HP and Dell reportedly preparing Windows 8 tablets for Q3 2012

By Tom Warren, on 18th Oct 11 10:48 am with 16 Comments

Windows 8 Tablet at BUILD 2011

HP and Dell are both preparing Windows 8 tablets according to reports.

Founder and chief executive of Dell, Michael Dell, previously hinted that the company may be planning to drop Android in favor of Windows 8. A new report from DigiTimes on Monday suggests that HP and Dell are both preparing to launch Windows 8 tablets in the third quarter of 2012. The date lines up with current expectations of Microsoft’s development period for Windows 8. Dell told journalists at Dell World 2012 earlier this month that the company was excited about the prospects with Windows 8. “We are very aligned with Microsoft around Windows 8. You’ll hear more about Windows 8 from us and see a wide range of products released,” said Michael Dell last week. Dell is understood to be readying Windows 7 and Windows 8 tablets. Dell previously teased a 10-inch Windows 7 based tablet at an event in San Francisco back in February. The company promised to bring the device to market by the end of the year. Pictures of the device leaked earlier this month, indicating that Dell might be ready to unveil its Windows tablet.

HP have remained tight lipped about their tablet plans. HP announced in August that it plans to discontinue its TouchPad and pre phones and halt all further webOS device development. The announcement came less than two months after the TouchPad went on sale and sees HP contemplating licensing webOS to third party vendors. HP’s extermination of its TouchPad was undeniably quick but hardly surprising. The device had struggled to sell and some reports suggest that American retail giant Best Buy took delivery of around 270,000 units and only sold around 25,000 of their stock. HP had grand plans to offer webOS on its PC devices, a scenario directed towards Microsoft independence. HP has seemingly scrapped this plan and appears to be on the brink of spinning off its Personal Systems Group (PSG). The group is responsible for consumer and business PCs and accessories along with digital entertainment devices. A sell off would follow a similar approach to IBM who sold its PC division to China-based Lenovo Group in late 2004. The sale would allow HP to focus on its cloud computing and server businesses. HP ships the largest amount of PCsworldwide so any potential sale of that business will drum up significant attention.

If DigiTimes’ reports are accurate then it could see HP returning to Windows based tablets as its primary focus for such new form factors. HP unveiled a Windows 7 based Slate in October. Priced at $799, the device is powered by a 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540, 2GB of RAM, 64GB SSD and will handle 1080p video. There’s also a front facing camera and a rear one. The 8.9-inch device runs Windows 7 Professional and HP targeted the enterprise and business market. HP hasn’t ruled out further Windows 8 based tablets though. HP’s Phil McKinney, president and CTO of HP’s personal systems group, revealed that the company is working closely with Microsoft for Windows 8 in an interview earlier this year.

  • Anonymous

    3rd quarter?  :(
    I didn’t expect having to wait for so long …

  • Hemu

    So, We are going to see wide range of Windows 8 tablets…. thats great news for us, just waiting for a real powered tablet. HP is mainly known as PC maker and they shuld not throw it away, HP’s future lies in PC business, They even have to consider Windows Phones - http://bit.ly/qbKFog

    • Shiro

      HP also had a whole line of Windows based IPAQ PDA’s.  They were expensive but built to last. I am so looking forward to a Win 8 tablet.

    • Malcolm Williams

      hp’s been doing tablets for a VERY VERY long time. 
      I doubt their jump into windows 8 is new – heck they’ve been toying around with the idea for months. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pedro-Roque/100000194503830 Pedro Roque

    No real news… as soon as windows 8 is available, every oem under the sun will jump onboard.

    • Tom

      I wonder if HTC will make a Windows 8 ARM slate.

      The PC OEMs have been destroying the Windows experience for over a decade.  It could be a good thing for Microsoft if the “reset” provided by Windows/ARM allows them to trade their PC “partners” for phone partners.

  • Halo3fanz

    I want a Dell Alienware tablet >:)

    • OMG55

      I concur

    • JustPassingThru

      “Dell Alienware tablet” — WOW.! :-D

      — that would be awesome, I wish it just won’t be that heavy, and that it would be as light as an iPad… LOLz..

  • Shiro

    I thought HP was getting out of PC’s and the like?  

  • DroidUser

    I have downloaded the Dev Preview and playing with it and trying to develop some apps for it. So far I do NOT like the metro interface on Desktop OS. It is pain to use it with Mouse and Keyboard. I hope they do changes and release beta for me think if this OS makes any sense as Desktop OS.

    • Guest

      It’s a pain for *you* to use it with a mouse and keyboard. I’m using it just fine.

  • Anonymous

    I ‘m only disappointed that it won’t be out until Q3 which probably means Q4. :(  Other than that bring it on HP!  Stay in the PC business! 

  • Guest

    Q3 2012? LOL. Almost three years after iPad. Indeed Apple will already have iPad 3 out and may even be at iPad 4. Thanks for playing MS, but you lost.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for some Windows 8 tablets that will pull together my Xbox, WP7, and Zune services.  It will make a great ecosystem.

  • Anonymous

    Consumer buyers expect totally different level of vendor support when it comes to tablet. HP’s TouchPad didn’t fail due its hardware or webOS software. The reason behind its failure was the lack of webOS apps and services available in the market read this article to find out how it plans to be successful in the market http://tablettechtoday.com/blogposts/future-hp-tablets-to-run-on-windows-8-os.html