Developers working on Windows Phone 7 jailbreak to run native un-managed applications

By Tom Warren, on 12th Nov 10 3:04 pm with 1 Comment

Australian developer Chris Walshie has managed to perfect a method to run native un-managed code on a Windows Phone 7 device.

Long Zheng reports that Walshie was able to create the method after assistance from the xda-developers forum. Hounsell, a forum poster, noticed that a Samsung third-party application in the Windows Phone Marketplace used native code and not Silverlight-managed code like most non-Microsoft applications do.

Hounsell documented a number of DLLs that provide COM access. Walshie used the documentation and built a valid application using the developer sideloading process. Despite the breakthrough, the method requires a Windows Phone developer account and registered device to load the application. Zheng suggests that the next logical step will be a full jailbreak that allows applications to be sideloaded without the need for a Windows Phone developer account.

Microsoft recently defended claims that Windows Phone 7 applications running on Silverlight managed code are “sluggish”. In an interview with Winrumors, Director of Windows Phone 7 development, Brandon Watson, insited that Microsoft has been assisting developers create great performing apps. “We have hit things that we know developers should know about and we’re giving strong guidance.”

Microsoft confirmed on Monday that it now has 13,000 registered Windows Phone 7 developers. Windows Phone 7 users now have access to around 2,000 apps and games in the Marketplace and the software giant is approving new apps each day. The average turnaround for new applications is just one day according to Watson, down from Microsoft’s promised five business days.

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    Hounsell also said he was short of money as a student and was not going to be buying any expensive Apple products. Then he goes and buys a Samsung Omnia 7. Just saying.