Internet Sharing now available for HTC Mozart and HD7 devices

By Tom Warren, on 16th Nov 11 8:30 pm with 56 Comments

Internet Sharing update for HTC devices

Microsoft and HTC started to distribute a firmware update on Wednesday to enable Internet Sharing on original Windows Phone devices.

The HTC Mozart and the HTC HD7 both received prompts for a “HTC Update for Windows Phone” and a number of WinRumors readers have written in to confirm that Internet Sharing is now present on their devices following the update. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 Internet Sharing allows phone owners to create a wireless hotspot with their cellular data connection. The feature is new to Windows Phone 7.5 and a number of existing devices require firmware updates to enable it. Microsoft previously revealed that the feature would require updated Wi-Fi drivers for existing devices.

Nokia is also planning to distribute an Internet Sharing update to its Nokia Lumia 800 devices. The Lumia 800 went on sale on Wednesday and does not include the feature out-of-the-box. The Finnish handset maker confirmed to WinRumors that an update is on the way shortly to enable the functionality. The updates to existing HTC devices on Wednesday are part of a number of firmware updates being pushed out to existing devices to improve hardware settings and battery performance.

Thanks to WinRumors readers David W and cpuzder for the news tips

  • Sheeds

    Any word from ATT for Focus owners? I have been trying their management and PR for 2 weeks now, and they refuse to comment!  Obviously hacks can enable it, but ATT are not commenting publicly.

    • Tom W

      Not heard anything yet. I believe they will enable this but you’ll obviously have to pay extra for the tethering.

    • Sheeds

      Tnx… Their PR agency won’t answer my question.  Using an ATT Samsung Focus unlocked in Australia means that they are holding up my Tethering update…when my local Aus carrier allows it at no extra cost…

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone comment on whether this update enables tethering on all carriers, or if it’s only available to select ones?

    • Henry Edwards

      best thing is to ask Zune to check for the update. Not sure if the carriers know that there is an update. As they normally charge extra for tethering. I have it and I am on O2

    • TroyGates

      I was able to update my HD7 on US T-Mobile and it has Internet Sharing. I can enable it, but I don’t have a wireless device with me at the moment to test if the connection actually works.

    • Makoute

      It worked for me, so it does work.

  • Mrthompson82

    Does this fix the HD7 Zune freeze issue by any chance? Problems been on going for months, would make alot of sense. Two birds and all.

    • Norville2

      What issure is that? i have a HD7 and have no problems with Zune whatsoever.

    • Christian Puzder

      I have not seen a freezing issue on my HD7 either

    • Mrthompson82
    • Windows Fan

      The issue is that when there are drm free songs with drm songs on the same phone, Zune freezes and you have to power off your device if you can or pull out your battery. It is annoying and you can’t play through many songs.

    • Daniel Busoli

      It’s not solely related to DRM, a specific codec, or specific songs. I have the problem where Zune skips/freezes toward the end of a song. If I’m quick enough to catch the skipping, and press one of the hard-keys (volume/power), playback will continue. If I don’t, mainly because I don’t notice because I expect/know the song ends quietly, Zune locks up and requires a power-cycle to fix. It happens with MP3/WMA, non DRM, downloaded, ripped, content, usually of a higher bit-rate. Switching off the sound enhancements (then restarting) seems to subdue the problem.

    • Windows Fan

      Also, to answer your question. Some people have found out that it isn’t fixed and the issue still persist. I guess the only thing we can do for now is remove certain songs that causes the crash and wait till an official fix.

  • Philipp

    My HTC Titan also show an Update.

  • Wizard

    Have’nt seen an update on my HD7 yet, maybe its on its way

    • Henry Edwards

      Best thing is to ask zune to check for the update, as i had not got a notice. So i checked via zune and I got one.

    • Wizard

      Henry, that’s what I normally do, but sadly no updates. I can wait for it.

    • Stranger

      Do the force method, maybe that will work for you.

  • Matt Baldwin

    Tethering is nice n’ all, but I’m hoping they snuck in a fix for the Zune crash on HD7.

  • Vheissu44

    What about the HTC Trophy on Verizon will that get this update too?

  • Norville2

    Just updated my phone on th 3 network and ….it works..

  • Frylockns86

    Has anyone heard if this is coming to the HTC Surround?

  • Carlos Ribeiro da Fonseca

    Microsoft just pushed 2 updates “Samsung Updates for Windows Phone” for the Omnia 7 (well, at least I received two…).
    Any ideias as to what they’ve updated?

    • Callumpy

      Also wondering what the Samsung update is for…

    • Denis Jelec

      Tethering if you are in Sweden :D

  • JimmyFal

    All this and still no fix for the purple problem on the camera? The HD7 would be so great if they just fixed that stupid purple issue. Got the Internet Sharing and it works.

  • Anonymous

    what about the HTC surround??

  • Lukas Greb

    Installed update on my T-Mobile Germany branded Mozart. No Tethering under settings… My dad´s Radar (also T-Mobile) shows tethering and it works fine.

  • Anonymous

    Update present and working on TMO USA HD7

    • Makoute

      Same here.

  • Anonymous

    i havent got the update, it’s a unbranded version HD7 and using it on O2 UK. Anyway i can force this update or is it a case of waiting?

    • Jamie Buzz Darani

      I am in the same boat as you, HD7 was bought locked to o2 but reflashed with unbranded rom, updated to Mango and now waiting. Not got it thus far.

  • P B

    I have 2 unbranded HD7 on Vodafone Italia, nothing yet…

  • Jonny Rose

    No update for my debranded dev unlocked uk HD7

  • Candid Calum

    Does anyone know anything about a Mozart update for those of us with Orange UK? I haven’t received a notification about a HTC update on my phone, and the only update I was informed about when plugging my phone into my PC was one that apparently included two fixes for Windows Phone 7.5 (the 7.10.7740.16 update). I realise the update could be rolling out gradually, but I thought I’d check :)

  • benlaan

    Still nothing for me, in Australia with Telstra, Mozart..

    • Cloud

      Yeah, same. Telstra conflicting in same way?

    • Waythinks

      Same here…I remember reading somewhere that Telstra will be delievering update around December..

  • James Matthews

    Now if I can get WiFi calling on my TMOUS HD7 I’d be good to go.

  • David Smillie

    Just got 2 updates for my HTC Trophy (UK). Email fix and………….. INTERNET SHARING :)

  • Thu Win

    And still no Bluetooth. Read my opnions why Windows Phone 7 should have Bluetooth:

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t this because they have still decided not include an accessible file storage system? Anyone have a link as to why they decided to make this move?

  • Chokdii

    Anybody get this on Bell HD7?

  • ako

    Does it fix the speech accessibility option

  • Bill

    yea…bit it’ll cost ya BIG time for HD7 on TMobile.  Anyone have quotes on the cost???

  • reddi muvva

     is this update availble for indian htc mobileS??

  • ipe

    Updated and working

    in Philippines though hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Got the update this afternoon. And it works. HTC Mozart, Sweden, Telia network, Windows 7.5 UK-English

  • Thomas

    In case you don’t receive the ICS update, or you get a post Mango update and still don’t find the ICS settings. Then it could be possible that you are running an unbranded, carrier free firmware on your device.

    That’s why LG E900 don’t have ICS or hidden WiFi access if they’re running the “Open” (carrier free) firmware. Maybe it is the same for HTC and other WP7 OEMs.

  • Oorton

    I have an HD7 and update applied. tethering works well (UK O2) and I have noticed that the wifi has had some tweaks. Better coverage (now works all over the house) however I have had to change my wireless channel from 13 to auto. Worked fine on my wife’s ‘un-updated’ Mozart mind.

  • Udo

    HTC 7 Pro, o2 Germany got an update, too. Tethering is enabled now.


    Anyone know whether TMO USA will be adding an extra charge for internet sharing usage?

  • Luisa Garcia8

    What is the force method. I just updated my HD7 but no internet sharing. 

  • Tristan Dyer

    Just got my update for my HD7 on Bell in canada. No internet sharing :-(

  • Chokdii

    Got this for Bell HTC HD 7 yesterday… NO TETHERING….. my hatred for Bell is increasing daily!