First Nokia 800 Windows Phone adverts emerge

By Tom Warren, on 10th Oct 11 1:55 pm with 62 Comments

Nokia’s first Windows Phone has broken its cover thanks to some leaked marketing materials.

The Nokia “Sea Ray” device looks like it will be marketed as the Nokia 800 in some markets. Pocketnow managed to secure some details on the device along with two leaked adverts. The first advert comes with the tag line “today the sun will rise and set. The rest is up for grabs.” The second advert features the tag line “take, tag, sort and share. All in a flash.” Both adverts demonstrate the social sharing aspects of Windows Phone 7.5.

Nokia appears to be preparing at least two Windows Phone devices. A number of different codenames and specification lists have emerged over the past few weeks, none of them yet confirmed. The Nokia 800 naming follows previous leaks that indicated Nokia could be planning a simple numbering system for its Windows Phone devices. Nokia is expected to unveil its first Windows Phone powered device at its Nokia World 2011 conference in London later this month. A number of Microsoft employees will also be speaking at Nokia World to detail the latest improvements with Windows Phone 7.5 and presumably some of Nokia’s software improvements. Nokia is believed to be preparing its “Sea Ray” device for the first official public unveiling, alongside another device codenamed the “Ace” or “Sabre”. Nokia Windows Phone devices are expected to hit shelves in time for the holidays.

Nokia 800 Windows Phone advert

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  • Pedro Roque

    I like what I see!

  • IRB

    gimme gimme gimme :)

  • Anonymous

    Strange ad :/

    • Anonymous

      Of course, it was made by a saboteur/wrecker.

  • Mohit

    Sexy!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Was thinking of getting my lady a nokia wp7, but… if nokia come out with a solid device, might just give her my HD7 and keep the nokia..

    • Grannyville7989

      I wish I had a lady to give a Windows Phone to… :P

    • Guest

      You can always give it to your man. :P

    • Syrious

      then she’ll say, well how come you always get the new devices and I always get the hand me downs!

      Avoid this conversation!

    • BigChiefSmokem

      “Because I am the tech connoisseur and you are but a benefactor… woman”

      Then duck.

    • IgmanKlesturzell

      Your right the Ad looks like they are trying to be a “chick” phone which makes sense with Android being the guy/geek phone and IPhone the upscale/professional phone positioning Nokia WP7 as the phone for chicks is a good niche, though it may backfire when on girls and gays are seen with it, guys may avoid it.  But at this point we got to get someone to start buying WP7.  

    • Guest

      your right it is kind of girly looking 

    • Joe05

      It is just the AD, it is not like they are offering the phone in pink!

    • Michal Gurník

      at least the black one is not girly at all…

  • Gareth Bradley

    Im exciting in so many ways, some i cannot write here………

    • Guest

      I guess you meant that you were “excited” or did you?

    • Michal Gurník

      no, he’s exciting :D

    • Oliver Sainsbury

      He definately is, I got excited just reading his comment.

  • Bakos Georgios

    it looks a lot like nokia n9….which is great!

  • Anonymous

    I do want NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Super cool!  That blue one looks more ‘metallic’, or darker, than the one on the N9.  I like the darker, richer looking blue more so than the light colored/baby blue on the N9.   Hoping for some really cool color choices from Nokia WP devices.

  • Nguyen Ngoc Hung

    I really love the N9 design especially the one in cyan. But what happened to the battery icon in the second pic. Its supposed to be on the right. Hum. Mango+ ?

  • Jubbin Grewal

    I think one word sums this up – SEXY. Carry on.

  • sarkis chamelian
  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that I will be getting the Sea Ray/N800. No way I can wait til Q1 ’12 for the Ace lol. Bad enough I have been waiting for Nokia period!

  • Anonymous


  • Superchi700

    Nokia, i promise…i’ll buy two sameday!

    • MSfan

      Now if we can get another million like you we will almost equal the sales of iPhone 4 :(

    • MSfan

      You mean iPhone 4s… FIRST DAY   aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. days like this makes it hard to be a MS Fan :(  

    • Ghosananon


  • Guest

    It is a beauty!

  • Anonymous

    The images are fake, NeoWin updated the story: In the first image, the time is posted on the bezel of the device, not on the screen; this obvious error discredits their authenticity. 

    • Anonymous

      @FromMyCube…But you know what?  While there is the possibility that these images may not be the official print adverts that Nokia decides to release (after all, these could have been mock ups by Nokia not meant or intended for distribution), the bottom line is that the device, for the most part, is authentic.  That’s pretty much all that really matters.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      its an ad, its not like people care about having a perfect model of a phone. even the render or the phone looks cheap, so its silly to say “its fake” like if now in these kind of ads you used real phone to make the ad. and if the render of the phone looks cheap, they totally can make any mistake like the time anywhere.

      so NOTHING can “discredits” their authenticity. maybe its not oficial from nokia… but still then it wouldnt be “fake”.
      fake what? fake the phone? (which obviously is) fake the ad? (maybe its only FANmade ad) so i dont how “fake” this can be

    • Anonymous

      Fake as in “not made by Nokia/MSFT” but by some hater who wants to discredit Windows Phone 7.

  • Naser

    am not so exciting about Nokia devices because they had a long history on missing features devices

  • Flying Madden

    8mp camera, decent processor speed, super amoled, 32gb storage & nokia built quality…let the show begin!! :) 

  • Anonymous

    Damn that looks nice!

  • Mgt

    time to say good bye to the iphonies

    • AndyD

      Tell that to the 2 million pre-orders for iPhone 4s :(   Damn, that is in one day that is just under a half of what WP7 has done in a whole year.  First Kin, then Zune, soon WP7…at least we can still get Xbox.    

    • Anonymous

      Yet when I like to point out 450 million copies of Windows 7 have been sold, you iTards dismiss it as irrelevant.

    • AlienSix

      But we are talking about Mobile OS, you know the one that is the future.   But go ahead and be like that old grammar school football star who now sits in the corner of the pub blathering on and on about the good old days to anyone who will pretend to care if it makes you feel better.  

    • Anonymous

      AlienSix – 450 million Windows 7 licenses sold in 22 months from 2009-2011 is not “the past”. It’s happening right now. I’ve got news for you – not everyone is abandoning their desktop for a iToy.

    • AlienSix

      @ArrowSmith:disqus - 

      Desktop sales growth 57% 

      Keep blathering about the good old days Sport, but no one is interested anymore, except the fat whore in corner who is just looking for another pint… or is that Ballmer in a dress…. no matter same either way!  

    • Guest

      Lame, troll.

  • Guest

    Really ugly ad. And is that a skull in the cappuccino foam? Creepy.

    Let’s hope that doesn’t portend what we can expect out of Nokia marketing. Because if we have to rely on MS marketing alone, well…

    • Anonymous

      Read the article of . Beyond numbers. You’ll understand a lot.

    • Guest

      Like what, Google and Apple are killing it, RIM is dead, and MS is barely positive?

    • Guest

      Yes that is true but just wait until mango… or are we now saying tango… or is it apollo… oh god we are in trouble :(

    • Guest

      Who is “we”? Are you starting to think of your various aliases as real people now?

    • Anonymous

      Guess what – you fell for the fake because you wanted to believe Nokia/MSFT are that incompetent!

    • Guest

      No just looking at how poorly MS has handle WP7 marketing is enough to believe MSFT is incompetent.   

    • Stark

      That’s not a skull. It’s Darth Vader.

    • ELOPer

      It is the Reaper foreshadowing Nokia’s and WP7′s inevitable death in the market.  x-(

    • Guest

      What, even you were too embarrassed to use your regular alias for that one?

    • ELOPer

      Nope thought using the man who is killing Nokia to be more appropriate X-(

  • Pinktacoyummmm

    nokia sun?

  • Anonymous

    I’m expecting NFC hear. Take: camera, tag: Facebook, sort: simplicity of management in the UI, SHARE: simple posting?
    The tag Abd share could imply half baked NFC connectivity??? Tom?

  • Republican 2012

    F**k Android phones the OS sucks and always lags and eats up battery everytime. WP 7.5 are best OS and most stable and way better UI. Iphone with it same design body and ugly icons also LOL still NO Flash for iphone

    • Tyler McFerson

      Were you raised by wolverines during your childhood? And were you taught grammar by alpacas?

  • Chrismran

    Has anyone noticed the device on the right is completely different from the N9 on the left. This must be “Sabre” or “Ace” that releasing alongside. Just a couple more weeks and we will have some hard facts.

  • ab

    Looks like N9, too bad it doesn’t have its OS!