Bing-powered U.S. searches rise to over 30% market share

By Tom Warren, on 11th Apr 11 10:35 pm with 16 Comments

Microsoft’s U.S. Bing-powered searches now account for over 30% market share.

Bing’s market share jumped by 5% in March according to Experian Hitwise. Google’s market share dropped by 3% during the same period. Yahoo! Search and Bing achieved the highest success rates in March 2011. This means that for both search engines, more than 80 percent of searches executed resulted in a visit to a Website. Google achieved a success rate of 65 percent. The statistics mirror similar reported rises by ComScore. The company said in February that Bing’s “decision engine” accounts for 13% U.S. market share alone. The figure rises to 29% if Yahoo’s market share of 16.1% is included.

Microsoft’s Bing search has increased its share consistently over the past few months. Bing grew faster in October than Google and Bing continued to rise in December. Bing reached an all time high of 11.8% market share in November but has improved upon the figure in December and January. Microsoft’s Bing search volume increased by 29% during 2010 according to comScore. ComScore says the US search market rose by 12% last year.

Microsoft’s search alliance with Yahoo appears to be paying off too. Marin Software, a paid search marketing platform provider, and Razorfish, an interactive marketing and technology company, unveiled the results of an exclusive study in January conducted to analyze the impact of the Search Alliance on paid search campaign performance. The results showed that the Search Alliance has resulted in improved traffic quality for advertisers and increased its share of paid search impressions by 4% and its share of clicks by 2%.

Bing also passed Wikipedia on Compete’s list of the top 50 websites for December 2010. Bing took the sixth spot with 79.8 million unique visitors. Compete reported that Bing closed the year with a 105.36 percent increase in unique visitors — the largest yearly growth among the top 50 sites.

WinRumors unveiled the existence of Microsoft’s HTML5 Bing preview. The software giant plans to launch its new Bing preview later this week. Bing’s HTML5 will include smooth animations to allow users to jump backwards in their search history. Bing will also introduce small, hovering windows as you scroll down the screen to keep navigation tabs in view. Bing will also enable animated pictures and automatically generated slideshows so users can visually explore a search query. Bing will also introduce an “instant” search similar to rival Google. The instant search will allow page elements to automatically transition as the user types their search query into the bing box.

  • Brian Spencer

    And people wonder why Google started flinging mud a couple months ago…

    • GP007

      Exactly, I hope they keep making bing better and better so Google can really start freaking out.

  • Anonymous

    Now THIS is good news :)

    • Mark

      Now all they need to do is stop losing billions each year doing it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes that’s true, but making Bing even more powerful and big than it already is now, should be top priority, not making money. Microsoft has enough income, they don’t need Bing to gain profit ;) it’s just their answer to Google’s monopoly, and they’re doing it very well. They should just move on the way they’re going now.

    • Mark

      A company whose stock has declined 50% since 2000 can’t afford endless amounts of expensive investments that don’t pay off.

    • Anonymous

      Bing gainig more popularity, also indirectly boosts Microsoft’s reputation, which is always good for a company like Microsoft IMO.

  • Keno Butler

    nice! lets hope the bing team continues to bring innovative ideas to the platform along with eye candy and continuous search improvements!

  • Googling down the gurgler

    Putting market share aside for a moment, look no further than Google (Shamelessly of course, that’s the Google way) copying several of Bing’s key unique features:

    Left-hand sidebar

    Image search options (Colour, people, style)

    Background image

    Bing Reference (Google Knol was the most laughable attempt at a copycat reference tie-in)

    What I love most of all is Google’s motto: Don’t Be Evil.

    Yeah. Don’t be shameless copycats. Try and keeping your bleeding marketshare search engine unique. Try not to cry too much about how scammers and spammers are taking over many of your generic and high-value keywords in AdSense.

    And for goodness sake, don’t you dare create such a desperate honeypot blood-libel again

  • Avatar X

    Great advances. In the USA side Bing should be able to grab 37-39% of searches during 2011 based on how it has been doing so far. Now if they would hurry up with fullbing experiences out of USA. The most shocking ones to have not yet been released are the ones for Canada and Mexico. One would think they would aim to advance as much as possible in North America overall and not just in the USA.

    • Fggu

      Yes, I am from Singapore and I am using Bing US instead of Google ag, its so much better :)

    • Homer Web

      I am from Czech Republic and Bing is almost unusable if I search content from CZ.

    • Fggu

      I usually surf the web with a US VPN I have here… guess you will need that or it’ll bring you to the beta version of bing

    • Jhughesy

      Bing Netherlands sucks badly. However, I know from what i read that Bing US is very good. if only they would bring it to other countries…. :-(

      Same with Zune, Xbox360, WP7 very limited outside USA. Why can Apple do it but Microsoft can’t?

    • Fggu

      I am not sure about that, it seems that they will being it to other countries soon.. I once post something like that on Bing’s facebook page and their reply was that they are trying to perfect it for specific region first.

  • Fggu

    I dont think making a profit off Bing right now is a good idea, if Microsoft push hard enough to get the hell out of Google, they will die out easily. Since the “Don’t be evil” company profit mainly comes from advertisment, and at the same time making a huge ass amount of open source code to crush Microsoft’s monopoly.

    Great strategy.