Bing Daily Deals rebranded to MSN Offers

By Tom Warren, on 22nd Nov 11 9:52 am with 5 Comments

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it is rebranding its Bing Daily Deals service.

Bing Daily Deals will now become MSN Offers. The service lets users subscribe to daily deals in their local area by email. TechCrunch reports that Microsoft informed users of the change by email on Tuesday:

Hey Bing Daily Deals Subscribers,

Thanks for signing up to get the best offers around–we hope you’re living it up and exploring all the awesome stuff in your city!

We wanted to give you a heads up that Bing Daily Deals will soon be re-named MSN Offers. It’s the same great set of values in your local area, but we wanted to clear up confusion between the Daily Deals you receive via email and the Bing Deals feature which aggregates daily deals from hundreds of providers at Moreover, better aligning Daily Deals with MSN, where you can go to find the best things going on in your local area, seems to make good sense.

You don’t need to do or change a thing. You’ll still be getting the same great deals, with the same account information.

Thanks again for subscribing, we hope you enjoy the new experience.

Daily Deals Team

The change is likely due to the close naming between Micorsoft’s Bing Daily Deals service and Bing Deals, a separate service designed to be a portal to harness deals from several providers and retailers.

The new MSN offers service is available at

  • Anonymous

    confusion galore

  • Anonymous

    MSN, LIVE, BING, seriously? just make it all bing. nobody thinks of MSN as anything other than a  90′s portal nobody uses. branding anything MSN is ridiculous.

    • Alex H

      I like it personally – the different branding. I find “Google Xxxxx” confusing, especially as their set of services keeps growing.

      Bing for search. MSN for content. Live for social. Easy!

    • Converse Freak

      Makes sense after-all.

    • Lachlan C McLeod

      i finally checked out MSN Flyertown and it is awesome.. for the people that love checking deals around them this is the most awesome thing ever..  it has all the flyers from all the stores in your local area