Got a “bricked” Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone? Here’s the fix

By Tom Warren, on 23rd Feb 11 11:08 pm with 20 Comments

Windows Phone 7 update error

Microsoft continues to investigate the issues some Samsung Windows Phone 7 users are experiencing but WinRumors has an unofficial fix that will get you up and running until Microsoft can address the problems fully.

Numerous WinRumors readers have written in to confirm that their Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone devices are now working correctly after reflashing the default stock Samsung ROM. The fix should only be applied if you have had troubles with the update and your device has been left in an unusable state not fixable by other means. Microsoft’s official stance is to return these “bricked” devices to carriers or stores but if that’s not an option for you then you can try this fix with CAUTION. Be warned the process is risky and could void your warranty. The fix is ONLY for Samsung Omnia 7 devices so please don’t blame us if this nukes your device fully, steals all your cookies or kills your pet hamster:

  1. Check if the phone is capable of getting into the ‘download mode’. To do this: Turn off the phone (or remove > replace battery), then turn it back on by pressing the power/camera/VolumeUP buttons simultaneously. When the phone turns on, release the power button. If the phone shows the yellow triangle with exclamation and a “download mode” message, your phone is capable of getting into the ‘download mode’, and you can proceed to step 2.
  2. Download the following files (be warned: is loaded with huge  ad’s/pop-ups)
  3. - Firmware I8700XXJK1 ## 2010 November CSC_Cetus_Europe_I8700XENJK1: (rar-file password:

    - Samsung WP7 Flash Program:

    - Samsung Mobile USB Drivers V5.2:

    - Flash Guide (English):

  4. Unrar / install downloaded files (rar-file password:
  5. Make sure the phone is disconnected from computer and turned off
  6. Reboot computer for the drivers to complete install.
  7. Start Samsung WP7 Flash Program.
  8. Turn on the phone in ‘download mode’ and then connect it to the computer
  9. Drag the 4 files from the unpacked firmware rar-file to the Samsung WP7 Flash Program dialog screen. The application will place each file in the correct field.
  10. When the phone is recognized you can use the ‘Start’ button to start the flashing process.DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS!
  11. When the flashing is done (aprox. 15min.) the phone will automatically reboot and show the welcome screen.
  12. Note: For more information about flashing the firmware to your Omnia 7 see the the flash guide you downloaded as well

Credit for fix goes to SConijn and

  • Guest

    What a mess. MS really didn’t need any more bad press on WP7.

    • Jamie

      I know! Reports have suggested that this is only occurring on certain versions of the firmware. Others are fine. My guess – the OEM either tried to take a cheeky shortcut or Microsoft need to be more granular on the services/tolerances provided by the firmware as well as the hardware.

      However, I would try and delegate some responsibility for testing to the OEMs. If there are multiple versions of firmware knocking about with vaguely different hardware configurations then no one’s going to know better than the equipment manufacturer.

      Loving the “balanced” way the majority of the popular media are presenting this. The BBC, for instance, made no mention (the version I read anyway) of the fact this is mainly a manufacturer’s fault.

  • Graham O’Mara

    Updated, and updated :D

    • Tom W

      it worked ok for you? This fix?

    • Graham O’Mara

      Seems to – Wiped the phone clean, (Note, installs as Dutch Language, but update screens all appear in English – at least to me – had to change phone languages to English UK at end)
      Zune then said “update available” which updated
      Then it rebooted :)

    • Tom W

      Good to hear :) another one fixed. That’s around 11 now.

    • Grannyville7989

      Just downloading the files now. My university’s internet connection seems to be a tad slow at the moment.

  • Grannyville7989

    Confirmed. Phone reflashed and working. Update from Zune installed and working successfully.

  • Anonymous

    It worked for me. It does indeed default to Dutch language (with a very nice wallpaper!), but English can be selected in Settings. On the site, there are variations of the JK1 firmware, some of which are presumably English default.

  • Ravi Shanker

    Ok,i’ve got a question~My Samsung Omnia 7 from T-Mobile(locked) on JJ4.If i flash to the above JK1 firmware will i be able to use my phone with any SIM?

    • Thomas Hounsell

      No, it doesn’t remove the carrier lock, but it does remove all T-Mobile branding.

      It’s worth noting that I was able to update my Samsung Omnia 7 with no problems, but I was already running the JK1 firmware.

    • Ravi Shanker

      **sigh** I actually wanted to remove the carrier lock,I didn’t mind the T-Mobile was just a splash screen during startup.

  • Lagbaja

    I hadn’t received the update from Orange UK, so I decided to flash my device using the I8700 XEN I8700XENJK1 rom/firmware prior to reading this post and after 5 minutes into flashing it failed on my 64bit windows 7 laptop and the phone was stuck on the omnia 7 boot screen. I then tried the same process on my 32bit laptop and it was successful. A few minutes after restarting the phone I got a notification on the pre NoDo update. I actually prefere the I8700 XEN I8700XENJK1 rom/firmware

    • asdfg

      what 32bit should I use? windows 7 or XP?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I bricked my iPhone4 last month but was able to save it with tiny umbrella.

  • Mattfink78

    So glad I went for a Microsoft Product lol, though I have to say my Omnia 7 updated fine with no issues, am I the only one??

  • Unity

    I updated my samsung omnia 7 without any issues.

  • Smbrancati

    Does anyone have a firmware update for the Focus?

  • Thom McKiernan

    This “fix” didn’t work for me. In fact it made it worse :(
    My phone wasn’t bricked before. I could make calls and text but 3rd party apps didn’t work and browsing the web was causing it to reset itself.
    I thought flashing it would sort the problem out. I got through step 9 successfully and after about 5 mins it restarted itself. Unfortunately it never got past the initial Samsung Omnia startup screen.
    The moral of this story is flashing doesn’t help fix corrupted memory. I will need to send it back to Samsung to get it fixed under warranty

  • asdfg

    I’ve tried to use in both 32bit and 64bit windows, but the flashing is still failing. The device disconnected itself after “PDA Download Success”. And didnt perform the “Flash Lock”. Can someone help?