Into Windows Phone app now available to download

By Tom Warren, on 2nd Dec 11 10:38 am with 9 Comments

Microsoft’s Into Windows Phone application is now available to download.

The application is design to accompany Microsoft’s social rewards programme in the UK. Windows Phone users can participate in competitions and win points towards prizes. The software giant has created a unique application for Windows Phone 7 to accompany the programme. The into Windows Phone app will allow friends to demonstrate the best bits of Windows Phone through the application. The app works by allowing a friend to sign into it using their Facebook account. Into Windows Phone will then integrate a friends information into a several virtual Windows Phone features.

Microsoft has included three “best bits” of Windows Phone in the application and each is worth 50 points towards the programme. There’s the People Hub view which allows friends to explore how their Facebook contacts would be displayed if they owned a Windows Phone. There’s also a Groups feature that allows a friend to setup their own group of friends from their Facebook contacts to see how the feature works. The final virtual Windows Phone feature is picture tagging. Microsoft has included some pre-selected images to demonstrate how this works instead of pulling down friends pictures. The application will wipe a friends information as soon as it’s closed or a user selects the log off action within the app.

The application is available immediately in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For more information on the Into Windows Phone programme, see our previous post here.

Into Windows Phone app

  • Anonymous

    Yeeeeey, but not in my country’s Marketplace  >.<

  • Rich Gibbons

    Just downloaded the Into App for my phone and…you can’t do anyting with it unless you have a Facebook account.

    I know FB is popular and that MS own part of it but surely they shouldn’t insist on having FB to access WP apps & services?

    I’m quite the Windows Phone evangelist and a Windows Phone Ambassador so this app would be GREAT…except I don’t have, nor do I want, a Facebook account…

    • Anonymous

      “surely they shouldn’t insist on having FB to access WP apps & services?”
      They don’t, and nothing about this app suggests that they do. The app demos some of the phone features *if* you happen to have a FB account – nothing here implies that you *have* to have one in order to use the phone.

    • Anonymous

      your friend to whom you are demonstrating WP is the one that needs to enter the fb details.

      The app will then pull his/her fb contacts and allows him/her to see how the people hub would look, setup a group from their Facebook contacts etc…

    • Anonymous

      the point being that it makes a greater impact when they see their data instead of some madeup employee at contoso.

  • Anonymous

    Your link goes to the US marketplace. Might wanna update that!

  • Anonymous

    this is app is very unstable. it crashes a lot if you give it your own FB credentials or skip them. I see it wasn’t developed by msft.

  • CircuitSoft

    this should be integrated. what if you don’t know how to get on the marketplace?

  • Daniel Clark

    App has been removed from the marketplace…?