Bing Maps Streetside view updated to include Street Slide project imagery

By Tom Warren, on 31st May 11 4:49 pm with 13 Comments

Microsoft launched a new version of its Bing Maps street side view on Tuesday.

The company has now integrated Microsoft Research’s Street Slide project into Bing Maps. Street Slide allows users to simply slide along street level imagery, sideways. “The view of the sidewalk is seamlessly constructed including an overlay of business listings, street names and store fronts,” says Microsoft’s Chris Pendleton.

The technology makes it easier to navigate between store fronts and streets. “This new style keeps the immersive experience but adds smooth left/right panning navigation that makes it easy to find what’s nearby more quickly,” says Pendleton. “The street flows by as a series of smooth ground-level photographs so now you simply pan up and down the street to see the neighborhood and find what you are looking for.”

Bing is only enabling the technology in certain locations. Check it out in a flat, straight, New York street, or a steep, twisty, San Francisco one.

Bing Maps Streetside view updated

  • Ronit Kumar

    Now bing is also updated!! Microsoft is pulling the chords together, 2012 will be a phenomenal year for Microsoft ! 

    and I hope “Bing Maps Streetside view” steps out of “US Only” policy soon !

  • phil jay

    I liked the original 3d streetside more as I really love flying trough the streets with some nice feeling.. but combined like shown in the ios bing app, where zooming in enables 3d view would be nice.

  • GP007

    Nice, now it’s about time MS start to support everyone outside the US more.  Come on guys, even with the WP stuff, need broader support already.

  • AlienSix

    Microsoft, there is more to the World than just the US

    • Anonymous

      Remember guys this is in addition to Street Side(competitor of Google Street view) and yes I agree Microsoft has to Expand and speed of the process but i think the Nokia deal will get them what they need.

  • FMH

    Now what about the ‘soon to be finished’ Bing HTML 5.

  • oolong2

    In other words:  They just made it better for touch/tablet devices.

  • Anonymous

    I like the Google version better.. even the previous version was way better.. why does MS feel the need to mess-up everything? The just stitched up images together  and it looks like it was not well done.. fail !!

    • Anonymous

      this is not Street side view which is pretty great compare to google street view. Notice this is not street side view it’s street slide view. SLIDE!

  • vashibhavin

    Long to go before its anywhere close to Google Maps street view.

    • Anonymous

      the have their street side view compare to street view, this is different. this is street slide to view the streets on a horizontal view of the block

  • Maximilian Hernandez

    They should make it like the demos show it, when you zoom all the way in, you are taken to a 360 view of the place, ti’ll then you can’t even look around when you zoom in.

  • WP7UpdateWhen

    Google Street View is *much* better and will work fine on a tablet.
    I still love Metro, though.