Buy a PC get an Xbox free, Microsoft’s latest student offer

By Tom Warren, on 19th May 11 1:30 pm with 12 Comments

Microsoft announced on Thursday an offer for students purchasing a new Windows 7 powered PC.

The software giant plans to give away free Xbox 360 4GB consoles to students who buy a new Windows 7 PC priced at $699 or more. “A hot new Windows 7-based PC with a free Xbox 360 is the ultimate productivity, social and entertainment package for students,” said Kathleen Hall, general manager of Windows Marketing at Microsoft. “In one shot, with this great offer, Microsoft is giving students everything they need for a successful new school year.”

Microsoft is offering a range of PCs including HP’s Pavilion DM4 and Samsung’s Series 9 laptop. Students can purchase PCs through, or the online Microsoft Store. Students can also walk into any Best Buy or Microsoft Store and receive the offer. Students or parents must provide a valid student ID to participate in the offer.

Microsoft’s back-to-school offer starts on May 22 in the U.S. and May 27 in Canada, whilst stocks last. The offer is only available to students in the U.S. and Canada but Microsoft is promising a similar offer in France shortly.

  • Thu Win

    How about the UK? 

  • Thu Win

    How about the UK?

  • GrayW

     Hey Tom,

    You may want to check the link.

  • Simon Andrews

     If they were trying to one-up Apple’s free iPod promotion for back to school… mission accomplished.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like MS is trying to get rid of old xBox stock. This and the new disc format replacement at the same time. Sure sounds like a new xBox is getting closer. 

    • Stark

      New Xbox won’t come out untill 2013, maybe even 2014.

  • Isaac Barrett

    That is the funniest ad.  I thought it was an actual graduation at first.

  • Anonymous

    haha amazing ad and amazing deal, well you dont see free xbox everywhere, i wish i could it. specially getting it with a laptop that can be handy everywhere for school stuff.

  • Mark

    So MS makes $50-75 on the OS and gives away hardware that must cost them at least $50-75 to build and ship? Sounds like a great promo for their OEMs but not so much for MS’s financial performance. 

    • Mister Twister

       Don’t forget the accessories, xbox live subscription, and games for the xbox. Thats where Microsoft makes their money.