Bing introduces Editor Picks to showcase the best sites

By Tom Warren, on 14th Nov 11 6:34 pm with 16 Comments

Microsoft launched its Bing Editors Picks on Monday, an easy and quick way to find some of the best Internet sites.

Bing’s editors will hand pick selected sites and bring them to Bing search results to show off a collection of relevant sites that Microsoft’s editorial experts believe will be useful to users. “The job of Bing editors is to enhance your experience on Bing,” says Kristen Kennedy, managing editor of Bing’s editorial team. “When we know you’re looking for something really specific — like “How to use a semicolon” or “Free clip art”— we’ll provide a list of editorially selected sites on that specific topic (in addition to our algorithmic results) to help you find what you’re looking for faster.”

Bing’s Editors’ Picks will be made available on a per search term basis. Not every term will have editorial picks attached but Microsoft says it has seen a lot of interest in seasonal topics like Thanksgiving recipes and crafts. Bing has put together a collection of sites dedicated to Thanksgiving as part of that. “Today, we’re featuring more than 140 topics, from college prep sites to party planning, from food blogs wine basics,” said Kennedy in a blog post on Monday. ”We’ll continue to add topics as we find great sites and learn more about what you’re looking for.”

If you’re interested in the full list of editors picks then visit to find the full list of topics.

Bing Editors’ Picks

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    link takes me to 
    That web page doesn’t exist.

  • Andrewbware

    bing visual search has disappeared though

    • Henry Edwards

      It’s strange that Visual search has gone. No news on what’s happened to it from Bing. Wish they would shed some light on it.

  • Anonymous

    I guess its a good idea.  But shouldn’t the strength of the search engine automatically mean the first few results are the best?

    • Anonymous

      Some human input never hurts though.

  • Anonymous

    I have never understood this.. I live in the Netherlands and Microsoft has some good content on msn Netherlands which means they have some good number of staff working on that website. but for some reason Bing is still in beta.. even this Editors pic thing is not available. I think there is some serious disconnect within Microsoft.. I still don’t understand why they haven’t added Microsoft translator to the Bing

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, keep adding things that users don’t want/didn’t requested :/

    • Anonymous

      I don’t care about what Microsoft likes :s I just want to have the best search experience to find things that I like…

      Give us HTML5 Bing already –’ Not only the HTML5 background.

  • Guest

    Instead of screwing around with a questionable feature like this, how about just providing the much needed filter by date across all searches capability?

  • Henry Edwards

    Again this is US only

  • Leon

    Microsoft should kill Bing.

    Microsoft is not a search engine company, that is Google.
    Microsoft is not a hardware company, that is Apple.Microsoft is only a software company.

  • Akramshazeb

    the partnership with nokia will help out as nokia is among the leading companies.they will surely take bing to the next level.

  • Openace

    partnership with nokia would help phones are sold around the world they will surely get bing on the next 8 is also getting ready to take up bing’s market share.