Bing Maps updated to improve sharing and directions

By Tom Warren, on 10th Nov 11 8:59 am with 13 Comments

Microsoft announced this week that the company’s Bing Maps have been updated to improve the sharing and directional options of the mapping service.

Microsoft has expanded the way Bing Maps users can share maps from their PC or mobile. The company has added some features to its Share button in the upper right corner of maps. From the menu you can:

  • Send the URL:  Links will be shortened using Microsoft’s “” domain
  • Post to Facebook and Twitter:  Bing Maps can now easily share directions, places, and more on Facebook and Twitter with one click
  • Say it with SMS:  If you’re in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, or Italy you can send search results and driving directions directly to mobile phones via SMS using this feature

Bing Maps Share

Microsoft has also improved its directions in Bing Maps. “We did this by adding inline editing, making the route steps easier to read, and simplifying available buttons,” explains Microsoft’s Dan Polivy in a blog post on Tuesday. “With the new inline editing capability directions page, you can now modify your destinations without having to go back to the edit section.”

Both Bing Maps changes are rolling out this week.

  • Oorton

    I think MS should focus on getting things like traffic layers in the UK then Bing maps would be useful!

  • Manish

    Be fast and have features in other such services

  • Helio Gastao

    please Microsoft add African cities maps, Googles maps has this!

  • Manuel Costa

    What about making Bing Maps better in other European countries such as Portugal?

  • Richard Kimini

    and services in many other countries

  • GuestBR

    What about making Bing Maps better in Brazil? Most Brasilian people complain about bing because it is too much american and it is not like Google Maps…. here in Brazil we have street view and turn-by-turn for while on Google Maps and Bing Maps is a shame it just doesnt work!!!!
    Please Microsoft look at the 7th biggest country in the world!!!!!

  • Alvaro

    Microsoft do you know what rest of the world means?

  • Iwan

    If Bing want to win online map marketplace in Indonesia, they need to work together with local map software company that own better map for cities and also POI.
    Google did that here!

  • Hans

    What about making it better in Redmond, WA, the home of Microsoft?
    I see the Indian Restaurant Kanishka is still shown at the old location from where it moved many, many months ago (Google has it right.)
    It only takes one experience like that every time I try Bing to make me go run back to Google. 

    • Guest

      What are you talking about i just searched for Kanishka through bing and it shows the correct location.

  • Entegy

    Wait wait, Canada got a Bing feature!? THAT’S THE BIG NEWS.

  • Jayb Interactive

    it’s the worst map in our country, Philippines. Please fix it MS! 

  • Bajkov

    To be relevant, you have to go global. World is not 5 countries only. Our competitiors are much better worldwide. We have to fix this or we gonna lose.