Bing HTML5 features starting to appear for some users

By Tom Warren, on 8th Apr 11 9:04 am with 23 Comments

Microsoft has started to switch on several Bing HTML5 features this week.

The software giant has turned on transitions and some of the new UI elements for several users. WinRumors readers have notified us that they are now seeing the new interface. Microsoft made a preview page for Bing HTML5 available in early March before taking the page offline. Bing’s HTML5 will include smooth animations to allow users to jump backwards in their search history. Bing will also introduce small, hovering windows as you scroll down the screen to keep navigation tabs in view. Bing will also enable animated pictures and automatically generated slideshows so users can visually explore a search query.

WinRumors reader Vincent sent the following screenshot of the transition UI:

HTML5 transition UI

Bing will also introduce an “instant” search similar to rival Google. The instant search will allow page elements to automatically transition as the user types their search query into the bing box. Microsoft has also changed the UI of some search results, WinRumors reader Mike kindly sent the following screenshot:

New Bing weather UI

Microsoft demonstrated its new Bing UI earlier this month. The company is currently randomly selecting users for an initial feedback phased and is expected to roll the new interface out fully next week in time for its MIX11 conference.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, it’s happening to me too.

  • Anonymous

    Yep, it’s happening to me too.

  • Gaurish Sharma

    Finally bing is copying Google’s “instant”. I wonder what it took them so long.

    • Techman

      Bing demonstrated HTML5 on their engine well before Google did.

    • Anonymous

      I really hate trollish fanbois like yourself, The so called “instant” search by google was demonstrated almost 2 years ago by Long Zheng from way before google even thought about implementing such a feature. If anything Microsoft copied off Zheng and Google copied of Microsoft demo in an Apple event where they demonstrated an instant feature similar to this. Go troll somewhere else you idiot.

      Just so you now when he posted his article that was based on live search instant.

      and here is the page to the engine.

  • Daniel Hartshorn

    Still No HTML5 for me but this could be Microsoft doing trial runs to make sure that all runs smoothly before making it availble world wide

    • Tom W

      That’s exactly what it is :) Rumor is next week launch at MIX.

  • Hlov

    I got it also, just change country to US, fast and cool

  • Judayeong
  • Ztronics

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  • Keno Butler

    I hate the overly dominant black it makes it ugly.. however the transitions are sweet, there are some alignment and over lapping issues i noticed when i increased the page zoom from 100%… it needs some fine tuning in my eye… like the clean (light colors) aesthetics of the old bing more

  • Anonymous

    Good stuff! :) Here’s a video of the transitions and visual effects for those who haven’t been blessed with HTML5 goodness just yet:

  • Larry

    I’ve gotten it to work only in IE9. Since MIX is next week, that sounds like the most likely time for a full release.

    • Anonymous

      Works in Chrome too. But not FF4 or IE8 (still on XP …).

  • Anonymous

    I have it, but only on my new Sandy Bridge rig. I dig it a lot. I’m glad the black is dominate, because if it transitioned to a “bright” color, it’d be too damn annoying.

  • Ion

    Half-ass Bing HTML5… where’s what was shown at WWDC… This is crap, yeh sweet transition…so what.. I wanted the full Bing HTML5 experience not some lite website…

    I bet they killed the original Bing HTML5 because they didn’t have the horsepower and bandwidth to load the website with the zooming in and out of a high resolution Bing background, that day it was out was probably the day they were testing whether it required too much… So they put together this lite Bing HTML5 website in a couple weeks… I bet that’s how it went.

    • Anonymous

      Are there vids of that out there?

      And how do you know its not still coming eventually?

    • Anonymous

      Are there vids of that out there?

      And how do you know its not still coming eventually?

  • Gawicks

    Presonally I think the black header is a bad idea ; it’s an eyesore

    • D.O.M

      You do realise that’s just the image on Bing’s Homepage? (I think anyway) So if it was more colourful, that would be too

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen it, and it surprised me. It’s really cool visually.

  • dave

    I got it working on me. just change the country to us and I’m using chrome. Fast and cool!