First Nokia Windows Phone device pictures leak

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Jun 11 11:25 am with 30 Comments

The first images of what appears to be a Nokia Windows Phone have leaked online.

The images show what looks like a Nokia N9 running Windows Phone 7. The leaked images allegedly originate from a video at Hungarian site technetblog. The design of the device appears to be identical to the recently announced Nokia N9, powered by MeeGo. Nokia recently revealed that it is planning to hold the annual Nokia World conference on October 26-27 in London. The timing matches up with a possible Windows Phone Nokia device launch date. Nokia World is typically used to launch new products before the holiday season. Nokia has previously revealed that the company plans to launch its first Windows Phones in six European countries. Nokia plans to launch first in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and the Netherlands. Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are currently labeled with “W” (for Windows). The first handset is expected to be a variant of Nokia’s X7 device. The prototype is equipped with a WVGA display, Qualcomm QSD8250 chipset and 8MP camera. Nokia is also rumored to be launching a dual-core N8 variant with a 12MP camera, QWERTY touchscreen candy bar phone and a cheaper touchscreen device with less expensive body.

Research analysts IDC and Gartner have both predicted that Microsoft’s Windows Phone devices will beat iPhone sales by 2015. Nokia’s Windows Phone launch will be viewed as an initial test of Windows Phone sales estimates. Concerns for Nokia as a company grew last month after the firm revealed its second quarter outlook isn’t great. The phone maker downgraded its own outlook and expects device and services net sales to be “substantially below” its previous estimates. The revelations saw the company’s stock price drop by 15% on the NYSE.

Update: this is now confirmed, see here for video.

Windows Phone Nokia device?

  • Eingoluq

    I don’t trust these photos, notice how we conveniently don’t see any of the traditional 3 hardware buttons.
    But if these turn out to be real, I’m all in.

    • the-hq

      I agre, it seems like it’s just an additional button shopped in on the side of the device

    • Imran

      its real it was revealed by Stephen Elop working.

    • the-hq

      Yeah dude, thanks for replying to a 3 week old comment. On the same day it was confirmed to be real.

    • the-hq

      Yeah dude, thanks for replying to a 3 week old comment. On the same day it was confirmed to be real.

  • Craig

    Key things worth highlighting the Dual Led is placed differently to the one on N9 and this device as a dedicated camera button which N9 does not have.
    Real or Fake time will reveal

  • Neerav Patel

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a prototype they used to get experience in building windows phones, and just using the shell of the N9 for the handset, and that it is the innards that they are really prototyping.

    Although with the pictures there are some small details that are different to the N9, such as camera button and LED Flash placement.

  • Anonymous

    How funny would this be if it turned out to be the real deal given Nokia’s recent comments about ‘Apple like secrecy’.

  • sca2pula

    The image does show it running Mango ( you can tell by the IE and Games Tiles) which lends SOME credibility. Personally I think it’s just a test device. It’s as if they wanted to see what it would be like to run WP7 on N9 or similar hardware.

    Still looks bloody sexy though :D Better than any other WP7 device shown 

  • Callumpy

    Looks nothing like the ones in the pictures from a while back, the blue, pink and black ones. Failure.

    • Abhinav Kumar

      It’s just one model. They won’t ship those fancy ones as their introductory handset.

    • CandidCalum

      Phone makers don’t just release one phone; they usually produce different models. . . .

  • Ronit Kumar

    Finally!!! I Nokia+MS >>iPhone.. especially with Nokia’s hardware, its like having the best of both worlds.

    I hope Nokia and MS take the smartphone market by storm and burn those haters who ridiculed them at every Nokia is gonna die,,blah blah..MS has no future in smartphone market blah blah.. 
    Looking forward to October… :)

    • Vivek Sancheti

      I found this leak info first here…

      just  check it out..

    • Vivek Sancheti

      I found this leak info first here…

      just  check it out..

  • maharajmeister

    Looks like rebranded omnia

    • TryllZ

      agree, but I think this has more lively feel to it…If the “beta” piece is soo cool, then I bet the final piece will kill iPhone 5, iPhone 5 already feels so so dead before arrival..I’m all with M$ on WP7…

  • Ef Jay

    A’ctually was not as impressed with the N9 hardware as the software, just another black slab. An N9-based WP7 handset wont look that different from anything we’ve seen so far already, Nokia needs to do better if indeed this really is their first WP7 handset.

  • sarkis chamelian

    Video should be up soon of the whole conference….hahaha….hope Tom puts it up ;)

  • Zynga
  • Zynga
  • kKNd

    Holy crap how can you say it’s a russian site with the website ending with .hu… that means it’s hungarian.
    That’s some massive fail there. Russia – RU
    It’s not fake by the way, these pictures are from a secret conference held at a hotel somewhere in the country. There is a video on the net as well with Elop presenting the stuff. (By the way the pictures are snapshots from the video itself.)

    • MSblog

      Correct, but I do not understand why Elop would decide to leak it now… only thing I can figure out the response to the N9 was too positive and made him nervous and felt like showing the WP7 version will kill any traction the meego may have had.   This guy is not good for Nokia.

  • Syrious

    not impressed – there is a pretty large black border there, doesn’t appear there is much screen space, also not a fan of sharp corners on devices, gives it too much of an 80′s remote control feel

    • sausage_party

      I’d have to agree with the sharp corners & border. Maybe it holds nice in the hands though, either way I doubt I’d buy something like that.

    • sausage_party

      I’d have to agree with the sharp corners & border. Maybe it holds nice in the hands though, either way I doubt I’d buy something like that.

  • Paul

    I just want a windows phone with at least 32 GB!
    16 GB is way too small.

    • Anonymous

      64GB. Please.

    • Paul

      Well yes I would definatly much prefer 64 GB but right now I would happily setlle with 32 GB.
      The low memory is the only thing keeping me from getting a windows phone 7. My 3Gs is pretty much falling apart (headphone jack won’t read the headphone controls, speaker/mouthpiece on phone has broke and it randomly thinks it’s in airplane mode) but 16 GB just isn’t enough for me.

      Unfortunatly I haven’t heard any rumors of a 32/64 GB widows phone as of yet.

  • Rfrederick_pmp

    I sure hope they did not use a Windows Phone to take those pictures, as they are pretty bad. :-0