Exclusive: AT&T Windows Phone 7 NoDo update due April 19

By Tom Warren, on 15th Apr 11 11:49 pm with 25 Comments

Windows Phone updates

AT&T has completed its carrier testing of Windows Phone 7 and is preparing to push the update out to some devices on April 19, WinRumors has learned.

AT&T issued an internal email to its support personnel this week detailing Microsoft’s NoDo Windows Phone update. It appears that LG Quantum and Samsung Focus devices will both receive the NoDo update on April 19 whilst updates for the HTC Surround are scheduled for a mid-May release:

Effective April 19, 2011, new Microsoft maintenance release updates will be available to AT&T customers with existing LG Quantum and Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 devices. Approved updates for the HTC Surround are scheduled for availability in mid-May and will be communicated once approved.

Microsoft is planning to release two new Maintenance Release (7008 & 7390) updates that require a three-phase installation. The update installation process includes:

• Installing Zune software
• Installing the 1st (7008) MR which prepares the WP7 device to accept the enhanced (7309 “NoDo”) update
• Installing the 2nd (7390 “NoDo”) MR update that adds new device functionality

Customers will receive a notification starting on 4/19 advising them of an available update for their phone. Once the customer completes the 7008 update, they will be able to immediately update their devices to 7390 (NoDo) by disconnecting and re-tethering their phone to their PC. If the customer does not immediately update their device to 7390 (NoDo), they will receive a notification that an update is available within three days.

The Headliner for the 7390 (NoDo) MR is that it adds Copy/Paste functionality but additional functionality is included that is unique to AT&T.

My CSP will be updated for launch. If customers should have additional questions or issues with this update, please refer the customer to LG or Samsung for additional support following standard policies and procedures.

Important Notes
Installation of the 1st (7008) maintenance release is required before the 2nd (7390 “NoDo”) maintenance release can be successfully loaded on the Windows Phone 7 devices.

Microsoft is still officially promising “early April” for AT&T to finish their carrier testing. Despite the delays some Windows Phone 7 owners (WinRumors included) have been able to force the NoDo update onto their devices. The method involves a registry key change and some tinkering to make the phone appear as if it’s located in Europe. The method has been confirmed to work on a variety of devices, including AT&T’s popular Samsung Focus device. If you’re interested in seeing how NoDo runs on the Samsung Focus then check out our video overview here.

Microsoft recently warned against the use of workaround methods to receive NoDo. The words of warning followed a recently distributed ChevronWP7 Updater. ChevronWP7 developer Chris Walsh released an update application that bypassed the carrier check for Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone update, codenamed “NoDo”. Walsh began distributing the updater last week but has since removed the download, at the request of Microsoft. The software giant warned that “You might not be getting the important device-specific software we would typically deliver in the official update. Or your phone might get misconfigured and not receive future updates.”

Thanks to anonymous for the news tip

  • Anonymous

    Now we just need a leaked ROM of this so all of us that used Walshie’s forced.chevron update tool can re-flash our phones! lol . Wonder what the extra ATT functionality is ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/wixostrix WixosTrix

      Well after I used the that latest chevron tool to update to NoDo I’ve had some issues on my Focus. sometimes there is a long black screen wait when launching apps and sometimes the UI freezes for like 3 seconds and I have to wait. It’s really odd to see the tiles stuck in mid animation when it does it after I hit the home button. so yeah, hopefully that will be fixed and i more-so hope the phone updates

    • Anonymous

      There’re leak ROMs for all the devices – except the Samsung Focus

  • Anonymous

    Wow having the HTC device delayed till mid May makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    Yea I’d be pissed to have a surrond now

    • Ash755

      why att WhY.

    • Ash755

      why att WhY.

  • Anonymous

    Surround owner here, wtf…

    • Meekermoloko

      At least HTC gave you better bonus software than what Samsung gave us Focus owners.

  • Anonymous

    Good thing i updated the “hacky” way… wating so long sux.

  • trashoner

    Focus owner here, patiently waiting.

  • http://twitter.com/mayor4reel martins

    got NoDo on my focus using the europe hack..My phone is working perfectly fine without any issues..

  • Mark

    Mid-May is ridiculous for the Surround, especially after the existing delays. The reputation being dsmaged here is MS’s and WP7′s, not AT&T’s – although it’s not unscathed. MS needs to intervene in light of these excessive carrier delays and provide an easy way for users to upgrade directly.

  • Neomagic9

    Microsoft also updated the where’s my phone page to indicate this. Focus and Optimus are “scheduling” now. What’s weird is that I got this update with a branded focus. I did debrand to get 7008, but rebranded. On wednesday, I debranded again just to check(only registry, no VPN or timing hacks) and had NoDo available. I rebranded, restarted and the update was still there (7390). Do you think I’m going to miss the “att extra stuff”?

    • Anonymous

      well most likely you got the unbranded Focus update, not the ATT one. and the ATT extra stuff might just be the crappy ATT apps which will probably get reinstalled after the update.

  • http://www.sk1wbw.wordpress.com Wayne Williams

    Huh. I’ve been “testing” NoDo now for a few weeks. Everything’s cool!

  • Patwayne007

    Woohoo! This is great news!

  • Duder

    Lol. AT&T is the primary carrier for wp7, but T-Mobile already has this update done long time ago

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=501836008 Marc S. Witkin

    Surround owner here, wtf?!

  • Ewabeach Girl

    I dont understand whats up with the surrond..but thankfully i have a lg quantum. I cant wait for the update :)

  • Tonious

    AT&T couldn’t get their “crapware/testing” on Windows Phone 7. The reason for the delay. MS should stand firm against these firms!

  • Lerimer

    Microsoft should do like apple and just upload the update themselves. The hell with AT&T’s crap!!

  • Mmontrezjones

    Surround owner here. . . Touche AT&T. . .Touche

  • JeepGuy

    Haha…I can see it now. 19th rolls around, and one of two things will happen. 1) We wont get it. Another delay and apology. Although, this is the first time a SPECIFIC date has been givein. 2) We all get the update, and all try to update…and the serverse crash bricking phones and causing mass hysteria amongst WP7 owners.

    Im just super pessimistic after all of these delays and issues. Here’s hoping Im wrong!!!

  • Phil

    I connected to Zune last night and received my updates: Samsung Focus update, Feb 2011, and March 2011 Copy and Paste. Took a few hours but definitely made a difference. Copy and Past works; selection is slightly different from WM6.1 but works well. Much faster access and downloads on WIFI too.