Industry heavyweights partner with Microsoft to build their own Hyper-V private cloud offerings

By Tom Warren, on 8th Nov 10 2:58 pm with 1 Comment

Microsoft unveiled on Monday a “Private Cloud” offering for businesses to build their own infrastructures using the Windows Server platform.

Microsoft has signed up a number of big industry names for its Hyper-V cloud. Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM and NEC are all Hyper-V cloud partners. All the partners will be working with Microsoft to build infrastructure and services for private cloud capabilities that they can deliver to businesses.

Microsoft’s Brad Anderson revealed the set of programs and offerings as part of a keynote at the European Tech-Ed 2010 conference in Berlin today. Anderson was upbeat about the partners that Microsoft has worked with. “It’s very positive to have all six vendors supporting us, that’s an accomplishment and shows how much interest there is,” he said at a press briefing on Monday. The partners account for over 80% of the world’s servers that are sold each year.

Microsoft’s Private Cloud offerings are based on the Windows Server 2008 R2 platform and the virtualization and management capability of Hyper-V. Microsoft wants to deliver a broad range of choice to business customers and believes by partnering with some of the big industry names that it can help to deliver cloud based computing for most business scenarios. Microsoft already delivers its own services directly from Windows Azure in what it calls the “public cloud”. The new “private cloud” capabilities are delivered through Windows Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center.

The software giant is offering up a number of different ways that a business can implement a “private cloud”:

  • Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track – This is primarily aimed at businesses who need a level of customization but wish to speed up deployment. Microsoft’s partners will offer up a range of predefined and validated configurations – comprising of compute, storage, networking resources, virtualization and management software.
  • Hyper-V Cloud Service Provider Program – More than 70 service providers worldwide offer fully hosted services using Microsoft technology. This option provides a fast and cost effective method for businesses to implement both public and private cloud services.
  • Hyper-V Cloud Deployment Guides – Microsoft is planning to offer tools and guidance for customers who wish to build private clouds on top of their existing infrastructure.
  • Hyper-V Cloud Accelerate – Members of the Microsoft Partner Network and Consulting Services will be able to claim funds from Microsoft to assist in production deployments and capability. Microsoft says it has invested a significant amount of money for customers and partners.

As part of today’s announcements Microsoft also announced the general availability of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self Service Portal 2.0. The tool makes it easier for customers to pool, allocate, consume and manage their computer, network and storage resources. Microsoft also announced the release candidate of Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010.

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    Microsoft wants to deliver a broad range of choice to business customers.