Internet Explorer 9 wins first WC3 HTML5 tests

By Tom Warren, on 1st Nov 10 10:16 pm with 1 Comment

The Worldwide Web Consortium (WC3) has published the results of its first HTML5 tests. Despite the HTML5 specification being fully finalised, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 beta tops the tests.

Microsoft scores 100% marks in the following features:

  • Attributes
  • Audio
  • foreigncontent
  • video
  • xhtml5

In canvas and getElementsByClassName the software giant scores 89.55% and 83.33% respectively. Microsoft’s IE9 browser is followed closely by Google Chrome 7 beta, Firefox 4 beta 6, Opera 10.6 and Safari 5. The Register notes that the tests do not yet cover web workers, the file API, local storage, or other aspects of the spec. The initial results are promising for Internet Explorer 9 and show that Microsoft has worked hard to adopt and support web standards in its latest release.

Microsoft has targeted developers in a heavy way with Internet Explorer 9. IE 9 takes advantage of the power of the GPU for all page rendering and developers can exploit this using CSS, DHTML and javascript. A new JS engine (codenamed Chakra) is also built into Internet Explorer 9 with greater interoperability and standards support all round. Features such as rounded corner CSS support are now built in.

Microsoft has also introduced broader support for HTML5 in IE9 through its new script engine. Microsoft recently performed W3C Web Standards tests on IE9, including HTML5, SVG 1.1 2nd edition, CSS3 media queries, CSS3 borders & backgrounds, CSS3 selectors, DOM level 3 core, DOM level 3 events and DOM level 2 style. Microsoft’s IE9 is the first and only browser to deliver full hardware acceleration of all HTML5 content. Other competitors, including Mozilla and Google, are planning select hardware acceleration but at the moment Internet Explorer 9 wins hands down.

Microsoft’s IE9 usage increased rapidly in the month of October. Internet Explorer 9 usage on Windows 7 has increased with 1.46% of Windows 7 users now using IE9 as their daily browser. This is an increase of around 2.5 times, up from 0.61% in September. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, revealed last week that the company’s Internet Explorer 9 beta has passed 10 million downloads. Speaking at the company’s Professional Developers Conference last Thursday, Ballmer stated that the release is the most downloaded beta release of Internet Explorer ever. Microsoft also revealed that they had received 37 million pages views of their Test Drive site and 13,000 pieces of feedback have been submitted.

Microsoft also revealed that there will be no beta 2 of Internet Explorer 9. Unveiling a sixth developer Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9, Dean Hachamovitch, VP of Microsoft’s IE team, revealed the IE9 platform is “nearly complete”.

Results of first W3C HTML5 tests

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