Bing Mobile HTML5 features tweaked for Android and iOS

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Mar 11 5:02 pm with 9 Comments

Bing Mobile feature updates

Microsoft updated its Bing Mobile web interface on Wednesday, adding more HTMl5 improvements.

Microsoft’s latest Bing Mobile update includes better and faster image search, real-time transit and directions, app search for the iPhone, and more. The new features utilize HTML5 and work on iOS and Android devices. What about Windows Phone 7 you ask? “Don’t worry” says Microsoft as “it will support HTML5 later this year so these updates will work great at that time.”

Transit Directions and Real-Time Transit

Microsoft has added transit directions to Users can now use the browser service to plot public transport options. In addition to directions, Microsoft has also enabled real-time transit information for Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Image Search

Microsoft has tweaked its image search to improve performance and make searching for images a lot faster.

Shopping, movies, apps and weather

Bing has improved its shopping experience from mobiles. There’s a re-organized shopping experience that allows users to compare products and reviews on the go. Microsoft has also tweaked its movie search to show relevant movie information and the nearest theatres to your device.

The final two mobile improvements see iPhone apps and weather reports added straight into the search results. If you’re an iPhone user and you visit then any search will provide a list of iPhone apps in the results too. Bing has also added Weather Autosuggest and Instant Answers to the search bar. If you type in “weather in” it will auto-populate the weather based on the city you pick.

Despite the Bing HTML5 mobile improvements, the company is also planning a desktop refresh. Microsoft made a preview page for Bing HTML5 available earlier this month before taking the page offline. Bing’s HTML5 will include smooth animations to allow users to jump backwards in their search history. Bing will also introduce small, hovering windows as you scroll down the screen to keep navigation tabs in view. Bing will also enable animated pictures and automatically generated slideshows so users can visually explore a search query.

Bing will also introduce an “instant” search similar to rival Google. The instant search will allow page elements to automatically transition as the user types their search query into the bing box. Microsoft will make HTML5 Bing available as a beta preview version “soon” according to one person familiar with the company’s plans.

  • GP007

    So, what about the full HTML5 Bing version? I don’t care about mobile Bing at this point.

    • Web

      i guess they release this at MIX11

  • Anonymous

    Wonder when WP7 will catchup to bing functionality on iphone

    • PZ

      Mary JF says by the end of the year… WHICH IS MESSED UP!!!!

    • GP007

      Whenever IE9 hits mobile.

    • Anonymous

      Bing for iphone has image search, checkin support and tons of other features that IE9 won’t give by default. I certainly hope bing features or even ie9 can be updated without a whole rom update fiasco like we’re seeing with nodo

    • Anonymous

      If you are referring to IE9 Mobile, it should be in the Mago update around October. Mango is huge, it’s not just a browser update. It’s so huge, that it is no longer WP7. It will probably be 7.5 so they can save WP8 for a release to be timed with Win8.

  • Jows

    Wow Iphone… okay M$ we will wait patiently… sure… waiting and waiting till we get enough.

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty nice actually…