Internet Explorer 9 and 10 now fully pass Acid3 test thanks to criteria changes

By Tom Warren, on 18th Sep 11 11:06 am with 33 Comments

Acid 3 test in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 and 10 browsers both pass the infamous Acid3 test thanks to changes by its authors.

Google employee Ian Hickson and Opera employee Håkon Wium Lie both announced changes to the Acid3 test on Saturday. The changes will allow more browsers to pass the test and focus on allowing the specs to change according to what’s best for the web. ”As the Web matures, we have made a concerted effort to improve the precision of Web technology specifications,” said Hickson in a Google+ post on Saturday.”We’re trying to simplify parts of the platform that still haven’t received broad use,” he added before explaining that the Acid3 test has been changed. “+Håkon Wium Lie and I are announcing that we have updated the Acid3 test by commenting out the parts of the test that might get changed in the specs.”

The Acid3 test is a popular way to check a web browser’s compliance with varios web standards. The test focuses mainly on the Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript features of the web. The test has long influenced browser vendors to make significant progress in their implementations of web standards. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 browser only scored 20/100 on the test at the time of its release.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Tom Granville for the news tip

  • GP007

    They were more or less forced to change the test since that last 5% that IE9 didn’t get covered something that was officially dropped from the standard.  It was retarded to keep it in the test anyways.

    Off topic, I would like the IE team to release IE10 pp3 outside of the Windows 8 dev preview as well.  Not everyone is going to load up Win8 just to test IE10 PP3 with their websites.

    • Penta2100

      I thought they did this already. guess not…

    • Anonymous

      The first two platform previews ran on win7, and future previews / betas / RCs will, but the only version of platform preview 3 that’s out there now is bundled with the Win8 preview.

    • Guest

      “Off topic, I would like the IE team to release IE10 pp3 outside of the Windows 8 dev preview as well.”

      +1. IE 10 on the DP smokes. I’d happily be running it on W7 right now. 

    • Reddo

      they said they are planning on releasing it for win 7 in the near future, but didn’t give a date

    • Seanzer
    • Seanzer


  • Jinge

    Good news, I just hope they are keeping on going further! There is still things to improve!
    Also live login (for either msdn or hotmail) don’t work everytime on every browser (Opera…), it would be nice to do the work on both browser and websites! And making this loging lighter would be also a great idea!

  • Anonymous

    Firefox 7 (probably Firefox 4+) now also has 100 points. Now this test is absolutely useless, I think.

    • Jeff Kibuule

      The test itself was quite useful, as it encouraged everyone to comply with the same standards (as well as error handling), and the poor scores from Microsoft for several years are probably what got the IE team kicking into high gear again.

      The question is what will ACID4 test….

  • Anonymous

    where the feature that were dropped from the acid test useful?

    • Anonymous

      Nope.  And they werent even finalized standards.

  • Anonymous

    They should have invalidated or deprecated Acid 3 then produced Acid 3.5 or Acid 4. By using the same number for this modified compliance test, it may confuse some people.

    • MVIM

      I think 3.1 would have been appropriate. Acid3 has been around for too long to change its testing criteria to the point that browsers that did not pass now do, yet not indicate that this is a different test. It’s deceptive and it goes against 30+ years of traditional program revision standards.

  • Anonymous

    i can careles about this test. im glad they wont bring up how IE no 100 in acid.
    But IE team is improving it! so good for them.
    people would think it sucks and they havent used it. they will say “its IE” or “why IE (in Windows phone) when its just a browser… but they make it seem like if IE would make them die of cerebrovascular disease because of it.

    • Chris

      Truth is, much like the ATT and other things that “suck” most of the people who say “it sucks” never used it or owned it. They just go by what other people say 

    • Matthewmsft

      sadly, it’s true :/

  • DonC

    While Internet Explorer 9 displays the “100/100″ score it does not support the text shadow on the “Acid3″ title, so it doesn’t fully pass the test.

    • Guest

      OMG, no Acid 3 compliant text shadow? Shudder. How will we survive?

    • Guest

      @Guest, are you implying that all the other parts of the test are things we can’t work around?

    • Guest

      No. I’m stating that one minor feature isn’t a show stopper.

    • türkgü_cccü

      That’s why the 95% previously was a good indication of that. Not a show stopper, but not fully feature-complete.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t care less about this test. What I care about is a fully featured web experience. IE 10 will give that to me!

    • Guest

      But not on your Mac!

    • Winrumors

      Who cares?

    • Chris

      Well you do. You responded after all. 

    • Chris

      I own a mac and flash runs just fine. 

  • Anonymous

    it was a stupid test anyways.

  • Chris

    I just wish they would rebulid IE from the ground up and hook it up with the Windows Live Service. Do a chrome route and have all your bookmarks,  history and cache all sycned with your windows live account. 

    • Anonymous

      In Windows 7, Mesh takes care of syncing bookmarks, office personalizations and – of course - files across the PCs linked to your Windows live ID.

      In windows 8 the syncing capabilities are built-in the OS itself, and as soon as you log in through your Windows live ID, all of your app settings – including IE bookmarks – are synced over.

  • Steve Chapel

    IE 9 doesn’t pass the performance aspect of Acid3. It takes 165 ms to run test 26 on a very fast laptop. ALl tests must complete within 33 ms on the fastest laptop available to satisfy the performance or “smoothness” criterion of Acid3.

  • Matthewmsft

    am I the only one who’s getting like a 94/100 on the Metro IE10? I get 100/100 on the desktop IE10 tho…

  • Mymmo

    Thats fine, but as IE user I demand they (MS) should also  ensure the outdated bookmark management will overhauled. After import bookmarks are always alphabetical sorted (I for myself have an order by relevance, not letters) and no separators I really miss from FF. IE9 was the first IE since Version 4 I used instead of FF. Performance is ok for me, but the bookmark management is bugging me. No love at MS for it.