on average 90 million per year. ”

      LOL… this is just wrong on so many levels.  

      First, Apple sells more than 4 million Macs in a quarter, likewise your annual sales aren’t even in the ball park.

      Second,  what are you comparing, the sales of one company against the sales of many companies?

      Third, even with lower volumes of sales, Apple controls the high end with >90% market share for PCs over $1000 and likewise rakes in the lion’s share of profit from the PC sales business.

      Fourth, if we’re honest and start including iPads as PC sales just as we consider Netbooks to be PC sales, the picture changes even further in Apple’s direction.

      “Microsoft products and services are good; they do the job, are reasonably priced, unpretentious, not smug, and innovation and invention by Bill Gates and more broadly Microsoft have literally changed the world forever.”

      Nobody ever said Microsoft products aren’t “good”.   But, that’s just it, they’ve always been in that “good enough” category, but never great.  Yes, they changed the world.  Not in advancing technology, but in terms of driving prices down and creating an environment where they can remain highly profitable while their business partners (OEMs) engage in a race for the bottom.  Gates is clearly a genius for accomplishing what he did and building the company that he did.

    • Anonymous

      MSFT + Intel rake the lion’s share of profits from the PC industry. It’s the poor OEMs who get screwed.

    • Guest

      Sort of like iPhone vs the carriers, eh? Or Apple vs developers in the App store? Who is making the real money there? Apple, by selling high margin devices. Plus another % off the top on the app sales.

    • Tim Acheson

      “Steve Jobs … died for the sake of propaganda. ”

      Blatantly twisting my words is a poor start to a counter-argument. We both know I didn’t say that or anything of the sort, so what’s the point?

      “even with lower volumes of sales, Apple controls the high end”

      The fact is, no matter how great you believe a Mac is, after years of trying the Mac has failed to compete effectively with the PC. More expensive does not mean better. It looks like the vast majority of people do realise that. 

    • Anonymous

      “Blatantly twisting my words is a poor start to a counter-argument. We both know I didn’t say that or anything of the sort, so what’s the point?”

      Really?  Steve Jobs allows an official biography because he’s dying and you claim this was done as a vehicle for Apple propaganda!  How exactly am I twisting your words?  What you said was despicable and disrespectful. 

      “The fact is, no matter how great you believe a Mac is, after years of trying the Mac has failed to compete effectively with the PC.” 

      My opinion of the Mac is irrelevant to this discussion.  In terms of “Mac has failed to compete effectively with the PC”, I think it’s fair to say that is debatable.  PC’s market share certainly is much higher than Macs.  However, Apple is bringing in more profits than all of the PC OEM vendors combined.  Do you honestly think HP or Dell, etc. wouldn’t gladly trade their PC business for Mac sales and profits?  The Mac market has also out paced the PC market growth for the past 20+ quarters.  These aren’t exactly bad metrics for establishing the meaning of competition.

      “More expensive does not mean better. It looks like the vast majority of people do realise that.”

      Generally speaking, more expensive generally does mean better.  More expensive items wouldn’t sell if there wasn’t any perceived value for the extra cost.   Why would anyone buy a BMW if they could have the same performance from a Kia?  As for the vast majority of people, like the “Kia”, the PC is “good enough”.  It’s a computer and it does the job of computing.  If all you need in a car is a vehicle with 4 wheels and an engine to get you from point A to point B, then the Kia is a more logical and economical choice.  If you’re a driving enthusiast that can afford it, the BMW is a better choice.  There is no wrong or right here and market share isn’t the only measure of what’s best either.  We’ve all seen how fast $99 HP Touchpads will sell.  Clearly, more people want “cheap” than “best”.

    • Tim Acheson

      “Steve Jobs allows an official biography because he’s dying and you claim this was done as a vehicle for Apple propaganda”

      Please quote the sentence where I said that. It’s nonsense, you know it, and I know it. You’re wasting bandwidth with a counter-argument based on pure fantasy.

      All of my original points still stand.

    • Anonymous

      Tim, this grows tiresome. Your original post is there in case you need to re-read it. Your exact words were ” Steve Jobs’ biography is a vehicle for Apple’s corporate propaganda.”. In fact, you have quite a bit of unsubstantiated trash talk just in this thread alone.

      “All of my original points still stand.”

      In your imagination perhaps. Your points were very easily rebutted as they were factually incorrect. For that matter, in responses to others, you’ve even acknowledged that your annual sales figures were wrong. So, if you helps you sleep at night, you keep thinking that all of your “original points still stand”.

  • Tim Acheson

    As this author puts it, Steve Jobs has been canonized like a saint, when the reality is a just another huge corporation putting profits before people:

    Apple is overrated. Most of their products and services are overrated. Steve Jobs is overrated.

    Denying Bill Gates’ innovations says more about Apple, Steve Jobs and his cult than it does about Microsoft or Bill.

  • JimmyFal

    I’m guessing, probably accurately, that whatever bad things Steve Jobs had to say behind Bills back to a book writer, paled in comparison to the actual bad things that Jobs probably said to Bills face over the years of working together.

  • Anonymous

    i love this dude!

  • Anonymous

    This is why I love Microsoft. A cool guy as founder, behind the stuffs.

  • Mickie N

    Nice work Bill, you’re a top bloke and all your financial aid towards the world certainly has not gone unnoticed!

  • Anonymous


    Are you determined to disgust me to the death? Why do you have to use that portait again and again? Do any readers over there enjoy that?

  • Anonymous

    Great way to answer specially if it comes from a dead guy!! Now that both Microsoft and Apple have new CEOs they should put the past behind them and fight together against the true threat for both: Google and Android!!

  • Hamhum

    Steve Jobs was a iGenius, but surely a difficult person and jerky boss, who knew “how to lose friends and lienate people”. Although he contributed a lot to the IT world, the ways he treated his first daughter, his business partner, another Steve, and Daniel (the close friend and worker at early Apple who did not receive stock option directly from Steve Jobs, but from the another nicer Steve), etc. were not good modeling. Worry that this Steve Jobs biography may send a wrong signal to the young generations, implying that to succeed and achieve something significant, you must and it is ok to bully people and use people like objectives and machine.

    SJ is admired for humanizing technologies, but as a human being, he did not respect the important human beings around him (slightly improved when he got mature and got older!), and sometimes he could do something quite dishonest and inhuman to get things done. Hope people can weight both the strengths and the weaknesses, and do not overly idolize him, focusing only the technological side of him…

  • Anonymous

    BillG classy as usual. What I don’t get about the left-wing media is they worship Jobs, but BillG is a Democrat too…

  • Avatar Roku

    For a man that was supposedly very PR savvy Jobs handled his passing like an idiot. He could have taken the high road and been remembered idyllically but he instead decided to use his biography as one last petty unforgiving eff you. He sullied his own remembrance and gave his competitors the opportunity to look like the better men, the bigger men.

  • Anonymous

    Bill Gates is too classy to say that Steve Jobs was a totalitarian asshole.

  • BigChiefSmokem

    End of an era.

    Now let’s PLEASE… FINALLY leave these two behind already for crying out loud and move onward with technology!

  • Anonymous


  • mark

    I keep hearing stories of people commiting suicide at apple plants,  all while asking pennies per hour why is it he never responded to that 

    • Anonymous

      Foxconn produces products for many companies, not just Apple.

  • Anonymous

    My respect towards Bill Gates has increased tenfold. 

  • Anonymous

    Gates would be a brilliant President.  He smart, balanced, and mature.