Infographic: Microsoft by the numbers

By Tom Warren, on 14th Apr 11 9:54 am with 17 Comments

Microsoft has created its very own infographic to demonstrate some of stats from its top consumer products.

The stats were all part of Joe Belfiore’s MIX11 keynote on Wednesday and include 7 licences of Windows 7 being sold per second, 500 million Windows Live users and 13,000 Windows Phone applications.

Microsoft Numbers

  • AlienSix


  • Eingoluq

    And still no sales figures for WP7

    • John Thomas Taylor

      Over 1m handsets sold, according to recent posts.

    • Fggu

      can’t be just a million, I’ve seen quite a lot of WP7 handsets used by people in my country already..

    • Anonymous

      Really? Nice!

    • Bruno Nunes

      by the number of ppl using it and activities on forums, new apps, etc i would guess theres something like 5-8M sold at least. I think they are waiting for the 10M sells to tell the news.

    • Anonymous

      Here in my country I’ve not seen anyone else with a WP7 device. (Belgium)

    • Michiel Papp

      You haven’t seen me then :p

    • Tonious

      No WP7 seen here (?!?!?!?!) either, only Nokia Phones, 80 to 20 against iPhones and Androids. Mostly Androids in the 20% field. I too am waiting for a Nokia WP7 Phone, not interested on nothing else. My presend Nokia “feature” Phone does make and recieve calls, and more…waiting for my next Nokia WP7, yeah!

  • GP007

    Can’t wait to see the effect Mango will have, it’s pretty damn massive and IMO brings WP right up and even passes the competition. And they still haven’t talked about all of the user features, just showed a small part of it at MIX, can’t wait to see what else they have in the works.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going a little of topic here… but what happened to HTML5 Bing? I believe a recent post mentioned it launching during mix.

    Microsoft really has problems with pushing updates out… but this time we can’t blame AT&T.. ;)

    • Bruno Nunes

      i think it will only be available after mango update when ie9 comes to wp7. Theres nothing they can do right now unfortunately. thats why they re ignoring new bing versions for now

    • Tom W

      Yeah not too sure what the hold up is to be honest, it keeps getting pushed back.

  • Mike Pietrorazio

    Nothing about navigation of streetview. Bummer!

  •!/timrfox Tim

  • Mark

    They forgot 25: MS’s stock price for the past decade.

    • M_Lyons10

      It was actually at $ 32 before the government tanked the stock market this last time…