Facebook testing Windows 7 Messenger desktop client

By Tom Warren, on 21st Nov 11 10:01 pm with 39 Comments

Facebook is testing a new Messenger client for Windows 7, according to reports.

The new desktop software will offer Windows 7 Facebook users access to Chat, the ticker feed and notifications. TechCrunch revealed the new client on Monday, reporting that it’s available in beta form to a limited test group. The standalone application is targeted towards users of Facebook’s chat service. Facebook’s most popular application on its platform is the Windows Live Messenger client which has 18.2 million daily active users. The new Messenger application was developed entirely by Facebook according to TechCrunch. The application only works on Windows 7 and Microsoft has reportedly not been involved in the development process.

Facebook and Microsoft have both been working together closely over a number of features on the popular social networking site. Facebook announced a video calling service earlier this year, powered by Microsoft’s Skype service. The service allows Facebook users to simply call a friend from a button at the top of an existing chat window. Facebook’s latest video feature sees Microsoft’s Skype service integrated fully into Facebook. Skype and Facebook users can also exchange chat messages using the Skype service. Facebook’s new timeline feature makes use of Microsoft’s Bing Maps to highlight user check-ins and other map days. Microsoft has been working closely with Facebook for its Windows Phone, Hotmail, Bing and Windows Live integration. Facebook’s messaging system also uses Microsoft’s Office Web Apps suite. Facebook users can also view Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in their browser.

Facebook Windows 7 messenger client

  • http://twitter.com/Paul_IRL1 Paul Hill

    Eugh,, fucking vile

  • http://twitter.com/Henryed07 Henry Edwards

    I wonder if this and skype be integrated as one in the near future? As it seems silly to have to programs that offer Facebook chat just like having WLM. So they should integrate WLM, Facebook Messenger and Skype all in one program.

  • Anonymous

    Seems quite useless, I could just go on the web and use facebook and facebook chat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MRWisbey Morgan Wisbey

    I already have this… it’s called Windows Live Messenger. If Facebook stopped reinventing what already exists and just focused on making their product even better (but not breaking it) then they would really have something. This just seems silly.

    • Entegy

      This. Using Messenger for Facebook chat is much better than Facebook itself since I can never hear the notification from Facebook, but I can always see and hear Messenger.

    • BadManDuke

      The samething popped into my head.

      Why would we need a desktop client when we have WLM already?

    • J A

      Well, they figured we’d rather have another app to log into and keep track of since we don’t already have anough. Makes no sense.

    • http://twitter.com/Wheezle211 Wheezle

      What about the people who don’t use WLM? That is a lot of facebook users.

    • BadManDuke

      Then I would consider that an opportunity to let them know that this option already exists. Also that WLM also allows you to chat with different clients, such as Yahoo.

    • http://twitter.com/Wheezle211 Wheezle

      But that makes no sense whatsoever. Why would you expect people to sign up to WLM in order to chat with their existing facebook friends?

    • BadManDuke

      Because WLM already does what facebook is trying to do. Their is no point to duplicating efforts. Not to mention WLM already talks to other neworks, such as Yahoo messenger.

      Do you honestly expect facebook messenger to do the same right out of the gate?

    • http://twitter.com/Wheezle211 Wheezle

      I expect facebook messenger to enable people to chat with their facebook contacts just as they can from the web, without having to sign up to a superfluous third party IM service.

      People don’t want facebook chat to talk to 5 different IM services, they want to talk to people on facebook. That is the single purpose of this application. Nothing else necessary.

    • Candid Calum

      Windows Live Messenger doesn’t display all notifications as toasts in the bottom-right corner. It shows emails, but many of us don’t like to set up Facebook emails. This software will provide a fair few advantages over using Windows Live Messenger. You status that Facebook should focus on making their product better, yet this is an improvement on what they currently offer.

    • Fredrik

      But why isn’t ms working closely with facebook to make Live Messenger support those notification toasts? Why make yet another chat app? Why would anyone want to have multiple messenger applications loading every time you start windows, why pollute tjhe world with yet another app that does almost nothing else as what is already available?

    • Candid Calum

      That could be a good idea, but Facebook clearly don’t wish to be tied with Windows Live like that. It makes sense that a separate company (Facebook) will want users to be able to use a separate app for their service on their PC.

      Personally, I think it would be great if Microsoft worked closely with Facebook to provide more integration as well. I would like to see either excellent Facebook integration built into the Metro experience of Windows 8 (similar to the currently sub-par Facebook integration in Windows Phone) that includes the majority of Facebook features and takes full advantage of the notification APIs, or an official Facebook Metro app that includes the majority of Facebook features and takes full advantage of the notification APIs.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but the social integration in WLM is the worst i’ve EVER seen.

  • http://twitter.com/Ukumio Nick Webster

    One interesting thing to note, at the bottom of the contact list is a Expanded view button, I think this will act somewhat like Windows Live Messengers Social

    • Candid Calum

      That’s certainly a possibility. It could be something like that, or it could be a button to essentially attach this standalone app “back to” www.facebook.com as the Chat and Ticker sidebar (considering it is in the same place as the button that hides that sidebar).

  • http://www.about.me/AngeloGopaul Eingoluq

    oh great another way to add complexity to my life. :(
    I already use facebook chat,  previously on messenger and now on Skype. I have no real need for a seperate client. It is good for Facebook however. I wonder if they add video chat will they develop it on their own or still use Skype. I would like to see Facebook be more independent, but moving away from Microsoft may prompt them to make Socl a real product… we dont need that.

    • http://twitter.com/Ukumio Nick Webster

      I dare say this is for the small group of users who don’t use Skype or Windows Live.

    • http://www.about.me/AngeloGopaul Eingoluq

      good point

  • http://twitter.com/juanda95 David Sánchez

    AWFULL! and useless.

  • http://twitter.com/JonAlb Jon

    why why why?  I was expecting a flat metro style!

    • http://twitter.com/Ukumio Nick Webster

      Well it’s not Microsoft software, it’s made by Facebook, hence it makes sense for it to look like the facebook site and not Metr (even though everything should now look metro because it’s awesome)

  • Anonymous

    waste of time but Facebook + MS only means good things this is what I would like to see

    1. Facebook on WP7 as first party integration I want full FB access on People Hub, Messenger etc
    2. Include Zune to Facebook I want to be able to share songs from Zune to my friends on Facebook good way of marketing Zune even though they have Spotify already but might as well they have Skype and Bing

    • Candid Calum

      I would love to see both of these :) I miss using Zune, but because I’d like to share my listens with my friends and subscribers, I’ve opted to use Spotify at least until Microsoft integrate support for Facebook Music :(

  • Guest

    That app makes Craigslist look good. Okay not really, but you get the idea…

  • Anonymous

    Of course a rich WPF client will always have more capabilities then HTML5/Flash/Silverlight. There’s pretty much no limitation on what you can do in WPF, although performance wise is not good enough for gaming.

  • Anonymous

    Another Windows live messenger ?

  • Joyette Scantlebury

    Would this make sense if it were a Windows 8 Metro app? Nah, I don’t think so. What I would like is the socl.com that Microsoft is developing in MS Research to be the backend of a Socl Metro app, as long as Socl.com is just an aggregation service, similar to Windows Live.

    Pipe all of your social networks into it and filter by your searches so that what appears on your Metro Live Tile would be updates for only your searches. For example, you searched for Windows Phone, whenever anyone mentions Windows Phone on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever, it pops up in the live tile.

  • Thefude

    They’re coming with it because they want their users to be able to have a good experience using that video feature they have with Skype. Now it’s either you’re using Skype or Facebook messenger

  • Pdiddyinthemorning

    fChat, anyone?

  • phil jay

    I don’t even want to know how some students hacked that thing together…

  • Guest

    I’d be more pleased if they brought back IE9 Pinned Site notification :(.

  • concrete Davidson

    Yeah it’s called Windows Live Messenger!

    • Ajznbonak

      let see .. can you chat with groups in your live messenger?? hmm?

  • Anonymous

    Facebook has been in bed with Microsoft ever since day 1. A day will come when even accessing Facebook on Windows might require Windows 7.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UAVRZKRQ7GLKFMM26BRA6ZD5Z4 Cartune Catz

      Fliptoast does this exact same thing and more and a WHOLE LOT BETTER…..I wouldnt wait for this….just download it here http://tinyurl.com/855zdno

  • http://doctorwhofan98.wordpress.com/ doctorwhofan98

    There’s no point… I’ll use Messenger 2011 to chat with my friends, and the web version of Facebook to view the ticker etc.