Rumor: Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) due on January 28

By Tom Warren, on 2nd Jan 11 9:09 pm with 11 Comments

Microsoft is expected to reveal its near-final version of Internet Explorer 9 on January 28.

Microsoft officials have been hard at work on the company’s next generation browser since its release in September 2010. LiveSide suggests that the software giant is planning to unveil the Release Candidate (RC) build to the public on January 28. The information fits with tips that WinRumors has received that the software maker is aiming to distribute the RC build in late January.

Microsoft announced on Saturday that the beta version of Internet Explorer 9 has surpassed 20 million downloads, making it the most downloaded beta release of Internet Explorer ever. The download rate of Internet Explorer 9 beta has grown by 5 million each month since its release on September 15, 2010. Internet Explorer 9 RC is expected to include UI tweaks and minor changes to some functions in Internet Explorer. Microsoft will also introduce a new Tracking protection feature in Internet Explorer 9 RC that will allow consumers to address their concerns about being tracked on the web.

Recently, a new Internet Explorer 9 beta build leaked to the web, originally reserved for close partners and TAP testers. The build, version 9.0.8027.6000, began showing up on popular file sharing websites in late November. The leaked version includes bug fixes, stability improvements and the latest rendering engine seen in the recent developer Platform Preview. It appears, from the digital signature, that the build was compiled as recently as November 19. Microsoft’s previous Platform Preview 7 build was labeled 9.0.8023.6000. WinRumors posted exclusive screenshots of the new leaked Internet Explorer 9 beta build.

Microsoft recently released an updated platform preview build of Internet Explorer 9. Version 7 now includes 354% better JavaScript performance according to WebKit SunSpider benchmarks. In keeping with previous platform preview builds, this latest version, Platform Preview 7, does not contain the Internet Explorer 9 UI elements.

Internet Explorer 9 beta made its debut on September 15 to a fanfare of Gorillaz appearances and anticipation of Microsoft’s new look browser. The next generation browser has received a warm welcome from tech enthusiasts, developers and the media. The browser has been so popular that it grabbed 0.25% of browser market share in just two weeks.

Microsoft has targeted developers in a heavy way with Internet Explorer 9. IE 9 takes advantage of the power of the GPU for all page rendering and developers can exploit this using CSS, DHTML and javascript. A new JS engine (codenamed Chakra) is also built into Internet Explorer 9 with greater interoperability and standards support all round. Features such as rounded corner CSS support are now built in.

Microsoft has also introduced broader support for HTML5 in IE9 through its new script engine. Microsoft recently performed W3C Web Standards tests on IE9, including HTML5, SVG 1.1 2nd edition, CSS3 media queries, CSS3 borders & backgrounds, CSS3 selectors, DOM level 3 core, DOM level 3 events and DOM level 2 style. Microsoft’s IE9 is the first and only browser to deliver full hardware acceleration of all HTML5 content. Other competitors, including Mozilla and Google, are planning select hardware acceleration but at the moment Internet Explorer 9 wins hands down.

Thanks to WinRumors reader Mike for the news tip

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    Hopefully they’ll listen to user complaints and have spell check added in the RC…

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    Would be nice if IE9 had an option to Always Open Files of a certain type with a default program option. Hate using IE9 with torrent sites, and always clicking Open whenever I want to open a file with a torrent program. Also, IE9 spits out errors with opening .torrent files sometimes. I can open them with Firefox though. Odd behaviour.

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    Hopefuly the RC of IE9 will be out soon……very soon, cause I’m really looking forward to it.
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