Hands on: Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone [video]

By Tom Warren, on 26th Oct 11 10:29 am with 11 Comments

Nokia Lumia 710

The Lumia 710 feels large in the hand in comparison to the 800 but it has an impressive build quality and bright screen. Check out the hands on video below.

  • http://www.vastyles.com/ Tim

    Sad when Tom knows more about the device than the guy demoing it :P darn geek hehe

  • http://twitter.com/Nelus08 Jay

    Looks a lil chunky for my liking. My Titan is thinner

  • Anonymous

    yup… most of the guys who talk about/demo these thing at launch are sometimes clueless as to what the phone has and can do.
    I think they should get hardcore WP7 users to demo at such events.

    • OMG55

      That’s the prblem, all people know is the device has squares/tiles on the front. They look at it and say to themselves, “Okay what does it do” and thinks its boring. The demo person need to have a device that is completed setup with contact, groups, favorite destinations setup in bing vision for mapping, show off the turn-by-turn that integrated in bing, the music search in bing, bing visual search/scanner, tellme  capabilities,etc. But noooo, they basically aren’t showing any of the great features of this OS. THEY SUCK!!!!!

  • http://www.about.me/AngeloGopaul Eingoluq

    I can now afford it for the whole family.

    Tom’s typos are the funniest,” Check out the hands on the video below.”…… yes, I checked out those hands

  • http://twitter.com/oolong2 oolong2

    Tom always has to whip out his phone and show everyone how big it is  :-P

  • http://www.callumpy.co.uk Callumpy

    Thats an ugly phone.

  • guest54

    It didn’t work.  He hit the back key  about 3 times and it didn’t work.  He then compared it with htc.

    Nokia might have more work to do.

    • Anonymous

      FYI, that isn’t supposed to be enabled when you are in the settings menu. That button is greyed out, as you can see in the video. You can leave the settings by hitting the back button on the device or pressing anywhere on the ‘live’ photo feed.

      I do definitely agree he should have been more knowledgeable about the product though, but I don’t think the product is to blame here.

  • oiler_head

    Interesting that on the Nokia USA site, it shows this phone as coming soon.  It also shows that is opeartes on the WCDMA bands.  Is that the same as CDMA?  I wonder if this means that it will be available on Verizon?


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    I Purchased the n800 about a month ago and I could not be happier with
    it. It does everything I bought it for and more. Email, Surfing the web,
    listening to music, watching a movie, playing games and more. I was
    very pleased at how strong the wifi is. I am able to pick up signals my
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    install. Plus it has 2 SD card slots for lots of extra storage. I like
    that it runs the Linux O/S so there won’t be problems with viruses and
    spyware. I wasn’t sure if I would like this because I have never owned a
    PDA and am not used to using a stylus, but after just a few minutes I
    was adjusted to using it. I am Very pleased with my Nokia N800, and
    highly recommend it.