Dell announces 10-inch Latitude ST Windows 7 tablet

By Tom Warren, on 27th Oct 11 10:40 am with 20 Comments

Dell Latitude ST Windows 7 tablet

Dell revealed its 10-inch Windows 7 tablet on Thursday.

The Dell Latitude ST is aimed at business customers and runs Windows 7. The 10-inch device includes a 1366 x 768 resolution, 1.5GHz Atom Z670 processor, 2GB of RAM and 128GB SSD. Dell has also included front and rear cameras on the device. Dell is promising around 8 hours of battery life for the device. The Latitude ST only features Wi-Fi connectivity for now but Dell is planning a 3G version in future.

Dell also appears to be readying Windows 8 tablets. “We are very aligned with Microsoft around Windows 8. You’ll hear more about Windows 8 from us and see a wide range of products released,” said Dell CEO Michael Dell during a press briefing for Dell World 2011 earlier this month. Dell’s comments come shortly after Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 to developers at its BUILD conference in September. Dell previously described Windows 8 as “pretty encouraging” and appears to be disappointed with Google’s Android operating system. “Android is certainly another opportunity as well, but that market has not developed to the expectations they would have had,” said Dell. The company shipped an Android-based 5-inch tablet last year but the device failed to make an impact against rival devices.

Dell also recently dismissed claims that the technology industry is enterting a post-PC era. Dell has been a long time advocate of Microsoft’s operating systems and has released a number of touch enabled devices. Dell’s Inspiron Duo is a hybrid device that allows users to switch between netbook and tablet modes. The unique netbook has a spinning screen that allows it to be used as a tablet.

Dell’s Latitude ST tablet will launch on November 2.

  •  1.5GHz Atom Z670 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 128GB SSD
  • 10-inch multi-touch display with stylus and Gorilla Glass
  • Front and rear webcams
  • USB, HDMI  Ports
  • SD card reader

  • JAG

    Huh? I thought It’s Windows 8 Tablet. So It was Windows 7 tablet. that’s cool!

  • Ef Jay

    Can just imagine engadgets review, “no angry birds, FAIL!” :)

  • Owais_503

    giving tablets to kids.. i wish that happens in my school

  • Anonymous

    this hardware is very poor for windows 7 but will work flawless with win8 preview :D

  • Andrew Smith

    I like it…But Windows 7 on a tablet doesnt quite work.

    Think this hardware will work far nicer with Windows 8. When Windows 8 comes along, I can see Windows based tablets really taking off, especially within the enterprise…But until then, I think many consumers, and business users, will wait for Windows 8, unless this is of course Dells way in with tablets, making business aware of Windows 8 devices coming soon…..

    Roll on Windows 8…I want it on my tablet ASAP!

    • Jairo Luciano Alves

      as said, it a great opportunity to install Windows 8 preview, AND, you can aways upgrade to the finished windows 8 os when its ready.

  • Dontuse

    Unfortunate CPU choice. An AMD C-60 or Z-01 would have been more interesting considering its powerful Radeon GPU.

  • Anonymous

    I actually wish this had the AMD processor in it, otherwise i love the specs.

  • OMG55

    The must have some data that tells them a win7 based tablet is wanted in the business industry, otherwise, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just wait with Win8 around the corner. Or maybe the Inspiron Duo sold well which influence them moving forward with this offering.

    • Anonymous

      Agree on the demand from the business sector. But I think quite a few consumers (geek types) should find it attractive even with the W8 Beta coming soon.  I use my Acer W500 tablet a lot even with the W8 Developer Preview.

    • oolong2

      The HP windows 7 multi-touch tablet sold much more than anticipated.  They ran out of stock in fact.

      Buisinesses run on Windows, and there is an astronomically HUGE potential for a Windows 8 tablet in the business sector that people just don’t get yet.

      Despite what people think Business DOES drive technology adoption.   A lot of people use windows at home because they use windows for work.   Tablet PCs didn’t take off like iPads because they didn’t offer as much usefulness without multitouch and the right UI.  So they only appealed to a small segment in business that actually *needed* mobility, for most others a keyboard and mouse were more than sufficient.

      On the same token iPads are a great casual device but they are not good enough to replace Windows PCs.  They are an *additional* device, not a *replacement* device.

      Windows 8 combines those two things…  So for adults (and possibly students…  we still haven’t seen stylus featuires yet) you’ll see business adaption also start to drive consumer adoption.  Then Xbox/Media Center integration will start to capture the younger crowd and home theater enthusiasts.

  • Thomas Maurer

    This will be a great device to install the Windows 8 Developer Preview ;)

  • Nicholas

    Is it just me, or did those kids leaving the classroom look as though they were happy because they had managed to put one of the tablets in their bags?

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    I actually got some hands on time today with this device, and it had the Win8 Build preview on it.  It wasn’t nearly as smooth as I had hoped.  I don’t know if Atom just isn’t up to the task, but it ran nice, but not as nice as expected.  This device is largely targeted at corporate culture and could take off, I think they just need to cram 4GB of ram in there.

  • Mark Green

    Love it….how much and when can I get one!?
    Just need these to be able to play graphic intense games and the pc as we know it could be wiped out (consumer market)

  • Anonymous

    I really appreciate Dell coming out with Windows tablets (a Win8 will be my next big purchase). However, the specs of this particular tablet aren’t up to the high standards set by the Samsung BUILD tablet. Here are those specs:

    11.6″ touch-screen display with a gorgeous 1,366 x 768 screen resolution
    Intel Core i5-2467M 1.6GHz dual-core processor
    4GB RAM
    64GB SSD (Solid State) drive
    Connectivity Options: 3G mobile broadband and Wi-Fi
    microSD memory card slot, one USB port, Ethernet and a micro HDMI connector
    Thickness: 12.9mm
    Weight: Just under 900 grams

    Acquired from:

    The Dell tablet does have twice the storage space. I would love to see a 4G device as well.

  • Dann Bohn