BlueStacks alpha released, run Android apps on your Windows PC

By Tom Warren, on 11th Oct 11 7:01 am with 20 Comments

BlueStacks running on Windows 7

Running an Android application on a Windows PC becomes reality on Tuesday thanks to a new application from BlueStacks.

The BlueStacks App Player for Windows PC is a free piece of software that allows Android users to run their favorite apps on any Windows PC. The applications can run full screen on a desktop PC using a new type of virtualization. The virtualization allows Windows users to run 10 pre-loaded applications straight out of the box. The technology took 10 engineers two years to build according to the company. “We use a very complex proprietary virtualization technology that took two years to build to make this happen,” said John Gargiulo, BlueStacks’ VP of Marketing, in an email to WinRumors. “It allows graphics-intensive apps like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja (built for ARM) to run full-screen without any special developer porting for the first time.”

Bluestacks is aiming to rack up 1 million customers downloads and is founded by former McAfee CTO and board member Rosen Sharma. The BlueStacks App Player will also interact with the company’s Cloud Connect software for Android. The application will allow users to push apps from their phone into BlueStacks on their PC via the cloud. The App Player works by installing a gadget onto a Windows 7 desktop. The gadget then provides access to the various inbuilt Android applications and the ability to download additional apps.

BlueStacks’ unique approach has attracted some strong initial partners too. Pre-loaded applications in the alpha release of the software include Bloomberg, LivingSocial, Huffington Post and Creative Mobile. The company hopes to attract more developers in future thanks to its unique proposition. A number of application developers will see this as an opportunity to get their Android applications into the hands of millions of Windows users.

The Alpha software is an early look at the company’s work but the firm is looking so solicit feedback for future software updates. There’s also a Mac version of the application in the works. “The openness of Android is enabling innovation around the world. We are grateful to Google and others for their contributions. This is also a social equalizer in the US and countries like Brazil, India and China, where a large percentage of the population who can only afford smartphones can now enjoy and benefit from the ubiquity of apps on the Android platform,” said Rosen Sharma, President and CEO of BlueStacks. “We look forward to getting feedback from our users on the alpha release.”

You can download the first alpha release of the software at

  • Matt

    It would be pretty cool if they allowed you to run the actual Android interface – Would be interesting to see how Android looks without lag.

    • Anonymous

      Download Eclipse and the Android SDK.

    • Matt

      It was a joke.

    • BucksterMcgee

      Hmm, he must have been reading it on an Android device; the joke is going to take a bit to get to him ; )

  • Anonymous

    WINNING. This will be a HUGE help to all the virus testing companies out there.

  • Sanat Gersappa

    10 engineers, 2 years. To solve what problem, exactly?

    • Anonymous

      Actually this is good because now Windows 8 tablets will be able to run android apps.  So even people who have locked themselves into the android ecosystem are no longer shackled to crappy android tablets.

    • Pedro Roque

      Not enough vulnerabilities in windows. We need Android to keep hakcers happy.

  • a2h

    Oh Angry Birds is extremely graphics intensive, it’s so excruciatingly slow when I run it on my computer!

    I feel so happy for those folks in developing nations too, “where a large percentage of the population who can only afford
    smartphones can now enjoy and benefit from the ubiquity of apps on the
    Android platform”; I mean, now their computers which are so much cheaper and affordable than smartphones can finally join in the fray of modern society with apps like SuperDuperMegaFartMaker!

    • notePAD

      “where a large percentage of the population who can only afford smartphones can now enjoy and benefit from the ubiquity of apps on the
      Android platform”…??????????

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get any good apps for my 10″ Honeycomb Tablet. Now I won’t be able to get any good apps for my 23″ desktop computer! Joy!

  • Pedro Roque

    i have exactly zero interest in android. If someone wants me to use their apps, build a windows or web version.

  • J.B

    This would give a really big boost for people who own Windows 7 tablets. Wow! This a real game changer!

  • Tuxplorer

    Is there a similar software to run WP7 apps on Windows?

    • Parker Ciambrone

      The emulator works, not exactly like this (and you have to have the XAP)

    • Anonymous

      That’s the promise of Windows 8.  Windows Phone developers will be able to compile their apps as metro style apps for Windows.  Those apps will be made available in the Windows Marketplace.

    • Anonymous

      It should run nicer in Win 8 since the tools will be more native and won’t require 3rd party bolt-ons.

  • Jeffrey RAMIA

    You know what this means for the Windows 8 tablet? I know.

  • Adam Walker

    For Win8 Tablets, this is awesome. Another reason to get one :D

  • Rock That

    I like having Pulse newsreader full screen on my HD screen – I’m impressed.