Internal Microsoft video leaks, shows future vision of Windows gaming

By Tom Warren, on 17th Mar 11 1:58 pm with 18 Comments

An Internal Windows Gaming Experience video leaked to the internet on Thursday.

The video, dated May 2010, showcases some of Microsoft’s ambitions for the next-generation of Xbox LIVE and Windows gaming. ZDNet uncovered the video, found at one of Microsoft’s sites. The video originates from Microsoft’s Windows Gaming Experience (WGX) team. The team is responsible for strategizing and delivering the next-generations of Windows and Xbox gaming. “We are at the early stages of defining and architecting and developing excitement around gaming in Windows and the Web. We have a highly visible company-wide charter to promote gaming and empower game developers to create compelling, immersive, rich experiences in Windows and on the Web,” says Microsoft.

Microsoft is also currently working on bulding next-generation Xbox interactive TV experiences. The software giant has issued several job postings recently in an effort to recruit for the company’s Entertainment and Devices Division. Microsoft is also currently readying “Orapa”, a mash-up of the company’s Mediaroom IPTV services and Microsoft’s Xbox services. “Orapa” will reportedly marry Avatar Kinect and the company’s Ventura music and video services. Microsoft has long been in talks with media companies to produce a TV service for its Xbox console. Microsoft is proposing a “virtual cable operator” which will be delivered over the Internet and charged with a monthly fee. Microsoft has also suggested that cable companies could use the Xbox as a device to authenticate existing cable subscribers to watch shows and interact with their Xbox LIVE friends. Microsoft offers a similar service in the UK where Sky customers can use their Xbox LIVE avatars during sporting events.

Microsoft tried to woo Conan O’Brien into its Xbox LIVE subscription TV service last year. The software giant refuses to comment on reports of a TV subscription however. Microsoft is planning to make Orapa available by holiday 2011. If the company’s schedule is accurate then this could pave the way for the much talked about Xbox TV service just in time for Christmas. Microsoft’s vision video shows off how important the Xbox LIVE avatar experience is to the company. Microsoft is currently readying its Avatar Kinect service will will allow Kinect users to interact with each other. Kinect supports facial and even facial expressions that will allow users to talk to each other with their avatars. Microsoft is calling Avatar Kinect a “social experience” that will bring your avatar to life, something that they will clearly want to extend to Windows gaming in the future.

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    Err, Wasn’t it part of the Avatar guidelines that they couldn’t be depicted with weapons or inflicting violence on each other

    • Donhar

      It is just a concept video…

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      Now it’s just a broken link…

    • Shad78

      Oops my flash player was actually not activated.. IE9 joke? Nice video by the way!

    • Ashiedu Nwadiei

      Yep. Hopefully that changes.

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    This is more marketing and concept than anything you’ll actually see used in a new UI or something. People shouldn’t make too much out of it.

  • Vygantas Lipskas

    The future is farmville…

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    so GFW if going to change to WGX…oye!

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    This is amazing!

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    Well this should be really interesting if these ideas certainly pan out in the future.

  • Ashiedu Nwadiei

    I’m excited about this. They always speak about different experience on PC and Console, so perhaps convergence won’t happen just yet, but it could easily happen with Windows 8 Xbox controllers and Kinect. GFWL was cool because it tried to include controller support to make Windows very much like the console experience. If they get people excited about it, it might make developers jump on it and we can finally see convergence.

    Yet another reason to put a full PC in the living room if the next Xbox isn’t just a $300 full blown Windows machine.

    If not games like Uno Rush and Full House Poker are perfect for cross-platform play.

  • sarkis chamelian

    Great Video, lets join our friends in the virtual world and KILL people ! nice !

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    This video is one of those “scenario videos” made for events. Would not be surprised it leaked from the Transformation 11 event from Microsoft Advertising.

    • Ashiedu Nwadiei

      Microsoft might be trying viral. I’ve noticed them using fake accounts on Twitter having people mention the same “great” features of WP7 except that they are saying the exact same things.

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    Halo 3 FTW !! 2:34

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    Halo 3 for pc! I want to beta that and play it on PC :)



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    I would like Halo 3 for PC, with mod support…

    Oh wait, this is Microsoft, who are obviously trying to make the PC more into the console by controlling everything. D: