Is Microsoft preparing for Windows Phone 7 update with Zune patch and app lockdown?

By Tom Warren, on 8th Feb 11 7:13 pm with 10 Comments

Microsoft’s first Windows Phone 7 update appears to be imminent.

The software giant began pushing out a small Zune update on Tuesday which could be distributed to prepare the Zune client for the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 update. The update is small and does not change the software version, still at 4.7.1404.0. The update has patched the ZuneWMdu.dll (Windows Mobile Device Updater) file, as well as its related resources. Microsoft has also stopped approving new Windows Phone 7 applications for its Marketplace according to WP7applist. The third party tracking service says that 122 apps are updated on average each day but for the past two days no applications have been added or updated in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Microsoft’s first platform update will include the highly anticipated copy and paste feature. Windows Phone 7 copy and paste has been demonstrated earlier this week in full thanks to an unlocked emulator. Microsoft’s first update will also improve application start-up and resume times. Microsoft posted a support article recently that details the update process for Windows Phone 7 devices. The support article has led many to believe that the update is due imminently.

Microsoft has shipped 2 million devices to carriers and is expected to announce further progress and updates at the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona next week. Nokia is also rumored to be partnering with Microsoft to produce a Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Stephen Elop, ex-Microsoft employee and current Nokia CEO, will detail Nokia’s new company strategy on Friday February 11. Analysts and operators have called for Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 7 over Android to create better competition in the mobile market.

Microsoft spokespeople refused to confirm whether the Zune update is connected to Windows Phone 7. Employees on Microsoft’s official Zune Support Twitter account refused to share details on what the update contains.

Zune Support on Twitter

  • Ef Jay

    Have to say, C&P is not highly anticipated, not by me anyway. Just fix the crashing MP and IE and Dell Venue Pro issues and we’ll call it even.

    • Anonymous

      being able to search the marketplace for apps without getting a ton of results for songs, artists and albums is what I look forward to the most

  • MVIM

    I can’t wait to get this out of the way so the good updates (like Mango) can start moving on their way toward RTM.
    The non-existent doughnuts of NoDo are so close I can smell them.

    • Ef Jay

      NoDo No Show!

  • Joel

    Okay now lets get down down to business and push the wp7 “nodo” update MS…

  • Annoyed WP7 User

    What’s with the cloak and dagger approach to releasing info about the updates? It’s not building anticipation it’s just pissing people off. I switched from a three year old iPhone 3G to WP7 and am seriously considering going back there. Windows 7 is a great OS, but the way MS is keeping customers out of the loop with WP7 is showing a lack of respect to consumers I thought MS had ditched in the 90s.

    • Mark Carruthers

      Ya I think WP7 has potential but I worry it won’t take off and have the app support a new OS needs these days.

    • Joel

      Have definitely considered going back to my previous OS as well..

    • Alexander Z3ro2

      Sorry but uncle Jobs is ever online for answer to all questions by users of iOS updates? i u think they do the same too

  • Tim Smith