Infographic: Evolution of Email

By Tom Warren, on 5th May 11 7:03 pm with 9 Comments

Microsoft has released a new infographic, detailing the evolution of Email.

The info-graphic details all the major points in the history of email dating from as far ago as 1965. Microsoft released the info-graphic as part of a new study. The software giant commissioned a new survey by MarketTools that shows email is still a key communications tool despite advances with instant messaging and social networking.

Evolution of Email

  • Bnlf

    mto legal. very cool! =)

  • Guest

    Outlook for DOS? No such thing.

    • Grannyville7989

      It existed :)

  • David Hall

    This infographic is not very good. They completely gloss over the importance of services like Hotmail and Gmail. Check out my lastest blog post about this infographic entitled “Worst. Infographic. Ever.”

    • Antoine Billiau

      Yes, this is true, the infographic shows evolution of Outlook over time, not email evolution.
      Although it is done by Microsoft and you could not expect anything else than something Microsoft-centric, a good, proper and fair infographic on email evolution would be much better for me.

      Anyway, this graph will not remain in my memory.

  • nexus

    Very (too !!) Microsoft-centric :-(
    Not a single word about Mosaic ( which serves as a base for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (
    Not a single word about FireFox or Opera.
    Not a single word about the Webkit.

  • Rninov

    Notes v1 was make by Lotus, not IBM

  • Rninov

    Notes v1 was make by Lotus, not IBM

  • OMG Eureka

     Do check out another Infographic related to the Evolution of Email, which contains some interesting facts as well :