Bing U.S. market share hits all-time high of 15% during November

By Tom Warren, on 16th Dec 11 3:04 pm with 35 Comments

Microsoft’s Bing search market share hit 15% in the United States during the month of November.

The software giant’s “decision engine” rose to 15% U.S. market share compared to Google’s 65.4% according to data from comScore. Search engine land obtained the numbers early and notes that Yahoo’s market share dropped to 15.1% following a 15.2% figure in October. Microsoft’s Bing search has increased its share consistently over the year but it has started to flatten out in recent months . Bing grew faster in October 2010 than Google and has continued to rise ever since. Microsoft’s Bing search volume increased by 29% during 2010 according to comScore. Microsoft’s 15% figure represents and all-time high for Bing.

Microsoft has been trying to place Bing on several platforms. The software giant has pushed two minutevideo demos of Bing on iPhones, released Bing iPhone games and ensured Bing is making its way to the latest Toyota line of cars. Microsoft also introduced a special Bing for iPad application recently. The constant iteration and product updates also keeps Bing’s competitors on their toes. Microsoft is also introducing anew Xbox Bing voice search in its latest dashboard software, due shortly.

Microsoft recently launched Action Buttons to better surface quick deep links to various search queries. The software giant also introduced an Adaptive Search feature. The feature allows Bing to learn user patterns and provide a new set of search results per used based on previous search queries. The search results work by surfacing information on what Bing thinks an end user is searching for. If a user searches for Australia then they’ll like receive results about the country and travel related content. However, if the user regularly searches for movies then Bing is more likely to provide search results for the movie Australia rather than the country.

Microsoft also announced a renewed Bing search deal with Twitter in September. The deal will see Twitter continue to share its tweets with Bing search results. Bing uses Twitter data for its real time search queries, something that Google had to temporarily disable after failing to establish a new agreement with Twitter.

  • Paul Hill

    UK user here. I’ve been using Bing much more since they used video wallpapers… I want the html5 version though!

    • Anonymous

      If you are getting the video wallpapers, then doesn’t that mean you are seeing the HTML5 version?

    • sarkis chamelian


    • Paul Hill

      no… in a preview I saw on youtube it had some sweet sweeping animations.

    • Guest

      Most of that is still MIA. Unclear what the reason is.

    • sarkis chamelian

      go to bing now and on the bottom right of the BING pictures press the BACK button THREE times…you get live wall paper of ORCA WHALES  !!  SO cooooooooooooooooool !

    • Guest

      twice for me, but cool. thx!

    • Paul Hill

      I know I’ve seen it, look at the video I put below :) I want all those stuff too.

  • Achilles

    Is this also a sign of WP7 sold alright?

    • Anonymous

      might I ask what Bing market share has to do with WP7 market share?

  • Achilles

    is this also a sign of WP7 sold alright?

  • Anonymous

    google reminds me a lot of IE. depending on it’s momentum and user habituation to stay on top yet in a slow irreversible decline thanks to the fact google is spread too thin chasing every possible way to expand into everything from social to tv to browsers.

    they really are microsoft 2.0 down to their decline.

    • Jinge

      the difference is google is still at least as good as bing in results.

    • Tom

      As is IE.

  • Anonymous

    Still Beta version in Sweden…

    • Kitab

      Beta in Denmark too…

    • Anonymous

      Norway too…

    • Tarto

      Spain too…..

    • hasona

      Actually I use the US version in Sweden

      For me its 45-55% between Bing and Google and the only reason is because of the poor results I get with it on swedish sites.

      If microsoft fixes that they will own 

    • Luandersonn Airton

      Beta in Brazil, the Google is better here

  • Gogo

    Bing sucks in India.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve heard everything sucks in India

    • Hitler

      What you know about india?

    • BadManDuke

      Child labor is rampant there.

    • Guest


      So’s starvation. Which would you prefer?

    • Guest

      Every country has there own problems. You guys stop being jerks. This blog is abt technology not about countries.

    • Guest

      No, the food’s excellent. Butter chicken. Yum.

    • Prerak Patel

      Atleast your mom does

    • Jaytaurus

      @BadManDuke:disqus , But child molestation is common in US.

    • Seth_p

      Actually it’s statistically higher in Eastern and Southern Africa then Asian countries. Comparing countries is just idiot to me, especially on a technology blog.

  • Justfortherecord

    SVG is better supported its been around forever. Canvas and the great Majority of HTML 5 will not get full support until 2020

  • Guest

    I still don’t think they’re doing anything fast enough or disruptive enough.

    C’mon, they’re at 15% share in the US and close to zero everywhere else. They need to be the scrappy upstart, not push out an iPhone app here or iPad one there. All that HTML5 goodness shown two years ago. What happened? We get an occasional home page image. And when are they going to offer filtered time search for all queries. That’s a mandatory feature for me to even consider using Bing over Google. Also, for MS, when are they going to fix their revenue per search so that they can stop losing so much fkn money? Again, over two years working on this and they still aren’t where Yahoo was on its own before the partnership. How can it be so bloody difficult? Yahoo already solved it for themselves. But Yahoo’s best + MS’s best can’t fix it after two years?

  • AgainstYourThought

    This plus the Yahoo partnership and you have 1/3rd of US searches powered by Bing, no trifling sum, and yet they still can’t make any money! What the hell are you guys doing over there?

    I switched to Bing a few months ago (even though I use Chrome as my primary browser lol), mainly because I was enticed by rewards points (thanks MS for the free Amazon gift cards). I am very satisfied with the search results Bing provides and I almost always find what I’m looking for on the first try. Google has some neat features like “search while you type”, but overall I’ve grown to like Bing, its layout, presentation of search results, and feature set better than Google (I still think Bing is a stupid name though). Google might have some more advanced search functions, but I don’t really care about those too much. 

    If you aren’t using Bing, give it a try. If nothing else you’ll get rewards points you can cash in for free crap, just for searching the web. 

    • Anonymous

      Are you me? That’s the exact setup I have and the exact reason I switched (even though I had used both and just prefered Google).

      I have found though, that Google does a better job finding technical/research info but Microsoft is better at entertainment/”decisions”.

  • @lucapettini

    I switched to Bing almost 3 months ago, and i switched also from gMail to Hotmail and from Chrome to IE9 - so far i’m happy with my decision.. and my Windows Phone is happy too