Internet Explorer avoids memory leak flaw affecting Chrome, Firefox and Safari

By Tom Warren, on 19th May 11 12:55 pm with 8 Comments

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has escaped a huge memory leak flaw affecting rival browsers.

The flaw was posted to the Chromium issue tracker earlier this month.  Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 are not affecting by the issue according to initial developer testing. The Next Web reports that Chrome is affected, alongside Firefox and Safari. Opera’s browser has not been tested.

The memory leak occurs when an image result contains a “Cache-control:no-store” attribute as it loads. Browsers are supposed to load the images and then free the memory up post load. The bug means memory is never freed and constantly in use by the system. The developer that discovered the flaw has created a test page to demonstrate the memory leak in action. You can test the memory leak in your favorite browser here.

In related news, Microsoft recently revealed that Internet Explorer 8 and 9 block up to 5 million daily malware attacks. Microsoft’s new Application Reputation warnings in Internet Explorer 9 have blocked more than 20 million additional infections per month according to the software giant.

  • Woas

    app engine is over its quota

  • D.O.M

    Good on you Microsoft! Keep up the good work! 

  • Chinonso

    This just tells you that there is no such thing as a bug free program.

  • Test1ngi23

     But fortunately it doesn’t really matter. The memory will get swapped out to virtual memory and only end up as a minor inconvenience. The JVM does the same thing (not returning memory back to the system) and it’s performance and memory usage are very close to that of .NET’s CLR (which does return memory).

    • Kevin Hsu

      So, what would be the argument against just not collecting garbage or freeing memory at all?

  • Guest

    Not sure how this comes as a suprise to anyone…?
    Internet Explorer doesn’t have the same codebase as other browsers (I presume this bug was inhereted from WebKit? – or else every other major browsor appears to be making the same mistake…), so why would it have the same bugs?

  • Guest

    Just tested it… Oprah is also leaking. 

  • Guest

    Just tested it… Oprah is also leaking.