Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) now available to download

By Tom Warren, on 10th Feb 11 2:25 pm with 55 Comments

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) download links have leaked a little early.

The software giant is planning to unveil Internet Explorer 9 RC at a special event in San Francisco later today. WinRumors took an exclusive look at Internet Explorer 9 RC earlier today.

Microsoft’s main change in Internet Explorer 9 is the addition of Tracking Protection. The new privacy feature allows consumers to address their concerns about being tracked on the web. Internet Explorer 9  RC offers users a new opt-in mechanism to identify and block many forms of undesired tracking such as cookies, web beacons, advertisements and trackers. Tracking protection involves lists that can be published online.

Tracking protection works by allowing users to create lists of sites that are protected from being tracked by other sites via cookies and other means. Microsoft expects technical users to create lists initially followed by consumers once Internet Explorer 9 is generally available later this year. Microsoft originally promised not to include a default list but it appears some Google Analytics blocks are part of a dummy list supplied with Internet Explorer 9 RC, although are not enabled by default.

Microsoft’s second security enhancement is the ability to block ActiveX controls. Internet Explorer 9 RC includes an “ActiveX filter” option. The filter allows users to switch off ActiveX elements within their session, furthering Microsoft’s commitment to security within its browser. The filter is basic and doesn’t appear to allow for a per-site setting, just on or off.

Microsoft announced earlier this month that the beta version of Internet Explorer 9 has surpassed 20 million downloads, making it the most downloaded beta release of Internet Explorer ever. The download rate of Internet Explorer 9 beta has grown by 5 million each month since its release on September 15, 2010. Microsoft is expected to reveal the final version of Internet Explorer 9 at MIX 11 in April.

Download links for Internet Explorer 9 RC:

Windows  7 (x86 version)

Windows 7 (x64 version)

Windows Vista (x86 version)

Windows Vista (x64 version)

  • Jarrich Van de Voorde

    This is just awesome!

  • Bnlf

    fast news! thanks =]

  • Blackdragon

    I’d like to know one thing. the download will be available on windows update or I have to download it in the same place that you guys?

  • Anonymous

    2.Somthing MB? Thats it? nice!

    • Tom W

      web installer :)

  • Jhonny López

    I will wait download link for version in spanish.

  • Xgluxv

    need uninstall IE9 beta first?

    • Jiri Beran


    • Jiri Beran



    there r no offline installer avaible?

  • Andreqms

    Just change the file name: IE9-Windows7-x64-enu.exe -> enu for US English… ptb for Brazilian Portuguese… etc. ^^ Bye!

  • Andreqms

    Just change the file name: IE9-Windows7-x64-enu.exe -> enu for US English… ptb for Brazilian Portuguese… etc. ^^ Bye!

    • Jhonny López

      Great, thanks, ESN for Spanish.

  • Guest

    is it recommended to remove the IE9 beta first?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not necessary. The installer will do a (sort of, at least) in-place upgrade. It has even worked with upgrade from RC-escrow 8073 to RC. Upgrade, don’t worry.

  • Anonymous

    Super duper fast! A good step ahead compared with Beta and other Pre-RC builds (8027 and 8073). Alas, I can’t post comments here with IE9 RC. Even on my own blog, which also uses Disqus. Seems to be a Disqus compatibility problem with IE9 RC. No way with compatibility mode. I used Firefox to make this comment.

    • Anonymous

      Strange thing. I’ve retried on my blog, it works with IE9 RC. Here, doesn’t work.

    • Grannyville7989

      I had the same problem with comments earlier but now it appears to be working for me.

    • Anonymous

      Retried again with IE9 RC. No way. Firefox 4 Beta 11, no issues.

  • Yonef

    Does not want to install. I’m getting error that roughly says: Internet Explorer did not finish installing.

    • Redrox10

      me too! it sucks so far

  • Danny Stahlfeld

    Nice one!

  • Jarrich Van de Voorde

    OMG, IE9 RC just turned out to be the worst browser I’ve ever used. The beta was fine, but the RC really is a piece of crap.

    Google with custom background, doesn’t work. Engadget has so minor issues. DISQUS (the well-known commenting system for news sites, including WinRumors) doesn’t work here, Java is not recognized…

    What happened?

    • Grannyville7989

      Most likely teething issues. That’s the risk you get when trying pre-released software.

    • Anonymous

      Engadget seems to rattle. Now, I can post comments on Winrumors with IE9 RC, although I can’t fully see the first row of what I was writing.

  • Stephen Dougherty

    Loving the performance improvements. Not loving the fact ASP.NET Development server will not run my website locally in IE9 RC. Anyone having similar problems???

  • Waycoolkennel

    Just testing the posting of a comment… Seems to work just find with IE9 RC and Win 7 x64.. hmm.. dunno I guess YMMV…

  • Ronald

    For all who need the Full Installers for all OS in all Languages. Please follow the original Link from Microsoft:

    Nice Greetings from Austria

  • Ryno2Fifty

    Anyone having trouble getting the 64bit to work? Whenever I open it, it sits there for a few seconds and closes. First I installed over the beta then uninstalled 9 completely and tried again…same results.

    • 7ony

      Mine is doing the same. Any one else?

  • Ryno2Fifty

    Ok thanks, 32 works fine for now.

  • Anonymous

    Its nice that disquss finally works again, it had been broken since the first beta for me. (x64)

  • Anonymous

    the new filter stuff is pure win!

  • Anonymous

    Holy **** this thing is fast!

  • Anonymous

    Still no spell check? Ugh. I know some people think it’s asinine to not use a browser simply for not having spell check, but I think it’s asinine for Microsoft to miss a standard feature in modern web browsers.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree.

    • Brad F.

      But if Microsoft included standard features, it wouldn’t be Microsoft.

  • Anonymous

    Do we have better security on this version? ZDnet posted about security holes in windows and IE not long ago… those kind of news seem to emerge way more about IE than any other explorer.

  • El Guido

    Never tried IE9 before – odd as it feels fast and slow

    Randomly did a browser benchmark

  • El Guido

    Is it still tied in with the OS as needed a reboot before first run? Unless that was to remove IE8?

  • Xxx


  • Mario22-33

    Just installed IE9-RC and I must admit it’s a huge improvement over the last release, browsing experience just went to the next level.

  • Chun Yin

    Looking good. :) Finally they changed the toolbar layout. The old one looked horrendous.

  • Psykopath08

    I dont want this download in my W7 x64…..I *just* knew this is still small bugs again. I have to stick IE8 BUT not much use IE8 because I’m use Chrome 9.0.597.98 Beta is way faster w/o issues!

  • Celegorm

    java does not work (windows 7 x86/x64)

  • kkunderwood

    I installed IE9 RC yesterday and then began to experience problems with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Some gadget monitoring such as network information continued to work while CPU and Process information stopped working. Doing a restore prior to the IE9 RC installation solved the problem.

  • Walter-Fleck

    Why not for XP?

  • Pie1den2

    didn’t try any of the “beta’s” of (ie9) nor I my going to download the (RC of ie9)…just waiting for the release of ie9 in Full version which should come soon I presume, being at the stage they are.
    note ………… patience is a virtue…………for now I don’t have any problems with ie8 and in no rush
    for ie9. My “BROWSER” (internet explorer) always as been and will always be!

  • Xxela

    x64 version doesn’t start
    x86 version has problems with latest adobe flash player version10.2.152.26; it lags on sites with flash content

  • tecup

    Thank you for your useful article!

    I have a question about add-on compatibility on this revamped IE. Can toolbars that run on IE 8 still run IE 9? For example, can the text-to-speech toolbar from work on this revamped IE 9 version? Thanks!

  • sohail

    ie9rc lags in performace for me i9 beta was better! i

    i have pentium 4 cpu 2.6ghz
    3gb of ram

  • Adiwidya Imam Rahayu

    Nice Work MS…

  • Qlimax

    X64 version of ie9 RC dont start! anyone else have this issue?

  • HELP ME !

    im having trouble with adobe flash player its not working with IE9(rc) it said to upgrade so i did and still did not work but on other browsers it did perfectly. i using a 32 bit vista home basic… ?? wats the probelm ??


    aaa i got to work no probelm i had the option active x filtering on … -_-