Bing sponsors new iPhone TapTap revenge app

By Tom Warren, on 9th Mar 11 12:45 am with 5 Comments

Microsoft has opted to sponsor a new iPhone application.

Katy Perry’s Revenge 2 application by Tapulous was released on Tuesday and features clear branding and sponsorship from Bing.Tapulous announced the new application in a blog posting on Tuesday. “Katy Perry is back and brought to you by those fine people at Bing! Check out the new app including “Firework” and the hot new hit “E.T.” for FREE in the game! Plus see the never-before-seen-in-TTR theme and graphics inspired by the track “E.T.”

The application follows the release of two Bing iPhone games last year. Microsoft released Snowboard Hero, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners in December. The game allows you to snowboard on four steep runs. Microsoft also released Powerboat Challenge, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners. The game is a simple powerboat challenge that allows players to complete courses and upgrade their boats to bigger engines.

Microsoft’s sponsorship deal for further iPhone applications will likely heap pressure on the company to start focusing on its own Windows Phone platform. Microsoft has been slowly tempting developers to Windows Phone. The company plans to release Doodle Jump, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Hydro Thunder Go, Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I and geoDefense in Spring.

  • reviewdevs

    What is wrong with Microsoft here. Why aren’t they working on Windows Phone 7. Who the hell is responsible for the Bing Team. I thought Microsoft didn’t allow their employees to work on apps other than it’s on platform not others. The last time I checked, the iPhone is owned by Apple. This is annoying. What is Bing doing that have so much free time.

    • Anonymous

      This wasn’t made by Bing, its sponsored by Bing. Its marketing, Bing is trying to grow in popularity and exposure on one of the most popular mobile platforms helps.

      Even so its still disappointing that a mobile app with Microsoft association is not available for WP7

  • panagiotisgr

    this is very clever.. many people play tap tap and bing is a nice search engine. still need to support more countries though. eg Greece

  • Anonymous

    Making your brand visible to a broad market, is always a good thing.

  • Thetruth1960

    I would hope that as part of the sponsorship the Bing team said something like “we’ll sponsor you, but you need to work on a WP7 version too” Who knows maybe they are actually working on it…