Infographic: Who uses Microsoft’s cloud services

By Tom Warren, on 29th Nov 11 8:30 pm with 21 Comments

Microsoft released a new infographic on Tuesday to highlight its vast amount of cloud customers.

The infographic includes highlights on how Microsoft’s cloud services help businesses. Thanks to Microsoft’s cloud, businesses can fly 222 million passengers, sell 16 billion cans of soda and even make 4 billion cups of coffee. The infographic coincides with updates to Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud service and Office 365.

Office 365 infographic

  • Bas Koene


  • Andrew Seymour

    I do love an infographic

  • J A

    Good job, MS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Once again Microsoft is shown to be vital to our society’s functioning.

    • Impartial

      That is a nice way to put it, I wonder how many price drops in recent history are thanks to increased efficiency in production and distribution thanks to Microsoft services. I’m sure IBM also plays a big part in what I have outlined too. But still, my point is still valid, the vision was to put a computer in every home and that has saved us thousands and loads of time. (Example, rather than having to go and sort out a document in the post office, now we can just do it online, saving petrol and time). 

      MS is awesome, specially when it has the likes of Google and Apple biting their ass forcing them to deliver even better products!

    • Guest

      Trying to rehabilitate your image, shill?

    • GreyWolf

      Maybe you should, “Guest”

  • Cloud

    I love Microsoft infographics, so beautiful 

  • Anonymous

    nice but they really need to move faster to update office web apps and they really need a free version of office 365 that is ad suported or downright free to compete with google docs’s freeware for individuals.

    • Anonymous

      It seems you dont understand what Office 365 is. They dont need to make it free cause its so much more bigger and more usefull then google docs.

      They already have Office Web Apps to compete with google docs.

    • Daniel J.

      Thanks for your feedback but I don’t think you can compare Google docs to Microsoft’s Office 365. there is a small Universe between those two technologies. 

  • CircuitSoft

    apple infographics: a picture of a mac in an apple with some bull info at the bottom
    microsoft infographics: epic. ’nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    What I really like about MS infographics is that they can give the actual *info* in a way that’s pleasing to the eye…whereas when many other companies attempt to create a visualy pleasing infographic they take away the actual ‘info’. but then again, that’s what Metro is all about :P

  • The_Truth

    You people are retarded.  Any company that has to publish how successful they are at something means that they’re really not at all successful.  Everyone I know used dropbox, iCloud, etc., but I have hardly ever met anyone who even knows what “Windows Live” or “Skydrive” is.

    • WP7 & Lovin It

      Really, Windows live is the most used email service in the world and includes hotmail and partnering with telcos like sympatico.  Did you know iCloud runs on MS technology?  Hmmm.

    • Anonymous

      Well looks like they got it spot on. People like you now know about their technology and how big it is being used worldwide. You see, even retards should know this kind of info.

    • Jonny Rose

      I think youll find your more successful when people use all of your systems and products with out even thinking about it or realising… Skydrive to actually upload and store your files is a very small part of cloud computing.

    • Guest

      Yeah, I guess that’s why everyone, including Apple, publishes product sales milestones when they hit them.

    • GreyWolf

      I wonder why iCloud uses Azure and Amazon EC2, then?

    • Anonymous

      I think they need to have a few other buttons on here… One for dislike, and another for troll alert. Perhaps a ban vote option would make it easier for admins to get ride of worthless commentary such as yours.

  • Anonymous

    This got me thinking about the scale of MS vs. Google vs. Apple in terms of data centers to cope with all the cloudness going in.

    We all know about Apple’s 500,000 foot data center because it’s been written up all over the place, but how about the MS one in Chicago? 700,000 square feet, also one in Dublin (Ireland) that is 550,000 square feet. Then I read about another 500,000 square foot center in Illinois.


    If you haven’t see the container data centers I’d watch this on youtube – - and keep in mind this is 3 years ago.

    I am thinking Apple has marketed a data center and MS has just gotten on with it.

    In my 10 minutes of looking I actually couldn’t find a list of all the data centers, so if anyone else wants to try give it a go.