Internet Explorer 9 RC will introduce “show tabs below address bar” option

By Tom Warren, on 12th Jan 11 1:57 pm with 24 Comments

Microsoft is currently preparing the Release Candidate build of Internet Explorer 9 and WinRumors has learnt of a new change.

Microsoft is currently testing builds of Internet Explorer 9 that include the ability to re-position the tabs to below the address bar. The current public beta build does not include this capability and Microsoft is expected to build this into the Release Candidate. Users can turn the functionality on by selecting “show tabs below address bar” after right clicking in the tab area of Internet Explorer 9 (see video below). The option will address some complaints from the public beta.

Microsoft has also improved the UI of the browser tabs and buttons in Internet Explorer 9 RC. The build features square tabs and minor UI enhancements to the address bar buttons in Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has also updated its download manager so that it now displays the transfer speed without the need to hover over individual downloads. Microsoft is expected to release Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate on January 28. The latest Internet Explorer 9 RC escrow build is 9.0.8073.6003.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that the beta version of Internet Explorer 9 has surpassed 20 million downloads, making it the most downloaded beta release of Internet Explorer ever. The download rate of Internet Explorer 9 beta has grown by 5 million each month since its release on September 15, 2010. Internet Explorer 9 RC is expected to include UI tweaks and minor changes to some functions in Internet Explorer. Microsoft will also introduce a new Tracking protection feature in Internet Explorer 9 RC that will allow consumers to address their concerns about being tracked on the web.

Recently, a new Internet Explorer 9 beta build leaked to the web, originally reserved for close partners and TAP testers. The build, version 9.0.8027.6000, began showing up on popular file sharing websites in late November. The leaked version includes bug fixes, stability improvements and the latest rendering engine seen in the recent developer Platform Preview. It appears, from the digital signature, that the build was compiled as recently as November 19. Microsoft’s previous Platform Preview 7 build was labeled 9.0.8023.6000. WinRumors posted exclusive screenshots of the new leaked Internet Explorer 9 beta build.

Microsoft recently released an updated platform preview build of Internet Explorer 9. Version 7 now includes 354% better JavaScript performance according to WebKit SunSpider benchmarks. In keeping with previous platform preview builds, this latest version, Platform Preview 7, does not contain the Internet Explorer 9 UI elements.

Internet Explorer 9 beta made its debut on September 15 to a fanfare of Gorillaz appearances and anticipation of Microsoft’s new look browser. The next generation browser has received a warm welcome from tech enthusiasts, developers and the media. The browser has been so popular that it grabbed 0.25% of browser market share in just two weeks.

Thanks to Kip for the news tip and @rickdiv for the video

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    I would like a “Show tabs above Address bar” too.

    • GP007

      Above or below makes little difference in the end though. You don’t gain more space or anything from having one over the other so it’s more or less up to how you think it looks personally. Everyone was crying for this option as compared to having the tabs on top so that’s more or less why we’ll probably never get tabs on top in IE9, maybe in IE10 though.

    • Little_man_515

      what about show tabs in title bar?

    • Anonymous

    hey, follow me on twitter :)

  • Alvaro

    Nice. Also we need an option to separate search box from address bar.

    • Osu9400

      yes yes yes yes yes!! I want my search box back. As it is now, it is disfficult to perform the same search in Bing then in Google.

    • Timothy

      YES!!! I’m glad to see the tabs be able to be moved, but separate search bar is so useful. After you hit enter in the “unified” bar, your search is gone. You can’t go back and modify it or click on the drop down and check other search engines. You have to do a lot of extra clicks by copy and pasting the search terms from the web page back into the unified bar, then click the drop down, then select the search engine. it’s terribly inefficient.

    • Iconoclast

      Yes! I completely agree! Please give us an option to seperate the search from the address bar like it was in previous versions. Also, I’m glad to see that in the tab options, the option to open (new tab)next to current (tab) is back, but it does not seem to be functioning correctly in the public beta version I have. Can’t wait to try to the new RC on 01-28-11.

  • Oime

    Finally , cause on my mozilla i im opening over 20 tabs and on IE9 you could hardly open 4 <.<

    • Njaiyanu

      Try 21. Hope you can keep up tabbing…lol!

    • Calum

      You’re incorrect. There is no limit on how many tabs one can open in Internet Explorer 9. I know what you’re trying to say, but you should word your complaints correctly. Here, you suggest Internet Explorer 9 will hardly allow one to open more than 4 tabs.

  • 6205

    Tabs on that video looks like from old IE9 build… In last IE9 tracking protection video are new looking and IMO pretier tabs…

  • sunco

    Didn’t see the “square tabs”

    • Tom W

      This build is slightly before they introduced the square tabs :)

  • Anonymous

    did you edit this video on your phone? quality is awful

    • RICK DIV

      no, I edited with Camtasia :)

  • Anonymous

    YES! Love it when Microsoft takes feedback seriously!

  • Calum

    It’s always good to give users choice. I much prefer tabs in the current place, though, and believe it makes the design more beautiful, so I hope they place them there by default in both Internet Explorer 9 final and the Windows Explorer in the next major version of Windows.

  • JohnCz

    Glad to see they will be addressing the number on complaint I’ve seen on various boards. I will probably stick with the condense view. Question, any info if the release candidate will display the webpage description in IE’s titlebar. I find the Beta’s blank titlebar to be a waste of space. If not, I wonder if that foretells a change with Windows 8 and its handling of application titlebars & window buttons.

  • Gulshan

    How about an option to hide the address bar completely. It will be on the new tab page instead and there can be a button to copy current url.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully there will also be an option to keep tabs on the top. Iv grown really used to that by now thanks to Chrome and FF4 beta

  • PmbAustin

    that’s fine, but I still want an option to put the separate search bar back. I hate using the “one bar” for searches… nothing but draw-backs. I want an option to allow me to put a separate search bar, like IE8′s, next to the address bar when the tabs are below the address bar.