Hotmail Active Views updated to include Netflix, Posterous, LinkedIn and LivingSocial

By Tom Warren, on 29th Mar 11 5:21 pm with 1 Comment

Microsoft said on Monday that it plans to include additional partners for its Hotmail Active Views service.

Active Views allows select senders to run secure code in their email messages. The code allows users to interact with their Hotmail messages in new ways. Microsoft previously partnered with Orbitz and to pilot the new type of email messages. Microsoft announced its new partners at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on Monday. Dharmesh Mehta, director of Windows Live, claims that 90% of all emails contain links to third party content. Microsoft aims to surface these directly inside emails.

Netflix users will be able to add content into their rental queues straight from within Hotmail.

Netflix Hotmail Active View

LinkedIn’s integration will allow users to take actions based on their LinkedIn messages, directly inside the email without having to leave their Inbox. “At LinkedIn, our mission is put the needs of our members first and to create products that help professionals be more productive and successful. Email is one of the many ways our members interact with LinkedIn and now with Hotmail’s Active View, we are adding increased functionality and efficiency without ever leaving Hotmail’s inbox,” said Moses Ting, Design Lead on Communications Products at LinkedIn. “With this interactive email technology, we’ve eliminated any extra steps normally required for professionals to stay connected via email.”

LinkedIn Hotmail Active View

Microsoft is also extending the technology to Posterous. Users can comment on posts directly from within an email and messages are updated on the fly with the latest comments. “At Posterous, we’ve always believed the email is the best platform to share content. We’re pleased to partner with Hotmail to let users go beyond frictionless posting and, for the first time, interact with their Posterous website in real time from their inbox. It just makes sense,” said Sachin Agarwal, founder and CEO of Posterous. “Rather than relying on your readers to visit your site, they can now read the latest comments or add their own comments directly from their inbox.”

Posterous Hotmail Active View

LivingSocial’s deal emails now allow users to interact with them without leaving their Inbox. “Be it the deal clock or our deal carousel, LivingSocial’s Hotmail members can interact with their Daily Deal in a whole new way,” said Rich Kilmer, vice president of research and development for LivingSocial.

LivingSocial Hotmail Active View

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