Microsoft to detail its reinvented Hotmail service later today

By Tom Warren, on 3rd Oct 11 9:11 am with 39 Comments

Microsoft is planning to unveil a reinvention of its email service later today.

The software giant is holding two events in the U.S. that promise to detail Hotmail’s new performance, spam and security improvements. Microsoft’s event invitation hints that the company may also unveil features that “stack up against the competition.” Microsoft has not revealed any further information about what the company plans to unveil later today.

Microsoft has made a series of improvements to its Hotmail interface and feature set over the past year. The company introduced a hacking alert system in July alongside a block of common passwords. Microsoft blocked common passwords like password, 123456, ilovecats and gogiants to better protect its users.

Hotmail has also gained a number of Outlook-like features over the past 12 months. Hotmail now supports a number of new keyboard shortcuts that are identical to Outlook. Ctrl+N will create a new message and ctrl+enter will allow Hotmail users to send their message. Microsoft also added in Yahoo and Gmail shortcuts too. Microsoft’s Hotmail Inbox view was also updated with a mini-calendar view similar to Microsoft’s Outlook product.

The software giant celebrated 15 years of Hotmail back in July and revealed that the service now attracts over 360 million unique users each month.

  • 5.5 billion spam messages filtered each day
  • 14 billion photos sent through photo mail since launch
  • Over 40 million people use Office Web Apps in Hotmail each month
  • Sweep feature has swept hundreds of millions of messages from Inboxes.
  • Over 3 million email aliases already created
  • 5 million people chat with Facebook friends via Hotmail
  • 200 million Active View emails delivered last month

Microsoft is holding two events, one in San Francisco and another in New York on Monday. WinRumors will be reporting live from the event later today. Microsoft’s New York event kicks off at 3PM EST (see other time zones). Stay tuned for further details on Microsoft’s new Hotmail improvements.

  • Ricardo

    I hope they didn’t set the bar too high because otherwise frustration will be immense. 

    • Chris

      Lol. It will be fine what ever way they do it kid.

    • Ricardo

      Hey, kid? Man, show some respect. 

    • Guest

      “the company may also unveil features that “stack up against the competition.””

      And here I thought the goal was to blow the competition away with features they don’t have. 

  • Neerav Patel

    What time is the event?

    • Penta2100

      3 oclock eastern time for NY. I don’t know about san diego though.

  • Abdulla Moh. Saeed

    Great! Looking forward to it.

    • Hassan Yasir

      as like always!

  • Gui’S

    Metro design maybe ?

    • rsgx


    • Naga Harish

      Great guess..  hopefully your guess alive soon

  • Chris

    I have my hotmail synced with my gmail as I like the new gmail interface a lot more then hotmail. Hotmail has been the same since like 2003. Just colors have changed. Then again all web based mail is.

    Maybe it has to do with yahoo? Yahoo is also gonna have an anoucment. Microsoft buys yahoo?

    • DonC

      Not only is the interface different to Hotmail of 2003, it’s an entirely different implementation!

    • Okd

      For sure you haven’t  tried Hotmail recently , if you did you should
      notice some great improvements and in my opinion it is better than Gmail now ,
      try it

    • Anonymous

      You really haven’t been paying attention have you?

    • Anonymous

      Hotmail is so much better than Yahoo! mail or gmail…

  • Leo

    I never got the mini-calendar view in my Hotmail. Still waiting.

  • LorenzoA

    Hopefully they’ll get rid of that vertical ad on the right side of the screen.

    • Anonymous

      or you could pay and get an adfree hotmail

    • Anonymous


      I have never seen anything other than “Windows Live” banner from Microsoft. I always wonder why Microsoft put something meaningless on the screen. I am using Windows Live Hotmail, of course I know Windows Live.

    • Anonymous

      I think it depends on your location.. where I live there is always an ad there instead of the windows live you are talking of..

    • Anonymous

      I mean, I guess I would love to see ads go away as well.  But I also realize they have to make money from it somehow, and I’d rather they show me ads than have to pay.  Although maybe xbox live gold members should get the ad free version.

  • Anthony

    Im not bothered about a redesign, i never use the web interface.

    But at the very least they need to improve their spam filter and provide push noticiations and imap access – then they will be as good as everyone else!

    Personally id like to see free office 365 accounts – so many people Are migrating to gmail and gapps microsoft needs to stop the flow.

    • Syrious

      feel sorry for them when the actually need support with gmail, because it’s not there.

  • Eingoluq

    123456, ilovecats… WTF is wrong with people?

    • Syrious

      1,2,3,4,5? Amazing I have the same combination on my luggage!

    • Anonymous

      Prepare Spaceball One for departure. And, change the combination on my luggage!

  • StriderNo9

    I’d be happy with a Metro redesign.

  • Anonymous

    Sweep was a great feature.  Use it all the time.  Interested to see what they have come up with next.

  • Lewis McCrary

    I still need to ween myself from gmail.  I’ve got so much tied up into it.  :-o

    Metro design would make me ween faster though. :)

  • Adam Haider

    - Skydrive and Sharepoint integration
    - Metro UI (touch friendly)
    - HTML5 (In-line video and slideshow playback)
    - Improved security features and speed
    - Possible Windows 8 Metro app?

    Am I missing something? :-D

    • Penta2100

      the spam stopper! :D

  • Anonymous

    Any improvements in the current UI in hotmail will make a huge difference. The current design is so 1990s…

  • Noe Brito

    What came of this?

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys going to be live blogging this? Twitter? 

  • Jamie

    Saw a tweet somewhere that suggested there was some sort of hookup with Facebook. Make of that what you will.

  • Adi

    guys .. where is the live event? I dont see it on the site still. Its 3.10 PM EST.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the live coverage then? If this blog post is to be believed the event started 12 minutes ago.

  • Anonymous