Final Windows Phone 7.5 ROM leaks for HTC Mozart

By Tom Warren, on 6th Sep 11 1:12 pm with 5 Comments

Windows Phone updates

A final Windows Phone 7.5 ROM has leaked for the HTC Mozart device.

Windows Phone enthusiasts at XDA-developers have posted a ROM image for European HTC 7 Mozart users. The ROM upgrades the devices to the final version of “Mango” ahead of Microsoft’s release. The company is expected to start pushing the update to handsets in the next few weeks but eager Mozart owners can opt for the risky process of using a leaked ROM in the mean time.

The ROM upgrades the Mozart handset to build 7720 of Windows Phone 7.5. Microsoft previously confirmed that 7720 is the final build after it was released to manufacturing recently. The final 7720 bits leaked for a variety of devices in early August but they did not contain specific OEM customizations or updated device specific firmware. The latest HTC leaked ROM appears to include these customizations. The leak mirrors similar releases before Microsoft made its “NoDo” update available earlier this year.

Microsoft recently unveiled its front-facing camera support for Windows Phone 7.5. HTC plans to release its Titan and Radar Windows Phone Mango devices in October across Europe. Microsoft is currently testing its final RTM build alongside device OEMs and carriers in preparation for its upcoming rollout. Microsoft is believed to be preparing to push the update in the coming weeks to all existing Windows Phone 7 devices. WinRumors understands that Microsoft has learnt its lessons from the NoDo update issues and aims to improve the update timing and experience for all end users.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft needs to release Mango ASAP !!!
    And it should convince Nokia to shift  Nokia World by 2 weeks, and show off sea ray and release them shortly thereafter.
    Time is of essence

  • FairObserver

    the october release of Nokia devices is not going to get much of press if iPhone5 rumours are true; e.g: the iPhone5 prototype lost story was occupied in press for last one week; press has become mostly of fanboi culture.

    Its better if Nokia prempts with early release, so that it wont be lost in wind.

  • Nikhil Jain

    Is this ROM use for Mozart in india.?

    • Prashant

      I don’t see any reasons, why ot can’t be used on Indian Mozart’s…

    • Aa

      it may not contain local language support…