Demo of HTC Radar with Xbox Kinect integration [video]

By Tom Warren, on 28th Sep 11 12:06 pm with 6 Comments

Microsoft has previously revealed that Windows Phone 7.5 will include companion support for its Xbox 360 console. The company now appears to be on the verge of bringing that support to the mass market.

The recent launch of HTC’s latest Radar Windows Phone 7.5 device in Hong Kong saw the company demonstrate an individual using the Windows Phone device to control elements of an Xbox 360 game. WMPU reports that the user appears to be controlling the waves in a Kinect game in the video demonstration (see below). Microsoft demonstrated similar integration last month at the company’s GameFest conference in Seattle.

Microsoft plans to bridge Windows Phone and Xbox 360 gaming using QR codes to link the two devices as companions. The support will be active in Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 dashboard, due to start beta testing in October. The type of gaming is an example of the “connected companion experiences” that Microsoft is planning in future Kinect and Windows Phone titles. Microsoft previously revealed, at Mobile World Congress 2011, that the company is planning a variety of ways for Windows Phone users to link up to Xbox 360 games. The software maker demonstrated its Kinect Adventures title alongside a Windows Phone 7 user controlling aspects of the game.

  • Tristan Thomas

    I’m not sure what was going on in the video.

    • Muhammad Arif

      I think the guy was controlling the waves with the Radar and the woman was balancing the doll thing

    • sarkis chamelian

      correct !

  • Anonymous

    I was sort of freaked out by that guy with the weird arm gestures. But then I realized he was only manipulating the waves.

  • Xpxp2002

    QR codes? Why aren’t they using Microsoft Tag?

    • gamefm

      Agreed. They should use MS Tag.
      (jokingly) Unless they are planning to integrate xbox with Andriod (since so many Andriod OEMs have contract with MS ^^).