Chinese student builds Windows 7 tablet for just $125

By Tom Warren, on 27th Nov 11 4:48 pm with 28 Comments

$125 homemade Windows 7 tablet

A Chinese student, who couldn’t afford a tablet for his girlfriend, decided to build one for $125.

Wei Xinlong built his tablet, for girlfriend Sun Shasha, from a secondhand laptop that cost $78. He purchased a touchscreen and battery online and the project took him around 10 days and $125 in total. “The main board, video card, CPU and screen were all from the old laptop, but I bought the touch screen and battery online,” Wei said in an interview with China Daily. The weight and thickness of the device is similar to a 400-page book and the tablet runs Windows 7. “This is the best gift I’ve ever had, and I will keep it forever,” said Sun Shasha, Xinlong’s girlfriend. Shasha added rhinestones to the tablet. She now uses the device to surf the web, watch videos and read books.

The device is similar in look and feel to Apple’s iPad device and Xinlong has even added a home screen button and an Apple logo, despite it running Windows 7. He also posted details about his project online and attracted over 100,000 hits in just three days. If you’re not interested in building your own Windows 7 tablet then there’s a number of alternatives available as holiday gifts this year.

Windows 7 tablet

  • doctorwhofan98

    It’ll be better than an iPad because it doesn’t run iOS. :-) And it’ll be even better if Windows 8 is put on it!

  • Free Tushkan


  • Owais_503

    IS there anything windows cant do ?

    • Christopher Hind

      Attract a rabid fanbase of mentaly challanged individuals?

  • Kaka

    I think i will do the same so not for a person only for me haha :)

  • Kitab

    Cool [wPad] :)

  • CircuitSoft

    Now you do see people building iPads that they can’t afford?

  • Louis Sandiford

    Now what are the odds that it’s a bootlegged copy of Windows?

    • Anonymous

      pretty high, i’d say…doesn’t a non-upgrade version of Windows 7 itself cost like 200$?

    • Anonymous

      ah, apparently OEM copy in China is extremely cheap…

    • Anonymous

      The computer was probably already running Windows.

  • Pierre Venescar

    wow, this dude is gonna get *cuchy* wasted.

  • Gamer

    that’s bs, windows on apple logo :(

    • Jared Hartvigsen

      Most apple users won’t know the difference as long as the apple logo is there.

    • Purpsquid

      YEAH TOTES BRO. Because everyone who enjoys Apple products is mentally impaired and can’t tell the difference. WINDOWS FOREVER LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • C0ol $t0rY Br0


    • ZBrad

      OMG that is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard!!!! Brilliant mate!

    • Ahmed

      Chinese after all!!!

    • Monkeymagic

      what does that have to do with anything? Jared had a point (and funny), but you sir are a pig.

    • Anonymous

      Haha. Calm down. 

  • George Sabourin

    Chuck on Windows 8, come beta and it’ll be pretty epic.

  • Anonymous

    Where can I find these “project details” online?

  • Jared Hartvigsen

    Not a bad idea… Buy a used laptop that already has windows7 and find the additional parts online. Woot!

  • sallak

    how to get the project details?

  • Anonymous
  • I just fu**** hate apple

    hahahaha… apple is gonna sue his chinese ass for $1 BILLION for using its trade mark xD.. 

  • Stoicalpixzie


    I personally use Mac and PC I like them both for different
    reasons people that are more in tune with art may go for the mac like the ease
    of apple, Microsoft can be glitch and is incompetent at let any one else have a
    crack at it meaning they monopolies the market then flood it with crap or
    poorly built software which is saddening. I love programming on both machines
    they are so intuitive if your mind can bend that way, the same but different.


    However I will not be a sucker for either when it comes to
    my phone. Google has it down with HTC as well, for years in USA I was the only
    one with a Nokia N98/N95 and no one to talk to face. Ironically it was my real
    fathers cast off that I had to tape up but the Carl Ziess lense it did nothing
    the American phone could or would allow due to the way they get you with
    contracts. I always find the fact that sim readers are legal here but not back
    home LOL, also more about their country with their contract laws and such.
    However unlike the UK I had no one to talked to face to face, ironically that
    phone is now the apple S just minus the cameras capability and the amount the
    it copied from it’s competitors or app creators but it took them till to launch
    2010 the Nokia did that ins 2007 and I am sure that in some other cointry maybe
    china there might have been whispers of something similar a tad bit before but
    nor as powerful and HTC did all the talking way back in 2009 it allowed you to
    surf, talk and chat face to face way before apple or it’s carries.

    It all comes down to preference.




    Theft! Which is what they are going to sue this poor lad for
    but in all actuality they can’t, you’ll understand later if you chose to read.

    2009 the big new Nokia touch screen: OH DEAR I mean look how poor(ly) despite
    the camera features the Nokia N8 or C6 did due to the Symbian OS yet still it
    is a technological jugernaught in terms of camera, camcorder, phone editing and
    the first really in it’s class unless you consider Skype, on an iPad and yet
    still the camera is not of such high quality I think it is the Samsung that
    tries the 3D stab at it that actually has the best camera n a tablet?

    What this young man done here is rather
    beautiful and not just in the lovey dovey way because I am a black English female
    (shock horror a female that is a major hot geek majoring in multiple degrees in
    lol and is a model ;) try and figure out who I am, you never will) As it
    simple makes no sense J
    just a pretty face.

    However what he did was he took pieces of what he could afford to make the
    device that could in all sense have Apple OS installed on it the same as I can
    do on my mac if I wish to be fighting of viruses get hooked on Norton or
    MacAcavity(SP) neither do I favour to, AVG sad long gone is the day when it was
    free and some what open source. Sure beats Norton though

    Yet if we are to take a more analytical look at ourselves and a certain
    population, maybe the readers of this blog or staff at one of big tech firms? If
    we truly had the money we could build the machine we want, not the manufactured
    Dell, Apple or HP/Compaq they are but one and the same now. To my point imagine
    having that Carl Ziess lenseson your I phone if you like it’s shape or status
    symbol with the flexibility of android (yeah we had angry birds first LOL oh
    and it was free).

    Yet here I am typing on a MacBook Pro while using Microsoft Word.


    I think this guy like Google in some ways a part from the
    monopolisation thing have a good idea, Android is not specifically attached to
    any device like ios is or the windows phones. I think the other guys were
    trying to sue them about that actually.


    However the more opportunity we have to take control on the
    things that have become stables in our lives within most facets of daily life in
    most countries rich or poor. These companies are going to have to become light
    on their feet and work out a way to work together or they might all just fall.
    It’s nice to see something like this in the world, a technological, house made
    of poor materials but a home none the less, clothes passed down or found in a
    thrift but does it fit and make me feel nice, doe it do the job, YES


    It would be nice for Microsoft,
    Google, Apple and co to remember where they came from before they sue this lad.
    From humble garages, cold/hot sheds. Maybe even snap him up, “That no one man
    is island “nor is a company. The 1% need to remember how they got that way we
    bought goods from them either because we liked them at first or latter because
    there was no other choice! Find me a better word program than Microsoft word?
    Some are good but just slimed down imitations of what is better.


    We all choose our devices for various reasons but we all personalise
    them with the individuality we crave and buy them from Mobile provider due to
    status from the plan or phone with the deal giving us the acceptance we need!

    I hope there no law suits but doubt, I hope that this essay (sorry I got wordy)
    and I apologise in advance if I mixed up a date or if a certain trial (patient
    law, competition laws) has changed and thus would change my arguments accuracy.


    Just take a look at
    yourself! What do you want? Who do you want to make smile? How are you going to
    go about it?


    At the end of the day that is what it comes down to with these
    machines an extension of us (credit cards, bar code scanners, the humble
    plugged in to the phone line not portable telephone)


    I hope one day to play true DJ with my laptop and phone as
    that guy has ad this KG Girl is going to go tinker with toys and one her GCSE
    in systems and control furthered by her lust for knowledge to extra classes, YouTube


    I might do what he did, make the phone I truly want, so I
    can see my Gran Mothers smile as if she were sitting round the tree like now
    only her energy does, it would be nice to change that energy into the physical
    form of one her many pictures of when her once recognizable form, body (power
    plant) was here once more and share it with my Mom. Just the 3 of us, the
    holidays again with the women who raised me!


    To see my Mother smile, from my design of the manipulation
    of applications/hardware of beautiful technology but this year I will start
    with the painting.


    Remember we may all
    use the wheel but none of us invented it, however we can manipulate the way it
    is used; a toy, a swing, a means to an end, a shoe…! We learn more from those
    that came before and we simply add to it, so in truth no singular thought is actually
    our own. In the final product for one particular edition design of anything, these
    machines, include not only our input but the populace of the company, even the
    smallest things from the complexity of chip can be reason for a design change to
    make it faster and cheaper to produce, specially in large companies!


    I will build my device for my Mom to Smile. Lets see if I
    put mine online, but living in the USA I don’t fancy my chances of not being sued
    but I do love to model.

  • Stoicalpixzie

    Noki 98/95 plus back to the phone there had not been a camera phone out here yet that powerful 5mp with that many pixels, zoom, flash , camera or a real phone to push the user to get an mircro SD card. It had it’s faults no real keyboard but it had one of the best web browsers at the time moving away from wap, lol nobody see porn on old Nokia with WAP capabilty (limited internet), it was hilarious! Hey t was an all girls school ;)